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‘Gimhana Tharanaya’ portrays family conflicts
By Susitha R. Fernando
‘Gimhana Tharanaya’ deals with the stress faced by persons who are involved in the conflict that a normal family faces today and how these individuals act seeking freedom from these hurtful experiences in the quest for peace of mind.

Vajira (Sriyantha Mendis) an executive officer is married to Anushka (Malkanthi Jayasinghe). They live in Vajira’s ancestral house with his mother (Ratnawali Kakunawela) and his brother Ramesh (Amiththa Weerasinghe).

They have a daughter. Ramesh works in a private company as an executive. He is a quiet peaceful person. The usual conflict of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are common to this home. This inter-play between mother and daughter-in-law is the theme of the teleplay.

Vajira has to be very tactful to live peacefully with both while not hurting either in the process. When Ramesh sees these conflicts and behaviour patterns he is disgusted and is determined to live alone. Suba (Maureen Charuni) is a widow with one daughter Rashmi (Semini Iddamalgoda) who leads a carefree life.

She has a boyfriend. There is a friend of Suba’s husband who regularly visits Suba with the idea of marrying her. Thus Suba is in a stressful situation. Rashmi is against her mother marrying again. Yet Suba is lonely and she is unsettled as a result. Her only consolation is her friendship with Vajira’s family.

Ramesh finds a fresh involvement with a co-worker (Hasanika Karalliadda) who is keen to marry him. The situation at home worsens with the constant bickering between the in-laws. Vajira and Suba draw closer as Vajira’s marriage shows signs of breaking up. A new twist takes place when a middle-aged cousin of Anushka who is interested in her enters the scene.

Meanwhile Rashmi’s affair breaks up and that threatens Ramesh’s affair too. Gimhana Tharanaya is being screened on Rupavahini every Friday at 7.30 pm. Sanath Wimalasiri, Manel Wanaguru, Seetha Kumari, Susil Perera, Kavinda Suren, Rupa Pathirana, Wasantha Kumarasiri, Ignatius Gunaratne and Tissa Jayantha are the rest of the cast.


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