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4th November 2001

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'Concert For New York City'

America : A Tribute to Heroes was the biggest concert of recent times, which took place at Madison Square Garden in New York on October 20.

This concert was a fund raiser for the victims and families of World Trade Centre tragedy and the stars from music industry and Hollywood world gathered to heal the wounds of the nation. 

ITN will run the telecast of Concert for New York City on November 9, Friday at 9.30 p.m.

America: "A Tribute to Heroes" echoed the shock of a nation in mourning, the Concert for New York reflected the resolve of a country set on celebrating the heroism of its people and commitment to freedom. The live VHI broadcast of the show at Madison Square Garden, featured a telephone number and Website for music fans to donate money, and ticket sales for the event raised $ 14 million with millions more pledged from viewers watching live on cable VHI, promoters said.

The World Trade Centre tragedy finds many hands helping to heal the wounds we all suffered on September 11. The music community has been conspicuous in its efforts, and on Saturdy, October 20, at Madison Square Garden, Paul McCartney, The Who, Bon Jovi, Bono and Edge of U2 David Bowie, Elton John, Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson (remote from Pittsburgh), Backstreet Boys, Mick Jagger, John Mellencamp, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Melissa Etheridge, Macy Gray, Marc Anthony, Five For Fighting, Goo Dolls, Jay-Z and many more gathered to perform a benefit and tribute to the victims in a show called the Concert for New York City. 

Hollywood Steps Up Includes Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Harrision Ford, Will Ferrell , Mike Myers, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal, Richard Gere, Chris Rock, Gwyneth Paltrow, David Spade, Julia Stiles, Jimmy Fallon, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, John Cusack, Michael J. Fox , Mark Wahlberg, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Denis Leary. 

But the real stars of the show were seated in the audience. Organizers VHI, Cablevision, Miramax Films, and AOL invited 5,000 members of the New York fire, police, and rescue crews who tirelessly worked to save lives and restore order in lower Manhattan. 

VHI, AOL Miramax, and Cablevision hosted the live broadcast of event. AOL also hosted a live Webscast of the historical show. 

Pepsi Millennium Star Search 2001

Pepsi Millennium Star 2001 talent search is now on at Millennium Park auditorium.

You too can compete for this awesome title this year and achieve your dreams of being the Star of the Year 2001. The Talent Contest (Vocals) is open for all age groups. Applications are invited from (A) Juniors (4-14 years); (B) Seniors (14 years upwards); (c) Group Categories.

Winners will avail themselves of the opportunity of winning prizes to the value of Rs. 100,000/-; Air Ticket and loads of gifts and trophies courtesy Pepsi, Millennium Park and Gateway. 

Preliminary rounds will be held on November 9, 16, 23, 30 and December 7. Semis will be on December 12, 14 and 19. The grand finale will be held on December 21.

The Millennium Park along with Pepsi promote the event together with Gateway. The print media sponsors for 2001 will be the TV Times Entertainment/Midweek Mirror. The show will be co-ordinated and presented once again by Dalrene Suby, an artiste par excellence in the music field.

'EBONY' the band that accompanied contestants last year will be in attendance this year too ecouraging the wanna be stars each step of the way. Ask for your application from TheMillennium Park and post it or fax to the following address: Millennium Park, 338, T.B. Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10.

Gypsies in Cyberspace

The leading Sri Lankan Pop Group "Gypsies" will blast off to Cyberspace with their ever popular music with the launch of the Official Web site of the Gypsies marked with a mega musical extravaganza at BMICH on December 2. 

In this connection Lanka Internet Services Ltd., the Official Internet Service provider to Gypsies, hope to showcase some of the latest features of Internet Technology, incorporated in the Official Web Site of the Gypsies.

Gypsies will be in action with all their acts like, Kurumito, Lunu Dehi, Ojaye, Singore etc on this night.

Lanka Internet, Sri Lanka's first Internet Service Provider has under taken the task of developing and hosting popular pop group, Gypsies' official Website Gypsies will also be the first pop group in Sri Lanka to use this most interactive communication medium through which they would be able to market their music albums/CDs/Cassettes using the online payment gateway facility. In this process, Gypsies will also make a pioneering move in introducing Sri Lanka Pop Music to the rest of the world.

