Well, Mr. Hussain

He is a Madrassi who has rejected his origins. He bears two names which stick out in recent British history of lawless aggression. Anthony Eden attacked Gamal Abdul Nasser and had to quit politics in disgrace. Saddam Hussain was attacked by Tony Blair who, as a result, is now on the political skids. Soon he will be history.

Nasser Hussain

But Nasser Hussain is very much the Englishman. He looks like an Englishman, speaks like one and thinks like one. He lost his marbles over the recent defeat of England in the Third Test.

Writing in the Mail he has said: It is time for England to dump the nice guy act and start acting ruthless.” Now this is very interesting because throughout the series no nice guy act by English was visible to the naked eye. When Geraint Jones was out, caught behind the wicket, and the umpire mistakenly said ‘not out’ Jones did not walk as a nice guy would have. Australia’s Gilchrist once did this. There is no record of an Englishman ever doing such a thing. They are not good walkers.

Nasser wants the English to start acting ‘ruthless’. Now, what does he mean by this? Is he calling on the English to play dirty, go in for heavy sledging and perhaps suborn umpires? If not, what is the nature of the ruthlessness Nasser is advocating?

Nasser says: “Beware the smiling assassin. Don’t make him feel welcome”. He refers to “the question mark against his action which I’m afraid (read ‘I very much hope’) will always be there.” Murali has been cleared after several most stringent tests. But Nasser hopes to keep the accusation alive for purposes of the ‘ruthless action’ he has in mind. How very English this ex-Madrassi has made himself!

Vijaya Perera
Colombo – 3

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