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Sunday, December 3, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 27
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The same old parana katha makes no difference anymore
My Dear Velu,
I thought I must write to you after seeing your much awaited annual speech which has become something similar to the Queen's Throne Speech of yesteryear. Needless to say, every word, every sentence is analysed but I must admit I was rather disappointed with the latest edition.

I do agree Velu that it is a difficult job, living in an underground fortress somewhere in Kilinochchi cut off from the rest of the world for 364 days of the year and then having to make what you now call a 'policy speech' on your Birthday. I do not know whether Bala was not able to do the speechwriter's job this year due to his failing health, but other than a few often repeated threats and the same rhetoric about the 'Mahavamsa mentality' of the majority community, there was nothing really interesting in your speech, this time around.

Of course, you had issued a threat of sorts saying that you had now decided to launch the struggle for a separate state but that is hardly news now, is it? As comrade Wimal will tell you if you ask him about the World Bank and pulling plugs, it is easy to make bold statements but it is quite a different matter translating them into action!

You had also mentioned that Ceasefire Agreement is now defunct and that too is hardly news to us, Velu. It became defunct when you began exploding claymore mines at the drop of a hat although some people chose to believe that it still existed unilaterally - for you to attack whenever you wanted and for the government in Colombo to grin and bear it. Now that the government has also decided that attack is the best form of defence, I don't think we should waste time discussing a redundant ceasefire anymore.

And it is not as if you wasted any time planning your next move. Just a few days after the feared 'Mahaveera' week, you seem to have sprung into action trying to hit Mahinda maama where it really hurts-closer home and within the family circle. Fortunately, you did not succeed and you need to now remind yourself of how you described Mahinda maama exactly a year ago-as a pragmatist. So, you will have to be careful in what you say and do because his approach has won him many admirers, including those from the Green camp who have now pledged to support virtually anything he does!

If you were smart, Velu, you would grab this opportunity of a southern consensus to press your case and get what you can. The problem about insisting on your pound of flesh in the form of a separate state is that you may end up with nothing at all. Remember, Karuna is also there, waiting in the wings. He is already making statements like being in favour of a reasonable settlement with the Colombo government and no amount of allegations from Allan Rock seems to be able to deter him.

Your one success seems to have been in driving everyone away from the country during your 'heroes' week'. There was Mahinda maama and the Green Man in away in India and even Ratnasiri seems to have thought it better to be safe than sorry and he too was in Vietnam!

Think about all this, Velu. We hope for everyone's sake that by the time your next speech is due, you would see some sense in settling this matter by talking to Colombo instead of offering free holidays for Solheim and Hansen-Bauer!
Yours truly,
Punchi Putha
PS- And by the way, if you are still stuck for a speech writer around this time next year, there is always Dallas to ask…

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