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‘Revelation’ comes alive at the ‘Hut’
Popular night club ‘Hut’ is the latest venue for the band ‘Revelation’ led by Shean Dharmaratne. They will be in action at the Hut on Fridays except the last Friday of the month, on which they perform at CR&FC Club nights.

According to Shean, “Little Hut” was the Happening Night Club till it was closed a few months after his former band “Dream Team” left to re-open the legendary “Blue Leopard” few years ago.

“I remember all the fans from the Hut came all the way to the “Leopard’’ through so many checkpoints and road blocks. It was really overwhelming,” he said. He plans to play some of the old songs he used during “Dream Team” days of the ‘Hut’.

“I sometimes had to repeat Bon Jovi songs so many times”, he smiles reminiscing. “It was a great club, actually now it’s better with the lovely beach view and it’s at the original Little Hut location, its aromatic place,” he said.

Revelation comprises Diren Sabaratnam on drums, Zion De Silva on guitar, Ibal Assan on bass, Sheherazade Asmone (Sherry) on vocals and of course handling the main vocals is Shean.

The band keen on a very balanced mix of songs that include hits from George Benson, James Brown, Temptations, Kool & the Gang, Commodores, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor and much more danceable grooves from the 60’s and 70’s and a very long session of rock & roll too.

Shean says Revelation is the only live band that plays Hip hop. Diren is a talented rapper and he handles songs by 2pac, Shakur, Dr. Dre and Black Eyed Peas, while Shean sings. R. Kelly, Coolio and the R&B material these songs keep the younger partygoers happy. They will add more soul and funk in their repertoire soon.

‘This does not mean that Revelation lets down the rock fans. We have over 200 rock classics in our list and it keeps growing’, he added.


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