C & C is back in action

After a successful tour abroad popular band ‘C & C Combination’ is back at home performing at Hilton and Trans Asia, where they used to play.

The versatile pop band led by Chaminda Hemaratne was disturbed during the month of March due to the illness of Chandani Hettiarachchi who turns out to be an outstanding female vocalist with a high reputation.

Nevertheless the band went to Paris in April before she fell ill, and performed at the Bata Clan International Theatre, which was organized by two Sri Lankans. They fared extremely well as the audiences were very cosmopolitan and included lot of Europeans, apart from the Sri Lankan expatriates.

‘Chandani who has a spectacular range of voice coloured the concert with her originals as well as Western and Bangara music’ Chaminda said.

On returning from Paris the band took wings to Jordan and performed five well attended concerts organized by Mangala Batuwanthudawa, which included expatriates from Sri Lanka and India.

‘But it was the Jordanians who enjoyed the most and consequently we have to extend our stay and play more. Even though C & C was out of town and had to disappoint our ardent fans due to foreign assignments.

C & C being one of the most dominated bands in the scene and can catch them live at Hilton lobby every Thursday and Trans Asia every Friday.

They are also featured at Weddings, Parties and Dinner Dances. Apart from there originals their repertoire of songs which widens from 60's to current hip hop.

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