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Sunday, December 3, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 27
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Wijeya Pariganaka

Showdown in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Saturday (AP) - Thousands of Hezbollah supporters set up camp in the heart of Beirut on Saturday in a carnival-like, open-ended sit-in, vowing to topple the U.S.-backed government of Fuad Saniora through street pressure.

Onions, garlic linked to lower cancer risks
NEW YORK (Reuters) - People who flavour their diets with plenty of onions and garlic might have lower odds of several types of cancer, a new study suggests. In an analysis of eight studies from Italy and Switzerland, researchers found that older adults with the highest onion and garlic intakes had the lowest risks of a number of cancers -- including colon, ovarian and throat cancers.
Apocalyptic scenes in Philippines after mud slides
LEGASPI, Philippines, Saturday (AFP) - Apocalyptic scenes greeted rescue workers as they arrived in the eastern Philippines Saturday to begin the grim search for bodies buried by mud slides that swept away villages killing hundreds. As the Philippine airforce C-130 transport plane swept over the city of Legaspi at dawn the scene was one of total devastation.
Chavez promises a Socialist oil power, set for hurricane victory

CARACAS, Saturday, (AP) - Hugo Chavez has called George Bush the devil, allied himself with Iran and inserted himself into election races all over Latin America. He has poured Venezuela's oil wealth into uplifting the poor, and rivals Fidel Castro as a defiant voice of the left.

'The Nativity Story' a lifeless look at the birth of Christ
NEW YORK (AP) - If her name weren't at the top of the credits, you'd never believe Catherine Hardwicke directed "The Nativity Story." Gone is the vibrant energy of her 2005 skateboarding adventure, "Lords of Dogtown," as is the visceral intensity of her debut film, the junior-high drama "thirteen."  
Indo-China bond that transcends border row  
It may be the best of times to sort out our border problem with China. It may also be the worst of times for doing so. The reason why I think that it is the best of times is Chinese President Hu Jintao's plea at New Delhi that it was something "basic" to settle borders for "peace and stability" in the region.  
Scientists harness mysteries of the brain  
CLEVELAND, Nov 29 (Reuters) - A young woman, confined to a wheelchair, is told to think about moving another wheelchair in front of her, first to the left and then forward. As if by magic, the wheelchair follows her mental commands. "She was controlling the chair with her imagination," said Timothy Surgenor, president and chief executive of Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems.  

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