28th May 2000
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Thilanga confident; Lanka runs the risk of being banned - Dharmadasa

By Jatila Karawita
One of the two leading contestants to the post of President of the Cricket Board Thilanga Sumathipala airing his views to the Sunday Times last morning as regards the ICC letter which called on the member countries to be debarred from links with the world governing body if they elect officials tainted with bookies looked upbeat of being elected as the Cricket Board President at its upcoming AGM on June 11. He said that he is least concerned about the letter sent by the ICC to the BCCSL.

'According to that letter The Board Resolution has been placed on agenda at the annual conference of the ICC to be held on June 26 2000 for ratification by the members of the ICC subject to modification or amendments as the members by resolve.Now what this clearly states is that at the ICC conference they will have to pass this resolution by a two thirds majority and if they are able to ratify it through a two third majority then I will agree by the resolution not by any other means' said Sumathipala who sounded confident of winning the forthcoming elections to the BCCSL.

Jayantha Dharmadasa Sumathipala's main rival for the top post at the Board AGM speaking to the Sunday Times said that his opponent has no moral right of what so ever to contest the post in the wake of the ICC letter and said that Sri Lanka could as well run the risk of being banned from cricket by the ICC if Sumathipala were to be re-elected to the Cricket Board.

'I fully endorse the ICC letter and I feel Thilanga has no moral right to contest with his links to the bookies.

Sri Lanka might even run the risk of being banned from cricket for a long period if by any chance he is brought into power once more , but I honestly feel people who has had connections with either bookies gambling or betting should be banned forthwith from interfering in the affairs of all Cricket Boards in the world' summed up Dharmadasa who himself was very optimistic of prevailing over the other contestants at the Board's Annual General meeting on June 11. 

Ineligible for International Cricket Council membership

Any member country, whose governing body for cricket appoints to its board or to any committee an individual who has been or is associated with the gambling industry will be ineligible for ICC membership. 

So states a letter dated May 24 from R.G.G. Hill, General Manager, International Cricket Council to Dhammika Ranatunga, Chief Executive of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka. 

Following is the text of the letter:

Dear Dhammika, Thank you for sending me a copy of the letter of 23rd of May 2000 which you received from Mr Milton Amarasinghe concerning the ICC Exacutive Board Resolution ("the Board Resolution"), which was passed unanimously by all the members of the Executive Board present at the Board Meeting held on 2nd and 3rd May 2000, in the form set out in Mr. Amarasinghe's letter of 23rd May 2000. 

I have consulted the ICC solicitors who have advised me as follows: 

a) The Board Resolution is in force and is valid binding with effect from the conclusion of the Board Meeting on 3rd May 2000. Its effect is to render ineligible for membership of ICC any Member Country whose governing body for cricket appoints to its board or to any committee an individual who has been or is associated with the gambling industry. It also renders such an individual ineligible for appointment to the Executive Board of ICC or to any ICC Committee. 

b) The Board Resolution has been placed on the agenda at the Annual Conference of ICC to be held on 26th June 2000 for ratification by the Members of ICC, subject to modification or amendments as the Members may resolve. 

c) Failure by a Member to adhere to the terms of the Board Resolution, or to the terms of any Resolution of Conference which may supersede it, would become a ground for the Members at Conference to resolve that the Member shall cease to be Member of ICC or, failing that, to suspend that Member from membership or to impose fines or other sanctions upon that Member in accordance with ICC's Articles of Association. - Yours sincerely, 

R.M.G. Hill, 

General Manager

Following is the text of the letter sent by Milton Amarasinghe, Director, Department of Sports Development to Dhammika Ranatunga, Chief Executive of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka, dated May 23. 

Dear Dhammika, As you are aware the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka for the year 2000/2001 has been called and nominations have been accepted. As a result of these nominations being sent by members of the BCCSL, there had been complaints made against few candidates who have come forward to contest in the above elections which is scheduled to be held on 11th June 2000. 

