Funday Times

  • Reverend Sanghamitta’s plan
    1. One day, Rev. Sanghamitta went to meet King Gothabhaya. The king welcomed him warmly. In the course of their conversation, the king came to realize how learned this monk was and began to like him.
  • Time to climb the holy peak
    In Sri Lanka, the different religious groups celebrate the numerous religious festivals and observances during specific periods of the year.
  • Gamarala meets the king of devils
    Once upon a time, there was a Gamarala, a chieftain of the village. He became famous as the man who could tame even devils – yakku.
  • Cinderella, the fairy tale
    Cinderella, the fairy tale has always enchanted children the world over. Its magic was brought alive by The British School in Colombo in a Sri Lankanised version of the popular story on 18th and 19th February at the Lionel Wendt.
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