31st December 2000

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Guy clarifies 

Sri Lanka's Women's Cricket Coach, Guy de Alwis puts the record straight by stating that it was not Lanka's failure that warranted him to resign, but he had indicated very much earlier of resigning.

Guy states that for sometime, he had found it difficult to devote time to further develop their skills.

He suggests that the ladies need a permanent coach who would be able to devote more time to guide them in the challenges for the future. He further adds that he was in no way disappointed by the Lankans' performance since they won two matches in the World Cup, thus qualifying to play in the 2004 World Cup in South Africa.

In conclusion Guy wishes the Women's Cricket Association all the best. 

Trying to discredit President of Kandy SC

I refer to the letter sent by one C.S. Fernando of Kandy which appeared in your newspaper of 24 December. under the heading 'President for ever' (Letters to the Editor). To say the least, the contents of that letter is the furthest from the truth. It is malicious and has been sent by some frustrated individual trying to discredit the President and the Treasurer of Kandy Sports Club.

The Club rules specify that no individual can hold the office of President for more than 5 successive years. If Dr. Kapuwatte is re-elected in 2001, it will be his 2nd year succession since Mr. Chandra Wijenaike was the President in 1999. Therefore, no rule will be violated. With regard to the Accounts, please be informed that they are audited by one of Sri Lanka's leading Audit Firms, namely Ford Rhodes & Thornton. There are no malpractices whatsoever.

For the record, it must be mentioned that when Dr. Kapuwatte first took up office in 1992 (his first term) Kandy Sports Club was in the doldrums. Thanks to his untiring efforts, the Club is now the undisputed Champions of Rugby in Sri Lanka. In addition, the Club has a new Club house and Pavilion, a Gymnasium and new dressing rooms. Kandy Sports Club is now a top class club with all the facilities. All this has been possible, thanks to Dr. Kapuwatte and his team of officials.

- Malik Samarawickrama.

Road Runners honour Gregory

Sri Lanka's Gregory de Silva was honoured by organisers of the New York Marathon, the New York Road Runners Club by awarding medals to the winners.

This marathon is tagged as the number 1 marathon in the world next to Chicago.

It was great honour to be a judge at this marathon De Silva told The Sunday Times where 30,000 runners from 100 countries faced the starter. The event was watched by over 5 million people who lined up on the sides of the route

. In all 30,039 registered for the race with 20,578 men and 9,464 women took part in the 25th marathon in the series.

Two thousand two hundred and eight from France, 1648 from Italy, 1902 from Great Britain, 1299 from Germany, 23 from India and 17,555 from USA took part.

The participatns were made up of administrative officers, managers, attorneys, engineers, presidents of companies, chairmen, civil servants, scientists, acountants, architects, bankers, film stars and service personnel.

The marathon was won by Abdelkular El Monaziz of Morocco, who kissed the ground and prayed after his win, since he made amends for his loss at the Sydney Olympics. His winning time was 2 hours, 10 minutes 9 seconds.

Right throughout the year, the New York Road Runners Club conducts events such as clinics and road races.

Old Thomians win Goonesekera Trophy

Richie de Silva guided Old Thomians to win the Goonesekera Trophy against the Old Royalists in their second annual limited overs encounter played at the Oval in Pennant Hills, Sydney Australia.

The Old Thomians totalled 264 for 5 helped by a century scored by Richie de Silva inclusive of 6 sixes and 10 fours supported by skipper Lasantha Peiris who scored an unbeaten 68.

The Old Royalists amassed 79 in the first ten overs and came closer to reaching their target supported by a gallant 86 by Lalin de Silva.

With four runs needed for a win in 2 overs and 3 wickets in hand, saw disaster strike them losing all three wickets in three consecutive deliveries with Richie taking a hat-trick.

Old Thomians 264 for 5 in 40 overs (Anthony Abeynaike 28, Kushan 23, Dilan Jayasuriya 11, Richie de Sliva 112, Lasantha Peiris 68 not out, Ravi Abeynaike 12 not out).

