Funday Times

  • The commanders meet Rev. Maha-Tissa
    The seven commanders were utterly disgusted. They felt sad about what happened to their friend. They wandered in the forest aimlessly.
  • The most beautiful temple around Kandy
    With the advent of Buddhism, art and culture began to flourish in Sri Lanka. While there is little evidence of what went on during the pre-Buddhist era, there is ample mention of religious and other activities after the introduction of Buddhism.
  • The great one who knows all
    Retold by J. B. Disanayaka
    Once upon a time there was an old man. People thought he knew everything. So he was called, in Sinhala, ‘Maha Daenamutta’ – The Great One who knows all. When people had a problem, they went to Maha Daenamutta who solved it for them and they were all happy.

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