According to Lanka Internet, with the Gypsies on the Internet, they would instantaneously expand their audience to reach all corners of the Globe and provide a much awaited opportunity for their avid fans, mainly expatriate Sri Lankans who have virtually grown with the Band for over 3 decades, with their electrifying music.

The Gypsies website will enable the band to accept international and local bookings and also provide a live communication channel for their fans from across the world to communicate with Gypsies Band Members. For this purpose, Lanka Internet will be providing Internet & Email facilities to all Members of the Band.

Another winning feature would be the live web-cast of selected Gypsies Concerts which will take place in Sri Lanka, via the Official Website.

Infi-Nite at Colombo 2000

Infi-nite Entertainment, the two piece DJ unit who has been in the entertainment business for the past five years started their stint at the Colombo 2000 Night Club last week. 

The Colombo 2000 will light up with new lighting systems and the latest in music in which Infi Entertainment has the experience.

Infi-nite Entertainment prides itself on having its roots in the mobile DJ scene and it continues to offer its services to a quality conscious and knowledgeable clientele that continues to acquire its services on a regular basis.

Infi-nite Entertainment is managed by Narendra Seelanatha. Others are DJ Niraj Rodrigo, Events Co-ordinator and Senior DJ and, Druvi Abeywickema, Market Development & Public Relations. Regular DJ's who will perform at the Colombo 2000 are DJ Leo, DJ Druvi and DJ Marz.

'Eliwena Dawasa' travels Down Under 

Talented teledrama director, Sudath Devapriya's maiden effort in cinema "The Dawn" (Eliwena Dawasa) was selected to be represented at the Australia, Canberra international film festival. 

Sudath entered the world of art through the stage where he acted in number of plays and studied theatre under the well known theatre personality -Mrs. Somalatha Subasinghe in 1981.

He joined the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation in 1983 as an assistant director and was responsible for the production of large number of children's drama.

Sudath directed an internationally recognised "Amba Yahaluwo" one of the most popular teledrama both among young and adults based on a novel by T. B. Ilangaratne. It won the Honorary Jury Award at the Television Drama Festival in Munich, Germany in 1990.

"The Dawn" which went through several barriers centers around the people who are suffering in the financial struggle in Sri Lanka. 

Siriwansa and Milton are friends and suffering as a result of unemployment. Siriwansa's father is a labourer in a factory. They live in a house belonging to John, the owner of the factory. Due to the family's financial difficulties, Siriwansa's sister Menaka, seeks employment in John's factory. Although Siriwansa and Milton barely survive doing odd jobs, they see no light in their lives. 

Meanwhile Menaka gets pregnant by John and a strike in John's factory arises. This results in a police attack. Pregnant Menaka goes in search of John. Siriwansa avenges the injustice caused to his sister by murdering John's chief accomplice. Siriwansa, his father and Milton are taken into custody.John rejects Menaka who comes in search of him. As the police shoots at the striking workers Menaka secretly manages to take revenge. The principal cast with some of the talented players include Sabitha Perera, Tony Ranasinghe, Linton Semage, Indrajith Navinna, Cyril Wickremage, Jayalath Manoratne, H. A. Perera and Samantha Epasinghe. 

Suminda Weersinghe handles the camera, editor Elmo Haliday and music is directed by veteran musician Premasiri Kemadasa. Sudath Devapriya wrote the script and directed 'Eliwena Dawasa' for the Production of Kelum Abeysinghe.

Amaranath's latest appearance on disappearance

By Susitha R. Fernando
"Disappearance" is the main issue of the experienced film maker's latest directorial attempt, " A drop in the reign of terror" (Bheeshanaye Athuru Kathawak). The film was based on the novel written by Nihal P. Jayathunge with the same name. 

Amaranath Jayathilake the film maker and writer has ten films to his credit including some internationally acclaimed directions. "Arunata Pera" made in the year 1985 which represented fourteen international film festivals and it was the film that represented the highest number of IFF at that time and the film also was the one and only Sri Lankan film selected to be kept in the Museum of Modern Art film library in New York. The film "Siripala and Ranmenika" directed by Jayathilaka screened in 1977 made a box office hit.

