It is,two hour agony on Sirasa

Mrs. G. Livera of Boralesgamuwa writes…

I could not but respond to the letter written by 'Frustrated television viewer from Colombo' regarding ‘Two Hour Agony on Sirasa’.

Definitely there are more than several who agree with these views not 100% but 200% and more. One could be but consoled if these programmes were educative or entertaining which they are not. They eat into family life where not only the household is neglected but also invalids, sick children and family members in the home. These two hour programmes have managed to create a very dangerous trend where religious life is taking second place to TV life, whilst also opening a very easy avenue for thieves and housebreakers to perform their crimes during this period as the members of the household care less. What I feel is these imported dramas should be stopped and more quality Sinhala Sri Lankan dramas produced in order that we can enjoy our own culture, traditions and customs whilst encouraging to develop our own industry instead of aping the Indian culture.

In the past we had some very good quality teledramas such as "Saki Sanda Eliyas", "Ramya Suramya" and "Jeevithayata Ida denna" but since of late there are some very cheap and low quality teledramas coming up such as 'Samaweena Sir', 'Sorry Madam' and the worst 'Chakalaka Baby' which are really hopeless. One wonders how they ever got to be telecast in the first place being so boringly down grade!

We sincerely hope those who are in the industry look at this matter with concern.

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