Old Royalists 261 all out in 38.4 overs (Lalin de Silva 86, Prasanna Kariyawasam 35, Deshan Gunawardena 74, Gavin Mallawarachchi 28; Richie de Silva 4/41, Kasun Wickrema 2/46).

Lal and Walwin top third Beetle car rally in Talduwa

The third annual Volkswagen Beetle Car Rally was successfully concluded at Talduwa in Avissawella recently, organised by the Volkswagen Beetle Owners Club of Sri Lanka. 

Lal Hewapathirana, Director of Worldview Sri Lanka and Walwin Bowen, an Aquaculture specialist emerged as winners with Lal driving his 1971 model Beetle and Walwin assisting him as the navigator. Their Beetle with the number10 Sri 351 was adjudged the best car out of all 59 Beetle cars that participated in the Rally, in terms of its original condition and for its allround maintenance as well as performance. 

The competitors were flagged off opposite the Art Gallery on Green Path, Colombo, by the President of the Sri Lanka Classic Motor Car Owners' Association, Mapa Jayawardena. Two executive committee members of the association, former motor car racing champion Bri Ponnambalm and Kumar Samarasinghe were in attendance. The President of the Volkswagen Beetle Owners' Club, Tissa Wijesinghe, Club Secretary, Wimal Nugegodage and the executive committee members were in charge of all the arrangements of the rally spread over a distance of 23 miles. 

The organizers had put up some challenging tasks for the Rally Drivers and the navigators, which included the identification of the make of a totally corroded 85-year-old lorry engine that has been laid to rest 40 years ago at a point by the Rally roadside in Godagama. In addition, there were several landmarks to be discovered - one of them, a Confectionery Manufacturing Plant - to trace through the smell of the air in the environment concerned, while there were also natural as well as geographical locations to be spotted on the way, all of which needed a tremendous amount of anticipation, calculation and patience by the drivers and the navigators. At the same time they had to maintain the correct Rally Speed as well exhibiting a very high degree of competent driving throughout the distance, along the traffic laid Ratnapura Main Road. 

At the luncheon function held in the well-known Kelani Valley Sports Club premises, the Guest of Honour was Mr J.P.Obeyesekera, one of Sri Lanka's best known names in the field of motor car sports. The trophies were given away to the winning team of Lal and Walwin, who had scored all the necessary points having answered all 15 questions of the Rally Questionnaire correctly, and to the first runner-up and the second runner-up by Mrs. Erica Gunaratne, one of the longstanding members of the Volkswagen Beetle Owners' Club. All Rally participants were awarded replicas as mementos for their enthusiastic involvement in the Rally organisation, implementation and the participation. 

The photograph shows the winning team of Lal Hewapathirana (left) and Walwin Bowen (right) holding their trophies in front of their Volkswagen Beetle after victory. 

Back pain the bane of sportsmen

By S.I.A.Ebert

I mean lower lumbar Vertebrae column in particular eight out of every 100 people are put out of action by back pains. Yet ! I say , there are simple and effective ways to keep it at bay. As a Physical Analyst, I have come across various complaints by both sexes about developing back pains. 

At some time in your life eight out of 100 people are put out of action by back pains. This may be the cause for a trained athlete who may suddenly develop back pains due to bad posture whilst training. 

In Britain more than 33 million working days are lost because of this problem. But there are ways to avoid back pains. 

The condition comes in two forms, acute and chronic. Acute pains comes on suddenly and intensely due to sprains, strains, and pulls in your back during training or work. Cornices pain may be due to Osteoarthritis, Disc problems or weakened muscles. Acute back pain is by far the most common. I advise anyone with acute back pain to get off his feet. Have some bed rest for the first day or two. And keep actively going with a gradual process of exercises to get your back to normal. But remember do not be inactive for a long period which will aggravate the situation from bad to worse. Some researchers say that ice pad on the sight of the pain to cool down and acute flare-up, then massage the area for a few minutes. Do this four hours for a day or two, after this you can switch to heat using an electric heating pad, hot water bottle or a towel wrung out in hot water. 

