Sunday November 13, 2005
Jaffna polling booths slashed
Debates of debates a debacle
War not a solution to NE conflict: Mahinda
2002 ceasefire deal stopped the war: Ranil
500,000 poll cards still in post offices
Kadir killed by politicos: Tamil group
Ranil: Airport for Wellawaya, port for Oluvil
Tamils to stage anti-LTTE rally in Brussels
CIMOGG wants code of conduct for judges
Skipping lunch and tea?
More power for COPE and PAC
I care for the people and speak to the head
No war, but consensus for peace
Radhika laments absence of a holistic Sri Lankan identity
Secret plan to trap double voters
Highest national award for Kadir, Clarke
My first Cabinet meeting to prioritise fertiliser subsidy: PM
Election violence up, but slightly
Monitors gear up for poll
Big fraud alleged in land purchase to start international school
Financial Times
Hotchpotch policies, unclear on funding
Jayawardena effort fails for second time
Royal Ceramics in sanitaryware venture
Budget: incentives for agriculture, shipping
SLI accuses unnamed firms of unfair practices
Mixed reactions to budget
Minority Rights – Surely not in Sri Lankan companies!
Cargo ships helped cushion Aitken Spence profits fall
Chambers welcome proposals, point out gaps, problems
Presidential victor will have to wage war on terror

In the flickering last days of her reign, President Chandrika Kumaratunga appears to be annoyed by the fluctuating winds disrupting the lighting of the traditional oil lamp at a ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the National Performing Arts Theatre. With her are Chinese Ambassador Sun Guoxiang and Speaker W.J.M. Lokubandara, both looking equally glum. Pic by Ishara S Kodikara..
Crucial poll goes to the wire - Political Column
The tough task of taking an informed decision on Thursday  - 5th Column 
Going for smarter sanctions, not smarting sanctions hitting innocents - inside the glass house
Nation in confusion over Tiger stance - Situationa Report
The Presidential poll: Political and economic choices - The Sunday Times Economic Analysis
Our leaders don’t rule, they reign - Thoughts from London
From a vantage point: numbers guts and end-games  - The Rajpal Abyenayake Column 
Searching for Ceylon
Awaiting report, says NCPA
Journey of life and faith
Little-known facts of well-known tree
Half a glance at the campaign's better half
Colourful Koluu takes a bow
Letters to the Editor
Rugby solace to Sri Lanka
English women too hot for Lankans
CT & FC take the field
Trinity felled by Ananda duo
Old soldiers do they die?
CR’s step in the right direction
The unknown journey of young Linton



Financial Times



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