Rupavahini moderator presents Tiger case
Comments made by a moderator in a talk show in state-run television are widely seen as condoning the LTTE’s killing of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar.

The moderator on Rupavahini’s “Aththa Neththa” talk show said the LTTE was ‘Freedom Fighters” group campaigning against social problems and therefore would eliminate anybody standing against its objectives. In the programme telecast two days after Mr. Kadirgamar’s slaying the moderator said:

“What the LTTE is carrying out is a liberation struggle to find solutions for the problems within society. Political decisions to kill any individual who is detrimental to its freedom struggle are taken. Any liberation struggle during some instances would have to kill for matters pertaining to the survival of its movement and the victory of its struggle.

Throughout history liberation movements never thought about individuals when it came to achieving of its goals. If a killing was to take place it had been done without thinking twice.

“Such violence is hard to be defeated as they are carrying out killings in the guise of a political goal. As such political killings are a definite result of terrorism. We cannot say that Lakshman Kadirgamar is the last of the political killings.”

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