You can use both methods, an intermittent re-given of heat and ice will actually make you feel better. Do 30 minutes of ice, then 30 minutes of heat and keep repeating the cycle. Stretching a sore back will enhance the healing process, stretching will help the tight muscles calm down sooner then just waiting for them to relax on their own. There are few single exercises where you could attempt at this stage of your back pain. Start them only when you can move without too much discomfort. 

Repeat the exercises daily as a rehabilitation training. If you cannot straighten up fully or if the pain is appreciably worse when you are standing or walking don't attempt these excesses, have rest and seek medical attention. The best way to avoid back trouble is to adapt a good natural posture at all times. Don't slouch or hold your self rigidly erect. To prevent back pain recurring, sleep on a firm bed or place a piece of plywood between the mattress and the box spring, put a pillow under your head and upper neck . Keep your back relatively flat on the bed and then put a pillow under your knees. If you can't sleep on your back try the fetal position, when you sleep on a side stick a pillow between your knees to prevent your upper leg sliding forward, rotating your hips and putting added pressure on your back. Back pain is often accompanied by inflammation and simple anti-inflammatory drugs can be helpful. 

The spin is involved in every macular effort. So anyone who has had an attack of acute back pain should take special care with some every day activities. Avoid sitting on low arm chairs. When getting out of an arm chair bringing your feet closer to the chair about a foot apart. 

Keep your spine straight and place your hands on the arms of the chair, slowly straighten your legs then push yourself up with the power of your arms. When shopping don't carry heavy loads with one hand. This puts undue pressure on the spine and it is far better to carry two evenly loaded shopping bags. 

Women should wear flat heeled shoes for shopping and household duties. High heels strain the back and should only be worn occasionally. Working in the garden often triggers backache, this mean you should not bend from the hip with straight knees to pick out weeds. Go down on one or both knees as close to the weeds as possible to avoid stretching. Do not try to lift heavy objects by yourself, get some one to help you. Bend your knees and keep your back naturally straight as you lift. Lifting and handling goods in the wrong way are common causes of back pain. Never stoop to lift a heavy box or case. Squat by the object with your feet about a foot apart and pull the load into your body while carrying. Follow this method when lifting a child from a lawn pram. This is important in the first month after child birth when the back muscle tend to be more liable to injury than usual. 

If you develop back pain the root of your problem could be your car seat. 

During a long drive get out of your car often to stretch your back muscles. Stress and anxiety can also contribute significantly to back problems as you are more likely to damage or weaken your back if you and your back muscles are tense.

A brisk walk every day will strengthen weak back muscles. Swimming or practising aerobics exercise in water are ideal for sufferers of back pain. Constant bending down into pick up items from the ground is a good habit to keep your back strong and flexible. Bending and twisting your back suddenly without using your knees is just asking for trouble and another spell of agonizing pain. 

My experience on people who suffer from back pain should be active and not adopt sedentary living habits so that your lumbar vertebra column may be strengthen to keep you going in your daily activities of life. 

Back Exercises 

1. Hip firm feet apart hollow back position ( Look forward) Trunk stretching and Bending 08 to 10 times. 06 sets. 

2. Prone lying (keeping face downwards) on the ground keeping your left side cheek on the ground, both feet to gather arms by the side of your body. Slowly lift head and shoulders and gradually lower head and shoulders ( 06 to 08 times) (06 sets). 

S. I. A. Ebert 
Physical Fitness 
Analyst & Consultee

Kandy Municipal Council gives big push to sports 

The Kandy Municipal Council Sports Committee headed by Hafiz Marikar, a man who has given of his best for promotion of sports in the hills, together with David Perera, Chananka Ailaperuma, Vipula Ranasinghe and Hsahi Mohamed has given of their best this year. They got the fullest backing from the Mayor Harindranath Dunuwille and the Commissioner J.C.T.Bulumulla. 