Amaranath Jayathilake is giving the final touches to his latest direction, Bheeshanaye Athuru Kathawak.

The film revolves around the destiny of a family since the mysterious disappearance of the family head, Somadasa, a school principal. 'Bheeshanaye Athuru Kathawak' is made around the horrifying incidents that took place during 1987-90, a period which the whole country was gripped in terror leading to anarchy. 

The sudden disappearance of Somadasa, father of three children namely, Panduka, Devinda and Krishanthi and the misery befallen on the fatherless family give way to the story. As the family runs into destituion, Panduka an under graduate, gives up studies to seek employment so that he can support the widowed mother who was left alone and destitute since the disappearance. Living in anticipation of her loving husband's return home someday all her attempts becomes in vain where she is unable to find any clue on the disappearance. 

Akman a cousin of Somadasa had become rich by felling illicit timber and selling illicit liquor and engaging himself in various other anti-social activities. The relationship between the two families was un-comfortable as Somadasa objected to Akman's illegal and anti-social activities. Consequently Alan Nona turned envious of Somdasa's family and Somadasa's wife was suspicious about Akman's involvement of the disappearance. However Akman's marriage with 'Alan Nona' even was a failure as the wife maintain an illicit affair with a powerful politician in the area which enabled her to gain some improper advantage from him (politician). Manjula, the only daughter of Akman's family finds life extremely uneasy due to this.

Determined to find out the abductors of the father, Panduka finds a job as a journalist. 

One day Krishanthi, the daughter of Somadasa falls unconscious seeing a body burning in a tyre-pyre and it was Akman who come to the scene along with his daughter to remove her to the hospital. The shock she suffered on that day begins to work on her time to time and finally she falls ill. And after this incident the animosity between the two families was on the wane. But Akman's wife, who could not bear this new friendship quarrels with the father and the daughter. Finally she leaves home to live with the politician with whom she was carrying on an illicit relationship. 

Meanwhile Panduka using the new career determines to find out those responsible for his father's disappearance. Everybody including a revolutionary organisation and the government forces refused to accept responsibility for his father's disappearance. And at a time where society overwhelmed by terror Akman's life too comes under threat and he had to seek asylum. Adding one to series of mysterious killings in the dark period, the dead body of Alan Nona, Akman's wife was found just opposite his house. 

Once again everyone disclaims the responsibility for the death. But one day despite all Akman's efforts to protect himself he become victim of a shooting by a gang of underworld thugs. Rushed to the hospital and after several operations Akman fall seriously ill and at his death bed on behalf of his daughter he makes a request from Panduka's mother. 

Who could be responsible for the series of crimes? As the story end Panduka could disclose all truth behind the killings and the disappearance with the help of the revolutionary organisation. 

The cast include internationally acclaimed actress Nita Fernando, Cletus Mendis, Vishaka Siriwardena, Madhu-ranga Chandimal, Anushka Ekanayake, Nirosha Lakmali. 

Elmo Haliday, edits, while Priyanjit Wijesekara directed the filmscore and Lal Wickre-marachchi was the art director. The film made under the 100% loan scheme given by the National Film Corporation should be another crown to Amaranath's jewels of films.

'Gamperaliya': world heritage

'Gamperaliya ' directed by Dr. Lester James Peries, the doyen of Sri Lankan cinema, has been identified as a world heritage by Cinema Thek Institute (CTI)in France.

The film 'Gamperaliya , which was written by Martin Wickremasinghe deals with the decline of an aristocratic family in rural Sri Lanka at the turn of the century. 'Gamperaliya, ' was filmed in 1964.

In the wake of completion of hundred years in world cinema another film of Dr. Peries's 'Nidanaya' has been taken over for conservation by them.

The CTI will be taking over the conservation of the film 'Gamperaliya ' at the Asian Film Festival which will be organised by the 'Kehiya Doo' Cinema Magazine, from November 15 to December 5 in France.

The 'Kehiya Doo' magazine, the best cinema magazine in the world is due to publish a special article based on the film 'Gamperaliya'.

