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9th December 2001

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'Tribute to George Harrison'

'Tribute to George Harrison' the first concert in remembrance of late George Harrison will come alive on December 14 at The Den,

The tribute concert is organised by pioneer rock musician lead vocalist of 'Venom' and Rattlesnake and the Managing Director of 'The Den' Keerthi Fernando.

When John Lennon was assassinated way back in 80's it was Keerthi, who took the initiative to throw a concert to honour the late Beatle, which was packed with Lankan Beatle fans.

Last week George Harrison died of cancer. As we all know the 'Beatles' split-up in the late 60's to persue solo carreers, arrangeing and composing master pieces, Classics, Ballods etc. John to his credit realised million copy seller singles. Such as "Imagine", "Jelous Goy", "Mother" and many more. Paul went out to sing around the world with his beautiful wife Linda.

George was highly involved with spiritual and Cultural activities in India after leaving Beatles.

He learned Indian Music and musical instruments such as Sithar under the guidance of Ravi Shankar.

Eventually, when he visited Bangladesh, he was shocked and emotionally upset to see that there were so many thousands of innocent people starving in that state. Immediately he realised how important it was help this people and went on organizing a massive musical concert which goes to history as the first ever Charity concert of the world, named 'Concert For Bangladesh' which featured then the big names such as, "Eric Clapton", "Billy Peston", "Leon Russell", Bob Dhylan etc.

Keerthi Fernando and "Judgment Day" will be in action at the "Den" singing the best of the Beatles from 9.30 p.m. onwards on Friday.

The Entrance Tickets are priced at Rs. 200/- and the entrance for Ladies is free.

Rock party with 'Stigmata'

The rock sensation "Stigmata" will come alive at the Blizz Pool Parlour at Park Road on December 14.

After a two-month break since TNL's 'One Night Stand' at Hotshots, the young and highly rockented dudes of Stigmata are ready for some action. The band leader Suresh promises to deliver some metal crashing and head banging tunes for those starved fanatics, on December 14. With an expanded repertoire the band now plays music by the Scorpions, 'Deep Purple' and more contemporary bands such as 'Iron Maiden', 'Metalica', 'Stained', 'System of a Down', 'Nirvana and Creed'. The band also promises to feature some of their original tracks from their long awaited debut album. Tickets will be available at the entrance and are priced at Rs. 150/- for guys and as usual the lucky ladies get in free.

Sathyajith overcomes many hurdles 

By Susitha R. Fernando
Young filmmaker Sathyajith Maitipe says he had to face numerous setbacks in his maiden attempt in directing the movie "Scent of the Lotus" (Boradiya Pokuna) for the silver screen. 

The pre-production work was completed recently and the young director is preparing to start the post production work soon. 

The film is the second directorial attempt and Sathyajith first introduced himself to the small screen directing a tele-film dealing with the dark period of 1988 and 89. 

Explaining to the TV Times about the hardships faced in his very first attempt Sathyajith said "it was a great achievement to finish at least the first half of the film with the help of some members in the technical and production crew at a stage where I was so desperate and had given up all hopes in finishing the film". 

The young English Instructor at the to Colombo University recollected the series of debacles he had to face. 

"While the film shooting was proceeding some of the members in the production team left and the money allocated for the whole production had to be spent at its pre-production" he claimed. 

"This resulted in not only in a waste of money but also in massive waste of talent, time and energy" he said. 

But at this trying time all my artistes, the technical crew members stood by me and some were even ready to help me financially. "They stood by what I was trying to do cinematically with my script" he added. 

However filmmaker Sathyajith said "It was a great experience and I want to share it with all the newcomers". 

"All newcomers who enter the field should be armed with a clear production plan not only with the artistic style and technical side else it would be wasteful" he warned. 

"When the production manager left the crew, G. Shivagurunathan took over the production and with his experience and only with his talent and experience could we finish the direction" Sathyajith said.

"If not for them I doubt whether even the filming could have been completed" Sathyajith said in a grateful tone. 

