Bus operators support auction: Not minister
Private bus operators have decided to back a government move to auction bus routes enabling the private sector and state transport services to bid for them.

The proposal was presented as an action plan and approved by the Cabinet and is to be presented to Parliament for approval. Mr. Gemunu Wijeratna who heads the Private Bus Owners Association - the main private bus operators organisation - said he was confident the scheme could be implemented properly with successful results.

However, Transport Ministry sources said Minister Felix Perera had reservations about implementing the scheme. Under the proposed scheme the bus owners on any specific route have to form a company and formulate a 'running agreement'. The bus crews would have to follow a fixed timetable. If they persist in committing the same offence their licence is liable to be cancelled.

Mr. Wijeratna said an awareness programme for drivers and conductors is to be held today to explain how the proposed scheme is to be implemented.

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