LTTE killings: ‘enough is enough’ warning
By Chandani Kirinde
Since the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement in February 2002, the LTTE has either killed, attempted to kill or abducted more than 300 of its political opponents, members of the security forces, civilians and intelligence operatives.

The numbers have increased drastically between March and October this year, with the numbers of those killed being more than 75, those maimed about 65 and those abducted around 47, it was revealed at a forum of political parties and civil organisations that was organised in Colombo last week to speak up against these atrocities.

Eight of those abducted during this period were either released or had managed to escape. Since the ceasefire began, the LTTE has killed or abducted or attempted to kill 14 Army intelligence operatives, 35 civilian informants and 50 other persons from the security forces and police.

More than 80 of those killed or abducted have been members of others political parties mainly EPDP, EPRLF and ex-TELO and ex-PLOTE members.

The political parties and civil organisations have got together to press for government action to stop killings and abductions by the LTTE, with some warning that the guns that are now turned against members of mainly Tamil political parties opposed to the LTTE would soon turn against all those who speak up against the atrocities.

The gathering initiated by the JVP brought together members of several Tamil political parties including representatives of the Tamileela Ikkiya Viduthalai Munnani (TIVM) - the political party formed by the breakaway faction of the LTTE led by Karuna - as well as those from the Patriotic National Movement (PNM), the JHU and the National Bhikku Front.

Speaking at the launch of the forum at the BMICH last Friday, P.Rajaratnam who represented the TIVM said the government was confining its reaction to these atrocities to words when it was time for action. " Our security is not guaranteed but the government gives helicopters to LTTE members for their use," he said.

JVP Propaganda Secretary Wimal Weerawansa said it was time to break the silence on these killings and stop the LTTE, stating that the price the country was paying for an elusive peace had reached its limit.

Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera of the NPM said it was a matter of time before the LTTE turned its guns on anyone who spoke up against its actions after finishing off all Tamil political party members and others opposed to it. He said the government should be represented at a forum like this one and added the reason no government members attended was due to the fear of bursting the soap bubble called peace.

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