They spend a large sum of money, to promote sports through their community centres and playgrounds. This is where the grassroot level sports is given a helping hand, most of the Kandy Sportsmen, start their career in these Community Centres and playgrounds and many of them have represented the country. 

Today, table tennis is doing well in Kandy, this sport is given a big push by this committee where all community centres are with tables and one at Wewalpitiya is with three tables where most of the schools do their training. Then same way in Football, Cricket, Athletics, Weightlifting, Body Building, Rugger, Volleyball, Chess, Netball are promoted by the Sports Committee. 

The Playgrounds Department is with some top class sportsmen and sportswomen headed by U.Jayasundara, Harold Ranasinghe, Ranjith Colombage, Nihal Ananda, Kelu Shanthasiri, W.Wijawardene, Gamini Silva, U.S.Darmasena, Mrs. Amitha Wijarathne and Mrs. Rupa Wickremarachchi to name a few. 

Rover pinpoints...

Bribed ?

Rover learns that a leading athlete who had signed a petition against the bigmouth is getting it back with a petition signed by this athlete's brother addressed to him and the minister, but at a prize. 

Brought back? 

Two vice Presidents of a leading sport had fallen out with a high ranking official of the said sport. Rover learns one of them is promised a tour abroad, where his son is, expecting the vital votes for the AGM. What a cheap way of buying votes? 

In Brief

Surfing in Hikkaduwa

The Japanese Professional Surfers Association (JPSA) in association with SriLankan Airlines have decided to conduct a surfing Champion ships in Hikkaduwa from February 21 to 24. The JPSA had visited Sri Lanka for an inspection in July and are satisfied of the surfing facilities here. Being the premier event in Sri Lanka, this will mark a water shed in the history of this sport. The organisers hope to make this an annual event in the SriLankan Airlines calendar. The JPSA established in 1981, is a member of the Association of Surfing Professionals, which holds 10 surfing circuits a year in Japan.

Swiss X Pats in Lanka

The Swiss X Pats cricket team comprising Sri Lankans residing in Switzerland undertook their maiden tour of Sri Lanka recently. The team included players from Geneva and Zurich. Geneva has about four teams with most players from the sub-continent. The Swiss X Pats played six friendly matches with Sebastianites, HNB, Negombo CC, Customs, Sri Lankan Airlines and Kandy.

Asian Bridge Championships 

Sri Lanka will participate in the 11th Bridge Federation of Asia and Middle East championships to be held in Damascus, Syria in May next year. An open team and a ladies' team will be selected to represent Sri Lanka. Meanwhile the annual prizegiving of the Bridge Federation of Sri Lanka and the Contract Bridge Association of Sri Lanka will be held on Tuesday, January 9 at its Headquarters at the Race Course at Reid Avenue at 6.30 p.m.

Super-Cross 2001

The inaugural Colombo Supercross 2001 organised by the Sri Lanka Army Motor Sports Committee in association with Battaramulla Youth Sports Club, Sri Lanka Racing Riders Association and the Ceylon Motor Sports Club will be staged on January 28 at Battaramulla.( On the approach to the parliament by the banks of Diyawanna Oya).

