Another bomb boat detected at Kalpitiya

By Padma Kumari in Kalpitiya

A boat carrying a bomb estimated to be about 80 kilograms was detected in the Thalawila area last evening, Kalpitiya Police said.

They said the boat had reached a location close to Thalawila St Anne’s church after it ran short of fuel and a lone man in the boat had tried to pay Rs 1000 for six litres of diesel. This aroused the suspicion of the residents who rejected the money and decided to inspect the boat.

The man speaking only in Tamil had first claimed he was a fisherman but later identified himself as an LTTE member. “The boat was unusually heavy as we needed more than 10 people to push the boat to the shore. When we inspected the boat we did not find any fishing gear or even a bottle of water. This aroused our suspicion,” a fisherman said.

The police who arrested the man called in the bomb disposal unit but due to the poor visibility the task of defusing the bomb was put off for this morning and the area was placed under tight security with the Navy providing protection from the sea front.

A large number of devotees who had come for the church service began to leave the area soon after the detection.


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