Technology Senate: CIO platform for knowledge interaction
Colombo was this year picked as the venue to honour more than 200 top personalities in the Information Technology from India giving an opportunity for Sri Lankans to interact with the IT experts.

Technology Senate 2004, which honours the achievements in Enterprise IT, is in progress in Colombo until today. More than 250 technocrats including 210 Indians are being awarded honours at this ceremony. Apart from the award ceremony, conferences and other programmes were also held.

On an earlier proposal the programme was scheduled to be held in Malaysia, but was later transferred to Sri Lanka on a request made by Sri Lanka's High Commissioner in India Mangala Moonesinghe.

Foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgarmar in his address to the delegation said India's Information Technology and IT enabled Service industries to established themselves in the world market to such an extent that India was becoming a brand name in IT.

"The Telecommunications sector is among the leading growth sectors in Sri Lanka. India is home to many innovative e-government and rural outreach projects. Sri Lanka recently launched an ambitious e-Sri Lanka initiative intended to enable all its citizens to participate in the global information economy and society', Minister Kadirgamar said.

He said that unfortunately the IT revolution is the primary driving force of globalization and though on the one hand it had moved the world forward on the other it has also divided the world into two new categories of haves and have nots.

Mr. Kadirgamar said in the two recent parliamentary elections in south Asia – in Sri Lanka and India – the people sent a powerful and an emphatic message to all their political parties which said that while seeking the dazzling fruits of globalisation, do not forget our basic needs.

He said Sri Lanka was committed to facilitate the forward march of the IT industry in the region and the hosting of the Technology Senate 2004 was` a manifestation of that commitment.

The event was organised by India's leading Media house 'The Indian Express' Business publication Division headed by Ms. Sandeep Khaska. The event provided recognition for outstanding Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the form of awards while the Computer Associates Intelligent Enterprise Awards and Secure Synergy Security Strategist Awards were also presented during the Technology Senate.

The Computer Associates Intelligent Enterprise Awards is an endeavour to recognise Indian Enterprises who have optimised IT to achieve their business goals. The Technocrats had several themes in their programme and among those were: Face to face; The power of knowledge; Seeing is believing; Unravelling the future; and Recognition and a time to work play.

According to the organisers, Techno Senate is an endeavour to provide a common interaction platform for the CIOs, where technology, management and enterprise innovation converge annually. The first Techno Senate took place last year.

Techno Senate 2004 further features theme pavilions showcasing the latest technology products that would significantly impact on enterprise networks, providing a platform for the CIOs to compare products from multiple vendors in real time and examine their pros and cons.

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