School Cricket at a glance

Royal vs St. Benedict's at Reid Avenue (first day) St. Benedict's - 120 (Mahesh Perera 53, Angelo Candappa 20; Dhanushka Perera 4 for 24, C. Vidanapathirana 4 for 15) and 10 for no loss at end of day one. Royal - 145 for 9 Dec. (Andrew Perera 25, K. Edirisuriya 18, M. Thotuwilage 52, M. Keenawinna 17; Shehan Perera 4 for 35, A. Ramachandran 2 for 30) - BM St. Sebastian's - Nalanda draw at Moratuwa. Nalanda - 189 (S. Peiris 17, M. Porage 50, A. Kiriella 41, M. Dunusinghe 48; D. Fernando 3 for 38, L. Fernando 3 for 38) and 213 (S. Peiris 60, M. Porage 54, D.Jayasundare 18; A.L. Fernando 4 for 50, Y. Gunawardena 2 for 8, S. Fernando 2 for 21). St. Sebastian's - 253 for 8 dec (Malinda Fernando 83, Suranga de Silva 65, N. Perera 24, Malshan Fernando 36, Madushan Fernando 11; D. Jayasundare 3 for 78, G.I. Dilshan 2 for 40) - BM 50, Y. Gunawardena 2 for 8, S. Fernando 2 for 21). St. Sebastian's - 253 for 8 dec (Malinda Fernando 83, Suranga de Silva 65, N. Perera 24, Malshan Fernando 36, Madushan Fernando 11; D. Jayasundare 3 for 78, G.I. Dilshan 2 for 40) - BM

Shadeep adjudged man-of-the-match

Nawaloka Group, sitting pretty at 64 for 2 in eight overs, chasing a victory target of 217 in their Mercantile Cricket Association 'D' 50 over final against Metropolitan Group at Wijerama Mawatha yesterday, were bowled out for 114.

At this stage Sebastianites SC left-arm spinner Shadeep Silva spun a web to bamboozle the middle-order batsmen to rattle them out for 114. The last seven wickets fell for 30 runs. Silva, aided and abetted by rank bad batting returned figures of 6.4 overs 3-7-6 and was adjudged the man-of-the match. Shadeep also contributed a useful 25 runs to boost the total.

Metropolitan Group, winning the toss, decided to bat first. A solid opening stand of 108 runs between Hashitha Dharshana (60 run out) with two fours and a six, and Pulasthi Rangana (54, with three boundaries) helped them to total 216. Left arm spinner Ruwan Samarasinghe, 4 for 31, proved to be the most economical for Nawaloka.

The President of the MCA, Chris Obeysekera,was the chief guest and gave away the main awards. Best batsman of the tournament: Imran Thahir (Seylan Bank), Best bowler: T. Narangoda (Nawaloka Group).

Metropolitan Group won by 102 runs.(BW)

Royal's Deshapriya bags triple at TT Nationals

By Aubrey Kuruppu

Yohan Deshapriya of Royal College won a triple crown at the Junior Table Tennis Nationals conducted by the Central Province Table Tennis Association and worked off at the Peradeniya University Grounds.

Teaming up with Visakha Vidyalaya's Geeshika Perera, he won the Under 17 mixed doubles beating Gunapala and Saranga de Silva.

Next he partnered Dinesh Deshapriya to add the Under 17 doubles title. Finally he overcame doubles partner Dinesh with great ease to gain his third title.

Girls' High School's Kalpani Herath won the Under 15 singles and Under 17 doubles events but was unfortunate to lose the final of the Under 17 singles.

She used a high loop on the forehand to her opponent's left flank most effectively right through the game. What contributed to her downfall was the fact at some crucial stages her opponent scored some points off the edge of the table. Kalpani was beaten 20/22, 18/21 by Pradeep Dilnikshi (Playgrounds TT League Colombo).

Thomian Tharindu Samaraweera also excelled to claim the Under 13 and under 15 titles.



Under 9: Tharindra Weerakoon (Maliyadeva BMV) beat Sangeetha Wijekoon (Maliyadevi BMV) 21-10, 21-10.

Under 11: Chethika Sashini (Dharmasoka) beat Lakshani Rajapakse (Maliyadeva BMV) 21-9, 21-16.

Under 13: Chandi Hansa (Devananda) beat Nelumi Gunasekera (Dharmasoka) 21-17, 21-15.

