Spectacles group says Govt. supporters wooing it with money

By Nalaka Nonis

The independent group which has permitted UNP to use its symbol and contest May 22nd Colombo Municipal Council polls has charged that some government supporters are offering it financial incentives to withdraw its agreement with the UNP.

M. Rajendran, the leader of the independent group, told The Sunday Times that certain persons were approaching their candidates and were offering as much as Rs. 10 million to them if they scuttled the UNP’s efforts to enter the fray through the independence list, the election symbol of which is the pair of spectacles.

He said his members had turned down the offers and assured continued support for the UNP.

Mr. Rajendran said his candidates were not only getting offers of financial rewards but also threatening calls.

All but nine of the candidates in the “spectacle” group have given their consent to resign and allow the UNP to fill the vacancies on the list after the election.

The nine dissidents have accused Mr. Rajendran of accepting money from the UNP and has vowed not to resign.

Meanwhile Mr. Rajendran has filed a fundamental rights petition after Modara police raided his house on May 8 and warned him not to keep outsiders there. He said his house was being used as his campaign office and in his petition he accused the police officers of threatening him for carrying out political activities.

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