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9th September 2001
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  • Love survives
  • She's an angel
  • Like a rose
  • Sad truth about drug users
  • More than curves
  • Selecting a partner...
  • Love survives

    My dear, come 
    Sit near and be cheerful 
    Last year was merely
    a tear drop
    Let us love now
    Have faith, my dear
    When hearts agree
    Both of us are free

    Real love survives 
    beyond the tomb
    And, till re-birth
    No one can rob

    - G.K. Udayananda

    She's an angel

    God has sent many angels to earth,
    She is one of them
    Always by my side.
    When I do something wrong
    She shows me my mistakes.
    When I need advice
    She is always there, advising me.
    There are times she scolds me
    But all this, she does for my own good.
    I would have hurt her many a time
    Yet, she forgives me.
    There maybe a zillion of worries deep inside her
    But she always gives me the best.
    She is more like a friend to me
    A person whom I can trust.
    And since God couldn't be everywhere
    He sent angels like her to earth.

    - Narmeen Mumtaz

    Like a rose

    Life can be a rose
    For a person whose personality is beautiful
    Life can be a set of jewellery 
    for a person whose thoughts are precious.
    Life can be a string of pearls 
    for a person whose intentions 
    are innocent and pure, 
    but for a wonderful person.
    Like you (Prem)
    Life is a combination of all the above.
    I love you, the nicest person I know.

    - Jesmin Benadict

    Sad truth about drug users

    Today, most schools in Sri Lanka have their own drug prevention societies. Not only boys' schools but also girls' schools. But do you think that school drug prevention societies have been successful? I don't think so.

    First I'm going to tell you a secret that everybody knows - lots of schoolboys especially in Colombo take drugs. 

    Now I will tell you an experience of my own:

    I know a schoolboy who belongs to a very good family and he is the president of his school ADIC society. I know him personally. Most of the time he used to skip school and he and his friends would get together at one of their homes and take alcohol, cigarettes and ganja ( "joints"). They think it is a very great thing to smoke and drink. 

    If the president of the school drug prevention society uses all these, what is the situation of the committee and the members of the drug prevention society?

    I know about their parents too. But they think their children are very good. In my opinion I think this situation has occurred, as they don't care much about their children's school work and tuition classes. They have given them more freedom and money than they really need.

    In newspapers, elders talk about the youth who have got addicted to drugs. But are you sure that your child is safe? I'd like to tell all those elders and parents, please pay more attention to your own child before criticizing society.

    - Wathsala

    More than curves

    My Regrets! Tom Cruise

    Hope readers would have seen "Chubbier The Better" which was featured on June 10, 2001 on Clothes line. This is my vague response. Hope it will not be harsh. First of all I must say, I most strongly refute your statement. Being a University student I have met the most handsome, intelligent men who don't see beauty in heart or serenity in thoughts but in the so-called 'curves' (There are exceptions though). 

    Be it katu (bones) or mus (flesh) what matters is how deep, open, intelligent and intellectual the person is. The looks?.... The looks are the least on my list. Even though it may come in the form of a height of 3' or 5' 9" as yourself. I am really sorry that you have been utterly fooled. Most probably you must have lost the ideal partner of your type among the so-called "approached skinnies". But I must say if they would have seen your thoughts despite your handsomeness that so-called approach too will be a mere dream for you.

    But I must say I respect you for being so open. Most boys do not express this bitter truth. They do not accept that they spoil girls but they pretend that they appreciate and adore them. And most often girls do know that you people give priority to flesh. But I must say 'katu' girls are not at all depressed by your comments and chubby girls are not grateful. Thank God, 'katu' girls are glad to be rejected by 'handsomes' like you. Girls have much greater goals than longing for the so-called curves in order to get attention from you. Girls are much 'deeper' than you and are more clever in estimating people and choosing their dream person. Girls are capable of giving the world much more greater things than - curves. The girls who went mad over denims, perfumes, specs and hair gel exist no more. They appreciate boys for who they are - independent individuals. So I wish you all the success in your 'venture'.

    Sympathizer from Down South

    Selecting a partner...

    Why do boys always select partners who are younger than they are? Is it a rule? I mean what if a girl truly loves a boy who is younger than him. Is it a crime? What will happen to that girl's feelings? In foreign countries of course the problem is not this bad. Being Asian girls we always suffer. Boys thirst after lots of Western ideals, but when it comes to this issue they seem to be stuck in the 18th century. Most are also under the influence of their parents when finding a wife. 