"The Scent of Lotus" is woven around relationships between a boy working in the security force and a girl working in the Free Trade Zone.

Explaining about his direction he said "the theme I wanted to handle was the complex love life in a complex society using the girls working in Free Trade zone and Army personnel which is a very common experience", . 

The cast include Kaushalya Fernando, Dharmasiri Bandara-nayake, Dilani Abeyguna-wardena, Duminda De Silva, Gayan Lakruwan, Irangani Serasinghe Chandani Seneviratne and many others. 

Sathyajith is introducing a few new faces to the main roles and over hundred newcomers who had been hired from the Sinhala theatre to the screen. 

Speaking about his experience of working with this new talent Sathyajith said "though they were newcomers to the cameras they were extremely professional and well disciplined. 

The main role of "Gothami" (which means dispeller of darkness) is played by Kaushalya Fernando. 

"And handling a character with black and white and gray tones Kaushalya gave me superb support with her talent and despite all those qualities she remained quite cooperative in playing the main role", Sathyajith echoed. 

Responding to a question about the title Sathyajith said "'Boradiya Pokuna' means unclear water or murky water used to represent the youth who do not realise what they are doing in their youthful innocence. But when they look back they see some sought of fragrance coming out of their actions done previously. 

"I am also really grateful for the bold step taken by the Film Corporation to fund the young artistes though I disagred with the chairman on many matters. 

The film is directed by Sathyajith Maitipe and the camera is handled by Palitha Perera. 'Boradiya Pokuna' is produced under the loan scheme of the National Film Corporation. 

However Sathyajith with a happy smile said "Even with all those failures if I could penetrate the life the way I see I think I would have been successful in my attempt". 

'Sellankukka' for Christmas

"Sellankukka" is the title of the latest film directed by Louie Vandastraten and it will be released in the theatres including 'New Manil'.

Revolving around a small boy played by Julian Fernando introduced to the silver screen, the story shows the attempt of this child to change his father. 

The cast of 'Sellankukko' include Ravindra Yasas, Dilhani Ekanayake, Sanoja Bibile, Ronnie Leitch, Arjuna Kamalanath and Samudra Hikkaduwa. 

A. S. P. Liyanage, Nuwan Gunawardena, Nirosha Virajani and Kithsiri Balasuriya do the playback singing while Dinesh Kumara handled the camera. 

To the production of Nihal Siriwansa, the film is presented by Colts Enterprises. 

'Rathriya': torn between husband and parents 

Rathriya' the latest teleplay directed by Sumith Kumara based on a novel written by Nihal Peiris is to be completed soon. The story deals with a newly married girl, who was beaten by her husband because of her love towards her parents.

The story begins with Sangeetha who is living with her parents in a household with so much of love becomes the wife of Dhanuska. 

Even after her marriage Sangeetha is still interested in living with her parents. But Dhanushka, who envies her strong attachment for her family, scolds her in vain.Knowing that he is jealous, Sangeetha somehow puts up with his behaviour.

One day after an argument between them, Sangeetha is beaten by Dhanushka and results in Sangeetha becoming a paralyzed. Dhanushka does not apologize but still worries about the incident.

While things were going in the Dhanushka family, Amanda, a pretty girl had come to work at Dhanushka's office. Dhanushka becomes friendly with Amnada, but it later develops into a secret love affair. 

However, Sangeetha comes to know about Dhanushka's love affair and tries several times to commit suicide. She did not want to hear about Dhanuska-Amanda affair and she tells to her husband that she does not wish to live any more. 

What would be the fate of the young couple and Amanda's life?

The cast in the teleserial comprising number of young players include Janaka Kumbukge, Nayana Kumari, Dhulika Marapana, and Wijeratna Warakagoda, Edward Gunawardane, Jagath Premalal, Miuri Samarasinghe, Sunil Premakumara etc. 

Rathriya produced by G. Mampitiya, is the first producer who had produced 22 teledramas in Sri Lankan teledrama production.

The teledrama directed and art directed by Mahinda K. Premasiri.(SJ)

Cathay to promote Chinese sector

Cathay Pacific resumed their services to Colombo last Saturday after they suspended operations in last July.

