Police Band in Centenary Concert

Centenary Grand Concert of The Sri Lanka Police Band will come alive at the BMICH on June 19 at 7.00 pm.

This will be a mixed programme with classical Music. Instrument Solos, Vocal Solos, Dance Band, Oriental Orchestra and Sri Lankan Cultural Dances and Latin American Dances.

The Guest Performances will be from the three Armed Forces Military Bands, Dr. W.D. Amaradeva, Dr. Prashanthi Mendis, Ivo Denis, Kalasuri Latha Walpola, Subani Amaradeva and Swinly Perera. The compere will be Clifford Richards.

The Police Band was first formed on 16th August, 1873, on the suggestion of its first Band Master Carl Pappe. The men were enlisted as Police constables, paid constables salaries and were housed in Police Barracks. The Band consisted of 01 Band Master, 01 Sergeant and 20 Constables. The men were mostly Malays.

The Band performed regularly at Cinnamon Gardens, Kew Square, Racquet Court. Gradually the strength of the Band was increased to 30 men. Every year the Band moved out from Colombo to play in Kandy with the men moving out with their families, their baggages, musical scores and the instruments.

The Police Band Dance Orchestra was formed in 1937 and performed for dances etc. until the latter part of 1945. The Band also took part in private functions such as Weddings, Home Comings etc., and at official functions such as D.I.G parades, State functions, Temple Trees, Queen's House (President's House) and at Police funerals. It has since expanded and today is an integral part of the Police Force, catering to tastes in Classical, Semi-Classical and Dance Music.

The Band is called upon to perform at State functions, diplomatic functions, at all Police functions and also private engagements. The Band performs as a Military Band, Dance Band and in a small format for pop music. Most of the Brass and Percussion players are regular performers in the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka.

At present the Band comprises 158 members.

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