    If the boy is the only son of a family this problem becomes worse. Although he starts an affair with an older girl, he probably won't carry on with it. And in the end the girl suffers. I think a boy has to be more responsible and reasonable to his girl friend if he has this problem. He has to be decisive when it comes to all his parents and relatives' attitudes. If not, then it is better to stop the affair. Otherwise the girl will suffer a lot in the future.


    Fruits and veggies for Victoria

    Victoria Beckham was pelted with fruit, vegetables and bottles on Sunday, September 2 as she performed in front of 100,000 people.

    The audience was angry that Victoria mimed tracks from her self-titled solo album at "Radio 1's One Big Sunday" show in Leicester.

    The treatment she received was contrary to what her husband David Beckham received as Captain of the England Football team after they scored a 5-1 victory over Germany the day before.

    Reports from people at the show said Victoria who came under a hail of missiles as she mimed her way through the performance was hit at least once in the face. Victoria who is also known as "Posh Spice" was also booed and jeered by a section of the crowd as a hail of objects began to be directed at her.

    While the crowd were angry at her decision to mime at the show Victoria Beckham herself defended her action the following morning on television. She went on to say that at a lot of live shows, 80% of the performance is actually mimed. She did insist that she could sing and sing live too. Beckham also added she was good at song writing.

    Victoria Beckham is receiving a lot of attention in the UK press these days as parts of her biography are being serialised in the newspapers.

    Her new single 'Not Such An Innocent Girl' will be released on September 17. She will be competing with Kylie Minogue's new single 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' which also hits the CD shops the same day.

    After three weeks of a depressed summer market, sales of CDs have shown signs of improvement according to reports from the UK. Now it's time once again for the chart to get active as there is a frenzy of activity over material being released.

    One of first acts to benefit from the slight improvement is the group Blue who have managed to score a No:1 this week with the song titled 'Too Close'. It knocked out Five's 'Let's Dance' to take over the crown.

    'Too Close', is a R'n'B hit which was a massive success in the US in 1998. In the UK though it was a failure. The original US performers Next were only able to proceed on the singles chart as far as the No:24 position. Three years on the UK group Blue have succeeded where Next failed.

    Checking into the UK singles chart at No:3 this week is the song 'Follow Me' by Uncle Kracker. Mid-week 'Follow Me' was heading the sales tabulation and was expected to debut at the No:1 spot. But by Friday the song was losing ground to 'Too Close' by Blue. In the end Blue won the race whilst Uncle Kracker had to settle for the No:3 position with 'Follow Me'.

    The power behind Uncle Kracker is DJ Matt Shafer. While Uncle Kracker happens to be his own project, the DJ also has another job as being a member of Twisted Brown Tucker-the backing band of Kid Rock.

    With great credentials Uncle Kracker got the UK market cracking with 'Follow Me' with its blend of rock, funk and a snatch of country. The concoction has been swallowed with great delight and that gives Uncle Kracker a good base for future hits in the UK.

    Louise the one time member of Eternal is back in the UK singles Top 20 this week. She has struck at the No:4 spot with 'Stuck In The Middle'. Well like the current chart topper, the entry by Louise is another cover version. Hers is a rendition of the old Stealer's Wheel hit which back in 1973 peaked at the No:8 position. Louise has done a good job on the recording.

    Emma Bunton's new single 'Take My Breath Away' debuted at No:5. No, Emma's new release is totally new original material but the song is comparatively weak when compared to her debut release 'What Took You So Long' which topped the UK chart in late April.

    There is some doubt about her future as a solo artiste with Virgin owing to poor sales. Her fellow Spice Girl - Mel B has already been dropped by the record company.The fading Spice Girl magic still holds strong at least for the moment as Emma Bunton or "Baby Spice" scores her second solo hit.

    DJ Luck & MC Neat are back in the UK Top 20. They strike at No:18 this week with the song 'I'm All About You'. The featured star on the current release Ari Gold 'I'm All About You', was a track radio DJs and club DJs were looking forward to. It should have been much bigger than its current chart position. One or two analysts predicted that the song would be the No:1 but it has failed to deliver.

    Bastard-the punk rock band formed by Courtney Love to fill in time before the next Hole album is falling apart.

    According reports two members of the project have quit even before a note of music has been released. Louise Post and Corey Parks apparently left the band because of personality clashes with Love.

    Things don't seem to have been going well for Courtney Love recently. She was robbed while on a shooting assignment in Canada while some other unconfirmed reports suggested the musician/actress had suffered a miscarriage.

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