Cathay also announced at the media briefing in last week, the appointment of Toby Smith as the new Country Manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives. His predecessor Kieran Bowers has been posted to Saudi Arabia.

"This is my very first visit to Sri Lanka, but from my very little experience, not less than 24 hours, I believe that this is a nice country with friendly people which will be an added advantage for Cathay's operations during my time" Toby Smith said.

Cathay commenced oprerations to Sri Lanka in 1993 with two flights a week and expanded to three flights in 1997.

"It was a bad decision -and we were foolish enough to leave Sri Lanka during the turbulent times," Cathay Regional Manager Southeast-Asia, Ivan K.L. Chu told the media. "We left Colombo in a hurry without much thinking . But now we know that there is nothing to be afraid of. That is why we decided to resume the services back to Colombo," he added. 

With the return, Cathay hopes to strengthen the relationships between Hong Kong, China and Sri Lanka. Cathay said that there was great scope to promote leisure travel between Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and China. 

"Return of Cathay Pacific to Colombo is indeed a good news for us.With this Sri Lankan Tourism can accelerate promotions in China, which has a very big out-bound market." said Tourist Board Chairman Renton de Alwis, who was also present at this briefing.

Sri Lanka recently had a successful participation at the China International Trade Fair whilst it has also produced promotional material in Chinese,he added. 

Mr. de Alwis also said that Cathay Pacific could play major role in supporting Sri Lanka's tourism sector.

Cathay Pacific Airways now offers an unforgettable Holiday in Hong Kong with unbeatable package rates starting at Rs. 37,700 for Economy Class Travel and Rs. 80,000 for Businesss Class Travel. The rates include two nights accommodtion with breakfast on twin share bassis at star class Hotels are valid for travel upto February 28, 2002.

James Finlay and Company (Colombo) Ltd., is the General Sales Agent for Cathay Pacific in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. 

N' Eliya going gay this winter

By Sanath Weerasuriya
'The Nuwara Eliya Mini Season will usher a real festive feeling in Sri Lanka's 'Little England' for the first time from December 21 to January 5, 2001.

This will be the very first holiday festival in carnival atmosphere to be held out of Spring Festival in April in the history of Nuwara Eliya.

According to NETTSA (Nuwara Eliya Tourism and Travel Services Association), who is the organising body of this 'December Festival,' this would be an annual event, if mini season turn out to be a success.

Raju Veerasingham, the Resident Manager of Grand Hotel and the Secretary of NETTSA , said this newly form 'Mini Season' will be a replica of the popular Spring Festival in April. A host of entertainment and other activities including carnivals, musical shows, dances, horse racing, X-mas parties and New Year Dances will be the attractions of the season.

This will convert Nuwara Eliya to a colourful carnival atmosphere this December , Veerasingham said, "the mini-season is being specially arranged to attract our Sri Lankan tourists," he added.

Hiran P. de Costa of Grand Hotel too is the president of NETTSA, while Siri Perera of 'Glend Over' is the Treasurer.

The committee members of NETTSA comprises Roshan Fernando of Tea Factory Hotel, Ken Peiris and Chandana Fernando of Galway Forest Lodge.

All hotels and guest houses in Nuwara Eliya will offer special discounted packages during the mini season in December and January. Almost all the hotels in Nuwara Eliya have joined the NETTSA, to trasnform Nuwara Eliya into a year round tourist attraction, Mr Hiran Costa said.

The mini season festival will consist of a host of activities including Turf Club Horse Races (December 22 and 26), Nuwara Eliya Gold Club competitions (December 23 and 24), Cookery demonstrations, Motor Cross (December 23 and 30) Christmas eve and New Year's eve gala dinner dances, Karoke competitions, kiddies' Christmas parties, Flower arrangement competitions, Go-cart competitions, Clay Pigeon shooting competitions, Fashion Shows, Billiards and Snooker competitions, Tennis, Badminton tournaments, entertainment, food stalls, beverage stalls and many more.

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