Therefore, I would like you to clarify the following on the ICC resolution which was unimously passed at the Executive Board Meeting held on 2nd -3rd May 2000 in London.

"It was further resolved that, as part of the conditions of membership of ICC any person who has been or is associated with the gambling or betting industry in any form shall be prohibited from being appointed to any Member country or ICC, Board or Committee.'

a) Is the above resolution in force and what is the validity of same todate? 

b) Is this resolution coming at the Annual General Meeting of the ICC which is due on the 21-22nd June 2000 before the general membership? 

c) If this resolution is to be tabled and passed at the ICC Annual General Meeting on 21-22nd June 2000, what will be the procedure to make it Effective? 

Please treat this as utmost urgent, Yours sincerely Milton Amarasinghe (Director)

GSM Dialog pool Ladies semi's on May 30th 

Lena Voryshelle, Amritha de Saram, Neha Gupta and Tami Flamer Caldera booked their berths into the inaugural Pool semi finals sponsored by G.S.M. Dialog and played at the Precious Pool Parlour at the Millennium Park at Darley Road. 

The semi final line up for Wednesday May 30th is, Lena Voryshele versus Amritha de Saram, Neha Gupta versus Tami Flamer Caldera, both matches will be played at 5 p.m. 

In the quarter finals, Lena bt. Sharmila Udeni Adikaram, Amritha bt. Koshala Canagasooriyam, Neha bt. Rahita Berbenkova, Tami bt. Lena Peiris. 

On Monday May 29th the Men's quarter finals will be played, Sheikul Jiffry vs. Aly R. Pohajani, P. Pushpakumara vs. J.D.R. Sellapperuma and Awadh Mansoor vs. Azeem Rauff. 

I. Hemamanthri has already booked his place into the semi finals defeating Kim Sanders. 

Nine year old Awadh Mansoor showed superior table craft to book himself in to the quarters defeating Afeef Sudy. 

In the mens pre-quarters, Shiekul Jiffry bt. M. Thameem, Aly Pohajani bt. H.A.G. Desapriya, P. Pushpakumara bt. D. Seneviratne, J.D.R. Sellapperuma bt. Michalle Halwan, M.S.M. Rimzan lost to Kim Sanders, I. Hemamanthri bt. A.G. Kandula, Awadh Mansoor bt. Aleef Sudy, Azeem Rauff bt. Sarath Jayaweera. 

The Men's and Ladies finals will be played on Wednesday May 30, followed by the prize distribution with the trophies awarded by the sponsors, G.S.M. Dialog, YES FM and Himalaya Gym Equipments and Zippo.

Heshan to set record straight 

Dharmaraja's sporting heroes have traditionally been cricketers such as T.B. Kehelgamuwa, or rugger players such as Daya Jayasundera, Shantha Mendis or Hemantha Yatawara.

Hitherto, swimming and Dharmaraja haven't been synonymous. But a mere, seven-year-old lad, Heshan Unamboowe, is all set to put the record straight. A product of a reputed coach, E.G.Wilson, Heshan has enjoyed a string of successes having taken to swimming like the proverbial duck taking to water. 

Participating in the 26th Sri Lanka Schools Swimming Championships, Heshan came second in the 50 metres Back Storke (Under-9). He went one better at the 20th Outstation Championships being placed first in the 33m. Back Stroke and Butterfly Stroke events (Under-10). He established new records in both these events. He also won the Individual Medley event for Under- 12s at the 4th Outstation Novices Championships. 

Heshan has continued his run of success in the new millennium . Came the 25th National Pentathalon Championships and Heshan performed at optimum efficiency to emerge the Under-10 champion. In addition, Heshan placed first in the 50m. Back Stroke and Butterfly Stroke events at the Novices Swimming and Diving Championships. 

Given his very youthful enthusiasm and strong desire to continue in his chosen sport, much more should be heard of Heshan Unamboowe in the future.AK 

Free Tennis coaching 

The SLTA in order to attract more players to tennis will hold a free coaching clinic for all today (Sunday 28th May) at the Panadura Sports Club, Panadura from 8.00a.m. to 12.00 noon. This will be the second free coaching programme for the year. 

