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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 45

Let peace doves fly over the April sky

Come! Sinhala-Tamil New Year
With Sun’s power on Aries
In the fruitful month of April
The Sun, unique symbol of equality
Shines on every face
Of every faith, every race
Hence this auspicious moment
Is worthy of celebration
By all, under the sun
Families and communities
Sharing gifts, respecting elders
Are good morals, yearly renewed
Even amidst war and disaster
Even on a low-key
Custom and tradition
Must go on, unbroken
From generation to generation,
A family dines together
A nation dines at the same moment
During the auspicious hour,
How fine
Different communities
Dine and play together
Promoting 'unity in diversity’
The old sports come to the limelight
The greased– pole stands upright
Yet let us enjoy in a harmless way
Without harassing any others!
Let us pay tribute, to heroes past and present
Who sacrificed their lives
To save our unitary isle!
Our sympathies to those victims
Of natural disasters!
Peace doves fly
Over the April sky
May they bring showers of peace
To a nation thirsty of peace
To a nation weary of war!
May the April golden sun
Bring peace to our Motherland soon !

By Malini.

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