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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 27
Kandy Times

New water flow at Hantane?

By Suranga Rajanayaka

Evidence has emerged of the existence of a river-inlet in the Hantana mountains off Kandy, Institute of Fundamental Studies Geologist Prof. Wilbert Kehelpannala disclosed.

Prof. Kehelpannala told The Kandy Times that one of the special features in the river-inlet was the distinct evidence that the inlet exists and believed to be one of the longest such underground inlets.

Stones have been scatted around giving indicating that the area had undergone geological changes and above some 500 metres above the location a 100 metre crater could be observed.

Some of the waterways collect at this point and disappear into the crater and resurfaces some 350 metres away at a high pressure. Thereafter, about 50 metres away the water flow takes an underground route again, but the location where it resurfaces has not been located yet.

According to research, during periods of drought the waterway dries up and resurfaces during the rain. During recent weeks the incessant rain has increased flow.

Prof. Kehelpannala said that he believed that it is one of the longest underground river inlets.

He said that it might be the result of the rains experienced during a long period in a location where there were limestone surfaces.

Vegetables go skyhigh

The price of vegetables in and around Kandy have shot up to dizzy heights, with a Jak fruit going up to as much as Rs. 50 to Rs. 75.

A kilo of beans is sold at Rs. 149 while green chillies shot up to an all time high of Rs. 200 per kilo. A kilo of lime is sold at a staggering Rs. 300.00 while a Bread fruit is not less than Rs. 50 as per prices prevailing currently in the region.

The average citizen shies away from purchasing these items but as there is no alternative these items have to be bought in short measures like 250 grams which was really the price of a kilo in the recent past.

Vendors attribute the high prices to the incessant rains that fell during the last month. The inclement weather has devastated vegetable cultivations, the main reason why vegetable prices have shot up sky high.

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