‘Suki Yuki at Royal Thai

A ‘Suki Yaki’ fiesta, Thai style Japanese preparation, will be from June 16 to 28 at the Royal Thai at Trans Asia Hotel.

Suki Yaki’ is the Thai interpretation of Japanese cuisine. Thai, with their love for food and company has combined the best of both into the elegance of Japanese gastronomy and has created an explosion in the gastronomic world, as never before. ‘Suki Yaki’ retains the delicacy and simplicity of Japanese cuisine, whilst introducing the spicy, fiery flavors of Thai to an otherwise subtle cuisine.

This is certainly not for the lone diner, but for a circle of friends gathering for a heartfelt chat - a gathering useless without food as great as the company, but longs to do away with the unnecessary intrusion of waiters and menus.

‘Suki Yaki’ is almost a self- assembly meal that is cooked on the table top itself. Simply pick and dip your favorite veggie, fish and meat balls and patty, noodles and fungi into the boiling chicken stock, spice it up with chilli, garlic and Thai spicy chilli sauce and enjoy the explosion.

It is a meal en capsulated into a dish or dish extended into a meal?

Whatever it might be, it is most definitely entertainment and scrumptiousness 'sushied' together.

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