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10th December 2000
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Fashion forecast

The season to sparkle is here. But does your wardrobe offer enough potential to make you dazzle? Check it out. And if you find you can do with a few tips for the season, these ideas from those 'in the business' may come in handy. Here's what Laila Nasry, Ruhanie Perera and Uthpala Gunethilake found out.....

  • Fit in with Estefan
  • Suit yourself with Michael
  • Shine with Sonali
  • 'Inspiration' with Purnima
  • Turn heads with Ramani
  • Face it with Ramani
  • Go festive with Ramzi

  • Guys

    Fit in with Estefan

    " For heaven's sake look in the mirror carefully before you decide to wear anything!" says designer ImageAndre Estefan, talking about what's in and out for guys... 

    * The blank colours of the millennium are now making way for brighter colours. So for guys, the earthy but light shades are in, along with biscuitish shades, and specially the matt black is in. But, colourwise, personal taste matters a lot.

    * It's the showman look which is in for guys, with glitter clothing and a bolder look.

    * The body-conscious look is very "in" now. Clothes that concentrate on body contour shapes and are fitting, like straight, fitted pants are trendy. Baggy is out, sarongs went out ages ago: they have Imagebeen done to death.
    * Jewellery for guys are also very 'in' at the moment. But they are very strong jewellery, such as made of thick silver, bone jewellery etc. Actually, the type of jewellery to give off the Red-Indian-like look is trendy now.

    * A lot of synthetic fabrics are around, like strong taffeta, and reflector fabrics.

    *Jackets are certainly out: it's highly ridiculous in tropical weather like ours.

    * Designer clothes are fine but sometimes they are impractical in our kind of climate.

    * Whatever you wear just be comfortable and make sure you don't look like a stuffed duck. What you wear depends on your personal preferences, but immaterial of this, you mustn't, (heavily underlined) fit into anything that doesn't suit you, though it may be the most 'in' thing for the season! 

    Suit yourself with Michael

    Guys should shed the "can't be bothered" attitude and take care to dress and groom well, says Michael Wijesuriya giving tips for guys...

    In a mix and match man's wardrobe what's in? 

    * Simplicity is the trend. 

    * Pastel coloured long sleeved shirts for the evening in pure silk or raw silk. 

    * Shirts in synthetic fabrics in shades of silver. 

    * Shirts in earthy tones in cotton fabrics for the morning. 

    * Body fitting clothes. (For a perfect body of course) 

    * Suits with simple cuts.

    * Suede shoes with thick soles (Doc Martens)

    * Patent leather shoes for the evening.

    * Silver jewellery (A lot to do with the personality)

    * French beards (get advice from a salon on suitability)

    What's on its way out?

    * The ethnic look

    * Chinese collared shirts.

    * Evening shirts in blacks and grays.

    * Polo necks.

    * Booty type of shoes with suits. 

    * Goatees. 

    N.B. - It's important not to be a slave to fashion and blindly ape what's been termed fashionable. You must be able to carry off whatever you wear.

    Shine with Sonali

    Sonali White of 'Haddai' gives a word of advice for girls to take them through this season which she Imagecalls 'the season to shine'.

    * Glamour is in but not the fussy, trashy stuff. The look to retain is the classic look. 
    * As for materials one could choose from knit, chiffon, lurex, satin, silk, jersey, suede and brocade. Materials worked with beads sequins or even with embroidery will be a hit during the season. 
    * Gold is very much an 'in' colour for the season. Lilac is also one of the more lighter colours which is Imagealso very popular. 
    * Lengths of dresses vary, but the cuts are simple and classic with deep necklines. 
    * Girls could go in for separates like beaded or worked tube tops with plain skirts or pants to bring out the mix and match effect. 
    * For formal wear it would be ball gowns. The sari can work well as formal wear. Pantsuits would be suitable but they need to be dressed up. 
    * Be creative with shoes. Don't just settle for the usual plain black ones. A matching clutch, tote or sling bag would be perfect for an evening out. 
    * Stoles are a good choice for an evening out. Go in for a bold, contrasting stole with a plain dress or try a ruffled stole with a silk dress. 
    * Even the jewellery shouldn't be plain but showy and classy. Gold and beads will be popular - especially the shiny, metallic ones. One could even go in for sequinned or beaded belts, waist chains or wrist belts. 

    'Inspiration' with Purnima 

    According to Purnima Abeyratne the 70's look for ladies is coming back in fashion. 

    The rage: 
    * Vibrant shades like aquamarine, mint green, hot pinks, egg yellow, cauliflower blue etc. 
    Image* Ball dresses in taffeta and dresses with a lot of movement in clingy fabrics like chiffon. 
    * Beads, sequined, mirror effect...lot's of glitter. 
    * Very feminine looking dresses ending in fish tails.
    * Assymetrical hemlines, 3/4 lengths with tassles or sequined strands at the bottom. 
    * Very wide necklines, not necessarily low cut but not too closed. 
    Natasha models . Purnima's romantic evening wear* Strapless. (For those with shoulders to die for!) 
    * Skull caps and scarves 
    * Bell bottoms teamed with frilly necked tops or those with bell sleeves. 
    * Saree done in new drapes. 
    * Bohemian jewels, tiny strands of beads worn on the forehead. 
    * Silver jewellery and dull gold antique looking jewellery. 
    * Square toed shoes, stilettos, slinky strappy shoes, shoes with rhinestone and sequins and transparent shoes. (Shoes and bags need not match) 
    * Beaded bags with long sling and small bags with two handles. 
    * Clothes in browns and blacks. 
    * The ethnic look 
    * Chunky shoes 
    * Nose rings 
    * Belly rings

