Thomians glitter in bad light
By Bernie Wijesekera
Royal were leading 16-12 when their 'B' fours won their race. But the Thomian 'A' Fours crew displayed abundant physical strength and stamina throughout to oust their arch rivals in the 'decider' - the boat race, in virtual darkness to win by one and half length to retain the T.N. Fernando Trophy - overall championship 24.16 at the 32nd Royal Thomian regatta worked off at the Colombo Rowing Club watched by a colourful gathering - last evening.

The boat race the prime event in the card was worked off at 6.40 p.m. in virtual darkness. The organizers should have done well to row this event ahead of the old boys fours which had no bearing. It also deprived the avid fans of watching the boat race.

The Thomians who were leading 18-17 increase their tally to 19-17. Though Royal lost the overall championship and the boat race, they were in no way disgraced. Their 'B' fours crew rowed the race of their life to win the event in a cliff hanger - by five seconds. At this stage Royal led 16-12. But in the 'decider' - Thomian grit prevailed. Their 'A' coated Fours led by Dijan de Zoysa supported by Isuru Perera, Dineshka Aluvihare, Sanon de Silva and Dathika Wikeramanayake rode them to victory. They timed 3 minutes 21 seconds.

The Royal 'A' coated Fours comprised of Aqil Sulaiman, Ali Fatherally, Shan Wanigasekera, Gishan Karunanayake, Dinuk Perera.

'A' sculls - Isuru Perera STC bt. V. Wickeramsinghe Royal time 3' 53 seconds
'B' Sculls - Dejan de Zoysa bt. Hisham Hassan Royal time 4' minutes
B pairs Dineshka Aluvihare and Sanon de Silva STC bt. Keshal Jayasinghe and G. Karunanayake Royal time 3.47 seconds
'A' pairs - S. Wanigasekera, Ali Fatherally Royal bt. De Zoysa and Isuru Perera (STC) time 3.29 seconds.
'C' Fours - D. Ekanayake, Reza Akram, Rajiv Fernando, Amila Jayatilleke bt. R. Wickeramsekera, Devan Hallock, Damitha Peiris, M. Kulugammana STC time 3.34 seconds.
All boys Fours - S. Thomas’ bt. Royal time 3.28.


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