JVP threatens to contest presidency
By Prasanna Sanjeewa Tennakoon
As the rift between the JVP and the SLFP widened, a party official warned the JVP would field a candidate at the next presidential election if violation of the alliance agreement continued.

He said the decision was taken at the JVP politburo meeting and would be implemented if the SLFP continued to violate the memorandum of understanding.

The officials said the politburo had decided to get tough and would oppose any more violation of the agreement through deeds and not mere words.

The latest dispute between the two parties was the appointment of deputy ministers without consulting the JVP and it was not known whether yesterday's swearing-in of three SLMC breakaway MPs as non-cabinet ministers was done in consultation with the JVP. The officials said that as an initial step, the JVP would withdraw its support from the PA in the provincial councils if violations of the UPFA agreement continued.

Meanwhile, in an equally tough move, President Chandrika Kumaratunga has warned of serious action against ministers who violate the principle of collective cabinet responsibility and others who are undermining the Alliance.

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