    ImageTurn heads with Ramani 

    * 1950's kind of hair styles are back in fashion. 
    * Perms are making a comeback. Straightening is on its way out. 
    * Natural wave and natural curl are in. 
    * For those with short hair (both guys and girls) spikes are the trend. 
    * Highlights in blonde, red and copper for guys and girls. 
    * Long hair worn loose for the young. (Long as in below the shoulders, the most being upto the waist) 

    ImageFace it with Ramani

    * Day make-up in very natural colours, close to the skin tone. 
    * Evening make-up includes lots of glitter.
    * Thin arching eyebrows and eye shadow in golds and silver. 
    * Glossy lips. Red lipstick is the 'in' colour. 
    * Important beauty rule - do not overdo. If your going heavy on the eyes - , play down the lips and blusher and vice versa. 

    ImageGo festive with Ramzi 

    * There are lots of products that you can use like washable highlights, coloured hairclips and glitter. With those you can keep up the festive look easily. 

    * Don't be afraid to experiment and be adventurous. Don't be bothered about what others will think: try out what you want to and if it looks good go ahead with it."

    Clotes line

    Send in your entries to,
    Clothes Line
    Mirror Magazine, C/o The Sunday Times 
    No. 8 Hunupitiya Cross Road, Colombo 2.

    Email: clothesline_lk@yahoo.com

    I don't think so 

    A reader replies 

    Thanks for a great opportunity to write and simply give our opinions and ideas - I'm writing regarding the note that appeared as " The Most Precious Honeymoon Gift" 

    As much as I respected the opinion of " Paper Clip" I must say, mine is quite different. Today's opinion about certain issues have indeed changed a lot. while I certainly admire certain individuals for respecting certain values we were brought up with , I do have to say that there are two sides to everything . Why must one think that to the two people who have " done it' before the honeymoon there would be a difference on the actual wedding night. Certainly I hate it when people who are aimless enough to " do it" as and when the "need arises" take it for granted. But what about making love . The need for two individuals to feel one in not only mind and soul, but in body as well? The greatest gift I ever gave my loved one was nothing but my love. Myself, my heart, my mind, my soul and my body. The date never altered any of this. Believe me after three years of marriage, we still feel the essence, the spirit of that day. The date never mattered and should not matter what matters is the ingredient called love. That, of course, is another story altogether !!. 

    "The Grass is greener on the other side" 

    Time for a new begining

    Christmas is nearing and you finally stop and realize that yet another year is about to end. When the year is nearly over it's a time for most people to stop and take a break from the busy world and think how he or she has overcome the year. This past year certainly was not a bed of roses for me, but then again no lightning struck my path either. 

    I recall some wonderful memories with my family and friends and some sad ones as well. I'm only seventeen, and already I think I've gone through quite a lot of problems for someone my age. But then again, everyone thinks the same. I look back and I think I've been a good child, a good friend, have done quite enough good turns as well, but it does not satisfy me. I find something missing in my life like one piece in a jigsaw puzzle, which just cannot be found. I think again, trying to figure it out and finally I slowly begin to realize what it is. I might have been a good person, but in this whole past year I never did do anything to change this world for the better. I just realized that being a good person just was not enough. In this world where peace is unheard of I did not play my part and because of that my year is not fulfilled enough. 

    There were a hundred chances that came my way, but I guess I was too involved with my own self, being good enough was enough and as long as the world problems didn't come and knock at my door I was quite content. In a way I gave into selfishness. You see my parents were not dying in the war; I was not on the road begging for money and eating from the garbage. . . I was snug and quite satisfied with the way my life was. Going to church in a normal routine, listening to the word of God, but still not sharing with the problems of the world. I had my own selfish problems. It does not matter if you're old or young, every person has the chance of changing his country for the better, but many rarely take it. 

    Yes. We do feel sorry for the people who are very less fortunate than us and are suffering from war, but then we don't do anything about it. At the end of the day no matter how rich or how poor you are, you're not going to take anytime with you. But it would make a big change if everyone puts in his or her share of goodness and love. Well saying all that, I make a new resolution. This time for real, very much real. I make a promise to myself and only my heart could hear it. I'll do every possible thing to help the people surrounding me if they are in need. Yes, indeed it's a start. I feel better, knowing that there's a love, which has started newly and can t wait to be shared among all beings.

    Someone who cares


    Superstition - fact or fiction?

    Sri Lankans are sometimes governed by superstitions. Predominantly, people who thoroughly believe in these are the ones living in and around rural areas. These people let their lives be administered by these beliefs.

    Should one let their lives be controlled by these theories? In most people's opinion one should have certain doctrines to live by. Their opinion is that one should not be a complete non-believer or an atheist. Presently as our country is embracing western conceptions people have begun to ride away from these superstitions. Some have even given up on the ancient dogma of the stars and horoscopes. Living in a country such as this, these beliefs have become a way of life. But even from the point of view of non-believers one cannot say they are completely and utterly untrue. There is even a fraction of truth in them. So we have to ''look before we leap'' when putting these ideologies hastily aside.

    Yoshanthi Wellawa

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