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‘Diyawadana Maluwa’ : A story about water heritage
By Susitha R. Fernando
‘Diyawadana Maluwa’ is a story about the proud history of world famous tanks and hydro system is being telecast every Friday at 8.35 pm on Rupavahini. The miniplay, the latest direction by actor Sathischandra Edirisnghe extols the virtues of preserving and protecting the rich hydro system, a legacy left by our forefathers and illustrates the disaster that may befall if the irrigation systems were damaged by incorrect usage.

The story is based in Raja Rata- Sri Lanka’s tank country. The bund of a tank is damaged by the movement of heavy vehicles mostly owned by Lakshman, a businessman who had risen from being a driver to a millionaire. The local MP has shares in his business.

Udula Bandara is a traditional farmer who is an epitome of the culture synonymous with Raja Rata- the tank country. He fights Lakshman with his son Rev. Assaji and the farmers of the village. However Lakshman succeeds in suppressing these agitations with the help of the MP who is his friend.

Lakshman’s only daughter Indiwari who is a final year student at the University meets Pandula while travelling home by train. Pandula is the newly appointed engineer in charge of Raja Rata tanks.

He is an orphan raised in a Walauwa and a boarding school and is a brave young man appreciative of his culture, religion, and nature. He joins Udula Bandara in fighting to save the tanks and water resource of the area. Indiwari who recognises the justifications of Pandula’s actions joins him inspite of parental objections.

Meanwhile the water in the tank gets polluted by the waste from the hotel jointly owned by Lakshman and the MP which has been built adjacent to the tank. It is also discovered that the hotel has been built on the tank reserve. Pandula, Udula Bandara and Rev. Assaji and the villagers get together to have the hotel moved from the site.

Twenty-four years ago farmer Jayatissa’s wife and kid had drowned in a stream due to the water bing poisoned. Jayatissa has a daughter, Piyumi by his second marriage and a son Lal, who was first employed as a driver by Lakshman and later joined the MP.

Pandula manages to persuade the authorities to move the hotel away from the tank reserve. Lakshman falls ill. In this complex situation Indiwari is estranged from Pandula. Jayatissa’s daughter finds employment in Pandula’s office. She develops an attachment for Pandula.

Pandula begins to search for his parents, He finds the waluwa but couldn’t find anyone living there. Meanwhile Lakshman and the MP use their political clout to negate the ruling and re-locates the hotel. Pandula with the help of Udula Bandara and Rev. Assaji amass huge public support including women and school children against them.

Indiwari and Pandula get together again and their love is strengthened. Two attempts are made by Lakshman using Lal, to kill Pandula but fails. Piyumi realises the futility in chasing after Pandula and attempts suicide by drowning in the tank. Meanwhile, due to strong public demand the ruling to move the hotel from the tank reserve is re-enforced.

Diyawadana Maluwa conveys that the people who fought for the sake of a drop of precious water discovers they are all - one Family. The main roles are played by Sathischandra Edirisinghe, Janaka Kumbukge, Nayana Kumari, Ajith Lokuge, Nandi Chandrasekara, Daya Tennekoon, Grace Ariyawimal, Jagath Beneragama, Dayadeva Edirisinghe, Rupa Gomes, Mali Jayaweerage and Buddhi Wickrema.

The telefilm is scripted by K. B. Herath, camera is handled by Daya Suriyaarachchi and is edited by Daya Punchihewa and music direction is by Rohana Weerasinghe.


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