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  • The Lambakarnas flee
    King Ilanaga wrested power in Anuradhapura and became king once again. Then came the time for the ‘Water Festival’ at the tank, Tissa. The king dressed in all his splendour joined in the festivities.
  • A series by Gaveshaka in association with Studio Times
    ‘Pitakotuwa’ in Sinhala means ‘outside the fort’. That is obviously how the Sinhala term for Pettah was coined to distinguish the area outside Fort. Pettah is an Anglo-Indian word from the Tamil ‘pettai’ introduced by the British to the area, which was identified by the Dutch as the ‘oude stad’ or old town.
  • Ice Cream
    Ice cream, like chocolate was originally reserved solely for the enjoyment of royalty. “Crème ice” was considered quite a delicacy by many famous historical personalities ranging from Charles the first of England, to the American president Thomas Jefferson.
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