US, Britain offer help in Kadir probe
The United States and Britain have offered assistance to police in their investigations into the assassination of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar.
Police Chief Chandra Fernando, who is personally overseeing the investigations told The Sunday Times, "we are considering such offers. It is too soon to make a final decision."IGP Fernando on Friday presided over a conference of investigators from different police arms.

He told them of the need to pursue all clues and trying to obtain a breakthrough at the earliest opportunity. He allayed fears that questioning of security forces personnel was intended to place any blame on them but said it was necessary to obtain a fuller picture of the events that occurred.

The Sunday Times learnt that the United States’ offer of assistance, conveyed through its embassy in Colombo to Police Headquarters, would entail expert services from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Similarly, the British High Commission in Colombo has offered help from Scotland Yard.

A senior police official connected with the investigation said the probe was still at an early stage where they were engaged in recording statements of persons. Hence, it was premature at this stage to obtain any foreign help, he said. He pointed out that such help would become necessary when the need arose to analyze evidence, collate scientific data and related matters. On the other hand, the official said if the attack weapon was found, the need for foreign assistance pronto would be utmost.

Police Chief Fernando said there were other countries too that offered help in the investigation but declined to name them. “We will have to determine the type of assistance we require when the investigation progresses,” he said. The IGP said every effort was being made by the investigators to track down the perpetrators of this dastardly crime.

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