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  • Beginnings of an agrarian economy thrives
    One of Vijaya's ministers named Anuradha established a village along the present Malwatu Oya (then called 'Kolom Oya') and it was this village, which later became Anuradhapura, the city of Anuradha, capital of the first ever Sinhalese kingdom.
    Interview by Smriti Daniel
    In this Funday Times interview we speak with the 12 year old author of "City Lights" Udani Sheshadri Kottearchchi. Sheshadri (as she prefers to be known) writes both prose and poetry and has won many awards for creative writing. She is also an accomplished artist and actress.
  • King Dhatusena's final decision
    1. It is no wonder that King Dhatusena was so sad to suffer the fate of a prisoner, all of a sudden after saving the country from foreign enemies. He began to think that however much good you do and accumulate merit, if an evil deed has to bear fruit, one cannot escape it.
  • Rembrandt
    They gather in the gloomy courtyard, each carrying some small weapon. In one corner a drummer bangs out a marching beat and the group of men slowly begin to fall into place.

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