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4th June 2000

By Alia

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Humorous moments

Members of the National Media Committee appointed to assist in the ongoing censorship and related matters were in for some humorous moments last week.

Director of Information and Competent Authority, Ariya Rubesinghe, was away in hospital for treatment.

The censors received a cartoon from a Sinhala tabloid for approval. It showed a group of monkeys seated around a table- a comic depiction of the censors.

One of them photographed an enlarged version of the cartoon. All of them, including Media Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, placed their signatures and added a line-"Get Well Soon!!"

The "censored" get well card was laminated and hand delivered to a room at the Asiri hospital where Mr. Rubesinghe was warded.

Drowning his sorrow?

A top runger of the sea faring tribe nearly sparked off an international row last week.

Insiders say it was all over maritime movements. The top man, known for his behind the scene manoeuvrings, had ordered his subordinates to ask a vessel in international waters to divert course to a nearby port.

The captain and crew had refused to accede to the demand and challenged that they be arrested. Thematter reached the highest levels of the political leadership. The top runger has been rapped for his indiscretion.

The man was so upset he has now begun downing more than his regular quota of Blue Label Whisky, a new brand he has cultivated after casting away the regular tot of rum.

Fate of Banu

Even if his name did not find its way into the obituary columns of Colombo newspapers, his reported death made front page news. Even radio and television stations gave prime time slots to the story.

Smuggling medical supplies

A Sri Lanka Navy patrol destroyed two LTTE boats off the north eastern coast of Mullaitivu early this week.

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