Committtee to probe MRI head
By Sachitra Indivara Mahendra
A committee to probe the allegations against the Directress of the Medical Research Institute (MRI), Dr. Daya Colombage has been appointed by the Health Department Director General Dr. Atula Kahandaliyanage.

The GMOA had requested Dr. Kahandaliyanage to interdict the MRI Directress claiming the MRI has faced administrative, financial and technical crises from the date she had been appointed to the post.

"No research has been done, because the directress has blocked all research. This person is the stumbling block against development of the institute. The MRI has failed to act against the high incidence of dengue also," GMOA General Secretary Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya said. Dr. Colombage however denied the allegation made by the GMOA.

"This is a campaign by a group of doctors against me. I am not taking them seriously," Dr. Colombage told The Sunday Times. Meanwhile, the GMOA says that when a disciplinary inquiry against a director of an institute takes place the normal procedure is that he or she should be interdicted and replaced by another.

But a Health Department spokesperson said there is no such procedure. "As far as I am concerned, no interdiction takes place when a disciplinary inquiry takes place," he said.

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