Under 15: Kalpani Herath (High School Kandy) beat Harshani Medagoda (Holy Family Kurunegala) 21-16, 21-14.

Under 17 Doubles: Kalpani Herath and Eranga Gunaratne (GHS Kandy) beat Saranga de Silva (Dharmasoka) and Madushika Kottegoda (Maliyadeva BMV)


Under 9: Dulan Nakandala (Royal Colombo) beat Buddhi Siriwardena ( S. Kularatne Ambalangoda) 19-21, 21-18, 21-15.

Under 11: Pasanda Yapa Abeywardena (Royal Colombo) beat Sahanaka Ganegoda (Royal Colombo) 15-21, 21-13, 21-16.

Under 13: Tharindu Samaraweera (STC Mt. Lavinia) beat G.M. Liyanage (Vidyartha) 21-12, 21-13.

Under 15: Tharindu Samaraweera (STC) beat G.P.H. Sajith (Devananda) 16-21, 21-18, 21-18.

Roshan Kulatunga fires Kelaniya CC to victory

Fifteen-year-old Roshan Kulatunga, the D.S. Senanayake left hand opener and Gampaha District player was in fine form scoring 118 runs for Kelaniya CC who beat Kelaniya University by 150 runs in the Division 3 match played at the Kelaniya University grounds. 

Roshan's superb 118 innings comprised 18 fours and 3 sixers and entered the record books of the Kelaniya CC to be the first centurian in Division 2 or 3.

Kelaniya CC batting first were badly placed at 43 for 4 before Roshan and Mangala Dinesh steadied the innings with a 123 run partnership for the 5th wicket. Dinesh's unbeaten 80 had a six and 9 fours.

Roshan who represents the Colombo North outer region has so far scored three half centuries, in the Under-15 inter-district championships scoring 54 against Uva, 53 against Colombo A and 57 against Central Province.

Sajeewa Perera who captured 6 for 16 in ten overs bundled out Kelaniya University for 110.


Kelaniya CC 260 for 9 in 50 overs (Roshan Kulatunga 118, Mangala Dinesh 80 not out; S. Basnayake 2/38). 

Kelaniya University 110 all out in 34 overs (S.I Rajapaksa 24, S. Basnayake 21; Sajeewa Perera 6/16, S. Geethal 2/16).

Cambrians 241/6 declared

By Shanaka Silva

A stubborn sixth wicket partnership of 137 runs between B. Dananjaya (80 n.o) with ten fours and three sixes and S. Wijerathna (65) with seven hits to the ropes and one over it, saw Prince of Wales reach 241 for 6 declared against St. Joseph's in their Inter-School croicket match at Darley Road yesterday. Batting first Prince of Wales declared their innings at 241 for 6 and the home team at close were 40 for no loss. 

Facelift for billiards at Old Wesley Sports Club

By Bernie Wijesekera

The Old Wesleyites Sports Club, with a slow beginning on a K.V. Railway carriage has gone from strength to strength since its inception. 

The old boys at home and abroad have rallied around to help their Alma Mater. This has been a source of inspiration to the school to continue its good work, be it in the classroom or in the playingfields.

Last evening, December 30, at a simple ceremony, the second phase of the OWSC Billiard Salon (air-conditioned), was declared open. This was made possible with a big personal donation afforded to OWSC by one of its diehard old boys, P. Siva Subramaniam.

The President of OWSC, Capt. Navin de Silva said that Siva Subramaniam's family of seven brothers have all studied at Wesley and has made immense contributions to the school's family tree. His mother has been a teacher of Wesley. With all the facilities afforded the OWSC Billiard Room could be tagged as first class to stage a tournament. The seeds to promote billiard was made possible, thanks to Denzil Perera, who donated a table.

The Wesley College OBU branch in Sydney, Australia, recently organised a dinner-dance to collect funds to help their Alma Mater. Capt. Navin de Silva graced the occasion.

Today, OWSC not only look into the needs of the school, but it's also a family club.

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