The first which was held at the National Centre, Colombo was a tremendous success. 

We are now going to promote this programme in the outstation areas, said Arjan Perera, Chairman, Coaching and Promotion.

Perera further said, that the free lesson programme is a first step in the grow the game effort to get prospects to try tennis and get them to feel the satisfaction and thrill in playing tennis and thereafter, to get the prospect to want to learn tennis. 

We expect a good turnout, as this programme will target people who are interested in tennis, but are not aware of the modalities, said Shehan Meegama, Tennis Captain, Panadura Sports Club. 

This programme is ideally suited for persons who have never played tennis. We will promote this programme under the theme, tennis is fun, fitness and forever, he said.

Kingswood on a winning spree

Kingswood, who are on a winning spree in the Under 17 tournament, scored contrasting victories over Trinity and Maliyadeva.

It the match against Trinity was a bit of a cake-walk for the boys from Randles Hill, the one against Maliyadeva was a thrill-packed affair in which kingswood scraped through by a solitary run. 

Maliyadevas leading all-rounder Damith Gunatilleka made an enterprising 94 and followed it up by taking three wickets. Stumper B. Ekanayake also scored a determined 94 to guide kingswood to their third triumph.

Kingswood beat Maliyadeva by one run.

Maliyadeva 242 in 47 Overs (T.Jayasundera 39, D. Gunatillake 94, K. Malmeewala 24, U.Wanninayake 24, R.Liyanage 2-61, A. Abdeen 3-59).

Kingswood 243 in 48 overs (M.Wattegedera 33, R.Liyanage 19 B.Ekanayake 94, V.Dharmaratne 30, P.Pallegedera 16, U.Wanninayake 2-28, D Gunatilleka 3-36)

Kingswood beat Trinity on first innings by 99 runs 

Kingswood 179 (M.Wattegedera 60, R.Premaratne 24, R.Liyanage 30, D.Karunatilleka 15 n. o., R.Gamage 5-41, D.Bamunusinghe 2-33) 

Trinity 80 (S.Munna 16 , C.Balalle 19, V.Silva 2-14, R.Premaratne 4-12, C.Herath 2-10) and 102-6 (M.Fonseka 23 ,S.Pieris 32, A Dias 18, C.Balalle 18, R.Premaratne 2-27, A . Abdeen 2-20. A.K.

Mitsubishi Motors Club Office Bearers for 2000/2001 

Mitsubishi Motors Club, the motor club for Mitsubishi vehicle owners, held their Annual General Meeting recently at the United Motors Auditorium. The following office bearers were elected for the current year. 

Joint Patrons: M.J.C. Amarasuriya - Chairman, United Motors 

G.A. Hidelaratchi- Managing Director/CEO , United Motors 

President: Maj. Gen . C.J. Abayaratne Vice Presidents: Dhammika Attygalla Capt. S. Wickramanayake Secretary: Nalin Idippily Asst. Secretary: Sunil De Silva

Trasurer: D.H.J. Gunawardena Committee Members: Ms. Anula Meier Ms. Zeeniya Rasheed D. Chandrasekera Berty Fernando Mario Dias Sumedha Pandithage Padman Wanniaratchi Co-ordinator: Kosala Perera 

Mitsubishi Motors Club was inaugurated in May 1990 and now has a membership of 2,300. The club organises various activities for members as well as for the general public to enhance knowledge on automotive safety, operation and maintenance.