Films, directed by Lester James Peries, such as 'Nidanaya', 'Baddegama', 'Gamperaliya' and 'Sagara Jalaya Madi Henduwa Oba Sanda' directed by Sumithra Peries and 'Mage Sanda Obai' directed by Ashoka Handagama will be screened at the Film Festival.

Dr. Peries's feature films have won several international awards, and retrospectives of his work have been screened in New York, Paris, London, La Rochelle, Mumbai and Singapore. He has been a jury member at several international film festivals and has received over fifty national awards for his Sinhala language films. The Government of India conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award on him at the International Film Festival in 2000.

Lester James Peries, has also received the Golden Lotus award at the Third Panasia Film Festival held in the northwestern French city of Deauville. (SJ)

'A Tribute to Clarence'

A Tribute to Clarence a show in recognition of Clarence Wijewardena for his services to the local music industry, will come alive on November 11 at the BMICH.

The show is organised by the old Anandians Sports Club to raise finds for the College Development Fund.

Many of the artistes who benefitted from the talent of late Clarence will perform their creations in original style on this day. The line up of artistes include: Annesley Malawana, Indrani Perera, Anil Barethi, Ranil Mallawarachchi (son of late Milton Mallawarachchi), Lilanthi Karunanayake, Shyami Fonseka, Latha Walpola and Dalrene Suby and Rajeev Sebastian.

The show itself will be unfolded in a unique manner, remembering late Clarence's evolution of music in a sequence from "The Moonstones" times to "Golden Chimes", "Super Golden Chimes" and then to his Solo Era as a Singer. The final era as a film music Director and his contributions to teledramas would also be remembered.

The Old Anandians Sports Club inaugurated the Pundit Amaradeva Trust Fund with a grand musical evening at the B.M.I.C.H. on August 5 in recognition of his services to Sinhala Music over past five decades. Subsequent to this performance, Pundit Amaradeva was selected for the prestigious "Magsysay Award" by the Philippines Government.

Encouraged with this tremendous success, The Old Anandians Sports Club has embarked on yet another ambitious project to honour another musical legend for his creativity, versatility, in-born talent and also for the lasting contribution he made to the local music industry in the early 1970s.

Late Clarence Wijewardena introduced a new "Sinhala Pop" culture with his simple heartfelt lyrics and charming melodies. These were combined with his musical compositions that are unmatched even today. Late Mr. Wijewardena was a very dynamic and versatile personality and was involved in singing, composing, lyrics writing and directing music in his own style.

Travel South with RHA 'Ruhunu Charika'

By Sanath Weersuriya
Ruhunu Hoteliers Association (RHA) launched their newest 'holiday card' 'Ruhunu Charika' last week at a 'grand function in Unawatuna Beach Resort. 

"Ruhunu Charika' is a sort of a Discount card, which gives a series of packages to its members. It gives 20% off on overnight stay, 15% discount on food and beverages, extras, 50% off on children Under 15 years old and many other previleges' explained Senaka de Silva, the brain behind of this project, who is the vice president of RHA. 

RHA comprises of sixteen hotels from Galle to Yala region and the Association completed its third year recenty. 

The member hotels are Light House Hotel, New Oriental Hotel, Lady Hill Hotel (all in Galle), Unawatuna Beach Hotel, Koggala Beach Hotel, Club Lanka Hotel (Ahangama), Weligama Bay Beach, Tangalle Bay Beach, Nature Resort Tangalle, The Oasis (Hambantota), Peacock Beach Hotel (Hambantota), Yala Safari, Tissamaharama Resort and Priyankara Hotel Tissamaharama. 

"There are two other Ayurvedic Hotels Sun Oriental and Paragam, who are members of RHA but not the Ruhunu Charika mainly because they are strictly Ayurvedic resorts", Senaka said. 

RHA comprises Janaka de Silva (GM Oasis) the President, Dimantha Jayasuriya (GM-UBR) and Seneka de Silva (MD of Lady Hill) as Vice Presidents 

Upali Weerasinghe (GM Yala Safari) is the Secretary of this Association and Mrs. Hashani Pathirana (MD Weligama Bay Beach) is the Assistant Secretary. 

MD Priyankara Hotel Priyankara Wickremasekera is the Treasurer of the Association.

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