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Sunday, December 10, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 28

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Fighting erupts in East, thousands flee homes
Another round of fighting between security forces and Tiger guerrillas has forced over three thousand, mostly Sinhala civilians, to flee their homes from a number of villages in the Trincomalee district.
MiGs are coming but questions over air pockets
The Sunday Times exclusive revelation last week about serious questions over Sri Lanka's latest and largest military deal worth several billions of rupees — the procurement of four MiG-27 ground attack aircraft and overhaul to seven others now with the Air Force — has had its sequel.
Bonus for Lankan asylum seekers
The British Government has relaxed the procedure for thousands of Sri Lankan asylum seekers with immediate effect because of what it sees as a deteriorating security situation in Sri Lanka.
Little food, few facilities but it’s their only home
More than 190 young victims of Sri Lanka’s conflict have found refuge in an academy tucked away in a remote area of Bangalore in India
Not quick-fix but risk-free
“The most appropriate way to honour the memory of all those who died in the tsunami two years ago is to address what did not work and make sure that recovery .....
Not just making a difference......
What does it take to make a difference? Environmental pollution is an issue that affects each and every individual – yet how many of us make an effort to do something about it?

As heavy fighting erupted in the east yesterday thousands of civilians fled their homes. Pictures show civilians from villages in government-controlled areas fleeing towards Kantale and ruins of a house where three civilians were killed due to LTTE shelling. Pix by A.T. M. Gunananda.



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From coalition to budget to terrorism, what’s next?

Inside the glass house
The Queen's English is no longer....
Queen Elizabeth II's famous cut-glass accent, the Queen's English, is now sounding less upper-class, a scientific analysis of her famous Christmas broadcasts has found.

Harry seeking to install his wife
Business tycoon Harry Jayawardena, as developments unfolded in his business empire, this week launched a move aimed at installing his wife and a close aide as directors at one of the groups.
Mega capital requirement for banks deadline put off
The Central Bank (CB) of Sri Lanka is postponing the implementation of the minimum capital requirement for banks which was due to be enforced from January 2007.
Minimum wage for each sector proposed
Come 2007 the government is promising a facelift to Sri Lanka’s archaic labour laws that would lead to a sector-based minimum wages mechanism and the eventual establishment of a home-grown national labour standard.
‘SILVER’ for Sussie
Susanthika Jayasinghe recovered from a horrible start to clinch the silver medal of the 100 metres sprint of the 15th Asian Games at the Khalifa stadium here in Doha, Qatar last night.
Myths fallacies and home grown coaches
A while ago when The Sunday Times asked the chief selector Asantha de Mel for his comments about home grown coaches his prompt reply was “That concept does not work in this part of the world”.
To bat or not
Cricket is the only sport where a coin can decide the fate of a game particularly in a limited overs game when the quick bowlers get a huge advantage due to the pitch and weather conditions.
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Say it with t-shirts
Angela Gonawela, Dinuka Rupasiri, Angela Ponrajah, Sheron Mendis, Surangika Goonetilleke, Pemindee Gamage and Matthaus Lang have been experiencing a nerve-racking challenge. Come January, they will be judged on their ...
The battle at Kataragama
Things were not in favour of the Cholas. They were not familiar with the geography of the area. Moreover, all who were in occupation in this area were Sinhala subjects.
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