Pay more for your power from August

By Shelani Perera

Amidst a major political crisis between the government and the JVP on a proposed bill to restructure the Ceylon Electricity Board, Cabinet approval has also been sought to increase electricity rates from August.

Power and Energy Minister John Seneviratne told The Sunday Times yesterday that besides the increase in rates, consumers would also have to pay an additional 20 percent as a fuel adjustment charge.

He said the increase was unavoidable due to the soaring price of fuel in the world market.

John Senevirante

Mr. Seneviratne said the proposal to increase the rates had been put to the cabinet for approval.

The tariff hike will not apply to consumers who use less than 30 units of electricity a month. An additional rupee per unit will be levied on those who use between 30 and 90 units while those using more than 90 units will have to pay an additional Rs. 1. 50 a unit.

Minister Seneviratne said the last tariff hike on electricity units was done in 2002, when a litre of diesel was rupees15.40. However today the price of diesel has risen to rupees 61.


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