Resist Tiger dictates says Karuna

The Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) led by renegade LTTE eastern leader Vinyagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna has warned that the LTTE demand urging people to move out of the Jaffna peninsula to those under its military control would have serious consequences.

A statement issued by the TMVP says:

“Tamileela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal views the current effort of the LTTE demanding the people move out of the Jaffna peninsula to areas under their military control would have serious consequences for our people”.

It said the move by the LTTE was a desperate attempt to control the very same people it depends on for its survival.

“We appeal to the Tamil people to resist the LTTE's demand to vacate Jaffna as it has nefarious intensions to consolidate its power using the resources it would gain from the mass exodus of our people. We consider any large scale movement will cause untold misery and hardship to our people. The people cannot forget their experience in 1994 in the Wanni when the Sri Lankan government’s Jayasikuru operation was launched to wrest control of the Jaffna peninsula from the LTTE. The LTTE is demanding the people move out of the peninsula hoping the mass exodus will take place to attract international opinion in its favour.

“The LTTE is unable to strengthen its forces from the existing Wanni population as its recruitment drive has reached the optimum point there.

“The efforts to move the people to the Wanni would result in establishing a large scale population base to carry out its recruitment drive. Therefore Tamil people must desist from moving to the LTTE controlled Wanni area to safeguard their kith and kin.”

The statement said it was the intention of the LTTE to plunder the wealth of the Tamil people once they leave their properties and thereby increase their coffers to maintain its dictatorial hold on the people.

“The experience of the Tamils during their mass exodus in 1994 and their social deprivation cannot be erased from the collective memory of our people. Our people must recall their experiences when they were exploited by the LTTE and the anti-social elements while they were living in abject conditions in the Wanni”, it said.

The statement said it was the experience in 1994 that people suffered immensely as a result of inadequate infrastructure and facilities in the LTTE controlled area. Any full scale attack by the LTTE against the Sri Lankan Government forces would result in a significant scale down of supplies to the LTTE controlled areas by the Government. The extent of the government sanctions on a variety of important items would affect the daily livelihood of our people. This would cause deprivation and hardship for our people. Further the Wanni area does not have adequate medical facilities.

Large scale movement of people could result in adverse health problems developing for our people. The situation is beneficial for the LTTE as it will only try to achieve political mileage by projecting that hardships were brought upon the people by the Sri Lankan Government.

“We appeal to our people to rise against the LTTE dictates and make them listen to our people's voices and wants.

The TMVP operatives will work hand in glove with our people in Jaffna to fight against the tyranny of the LTTE”, the statement said.

STF shoot Karuna cadre?

Police Headquarters have launched an investigation into the shooting of a civilian and the disappearance of another, following an argument with a group of STF personnel at Maruthamunai area of Kalmunai.

The two men were riding a motor cycle at the time of the incident. The man who was shot was reportedly a supporter of the Karuna group and had returned from Saudi Arabia recently. According to the STF, they had opened fire when the man had attempted to flee on being stopped to be checked.

They said he had in his possession a T -81 weapon and some ammunition.
STF also said they believed he was an LTTE member.
However, Kalmunai police said they were investigating whether the man belonged to any militant group.


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