Kandy over-rated

CH&FC Vs Kandy - CH won 33-11

Selectors have done a lot of re-thinking. Good. We now see Kandy as over-rated. Names should not mean much today. CH have changed overnight. The last game against CR did them a lot of good. It was a treat to witness champagne rugby after a long time. I witnessed part of the 2nd half and saw a transfomation in the CH team whose forwards and three quarters combined very effectively and annihilated Kandy who had no answer to this attack. Full-back Nalin Dissanayake played an excellent game for the CH although he missed a penalty and conversion. Joining the line and creating the over-lap made all the difference. His counter-part on the other hand also missed some easy penalties. Kandy must get their act together. Their defence is very suspect - this is evident from the fact that the CH who were unable to cross the CR line last week, easily crossed the Kandy line on 5 occasions. Missing tackles and poor 3rd row positional play is the main cause for this. Asoka Jayasena was in good form and scored the only try for Kandy. 2 tries [12 pts.] scored by CH in injury time prove that the Kandy lads must get fit. 

Air Force Vs Police - Police won 26-5

Despite playing at Katunayake, the Police scored a good win against the Air Force. From reports, the Police played a fast game with their forwards in the thick of things. With a set of good three quarters, the Police should have worked their line more often. Now that they know their strength is with their forwards and also that their three quarters have improved, it is time for them to practice combined ploys with forwards and three quarters. The Police weakness is to lose possession or "give-away" possession unnecessarily, either by knocking on or bad kicking. They must work on these shortcomings. Air Force MUST settle for a game plan that ALL understand and they must keep to it. Their replacements must also know the game plan and they must also practice this with the team. 

CR&FC Vs Army - CR won 24-19

The Army played a great game leading the CR 13-7 at half was a magnificent fight back by the CR led by Savantha de Saram. Even when the chips were down he kept his cool, with a wry smile. This is important. Remember a "Captain Cool" will more often be successful than if one were to get provoked. The Army were striving for a win which they could have snatched if the intensity that they were playing with, did not give way to "rough" play, for example, the trampling of an opponent! "Penalty against you!" Result? Take your time CR, no hurry. This is the long and the short of it. Some advice for the CR: Ensure scoring early in the game - even forcing penalties! This gives confidence. For the Army: Continue in the same vein/style as in the first half. Only, in the 2nd half, do not relax but play with a sense of urgency as if you are behind your opponent's score. I notice that the Army get more excited if their opponents get slightly ahead of them. It is only then that urgency sets in. Both teams are now playing at their best. 

Navy Vs Havelocks - Havelocks Won 23-18

As I said, Havelocks met a determined Navy who tackled hard and played with purpose. The Havelocks were lucky that the Navy place-kicker was off colour. If the 3 tries were converted and the penalties put over, then the story would have been different. Ana Saranapala changed tactics as the Havelocks were led 8-5 at half time and in the 2nd half they trailed 5-13. The Havelocks ran the ball and broke through the Navy centres who missed tackles. This was the turning point in the game. However, congratulations to the Navy who are definitely playing good rugby. We can see some upsets in the future.

Royal-Thomian - STC Won 14-11

A comment on this game which was won by the Thomians. Royal started the game well, keeping the Thomians away from their half with deep kicks by Dave Wijewardene. This was overdone.Having kicked well in the first part of the 1st half they frustrated the Thomians. Royal should have run the ball as I said in a preview as this is their strength. It was ideal to run the ball for the rest of this half. The Thomians were starved of possession which frustrated them further. In the second half, lack of concentration by Royal saw the Thomians gaining possession and with that they put their game plan into action. Their forwards were hungry for the ball, and when they received it, a score was written all over. It was try after try with their forwards. They could have scored twice more but lacked the 'finishing touches' despite being almost over the Royal goal-line. Royal only then changed their tactics to work the line - too late - and were rewarded with a super try by Harin Kaluarachchi. Skipper Suranjan Perera, Lock Vinodh Ratnayake, Hooker Dilanka Hettiarachchi were the pick of the forwards with Centre Harin Kaluarachchi, Dave Wijewardene and Rajith Jayasundera playing well for Royal. For the Thomians their pack was excellent with Lock Maduka Jayawardene, Flanker Jayan Gunatilleke and Jeevan Gunatilleke outstanding.

NCC to boost other sports 

By Bernie Wijesekera 
The century old club Nondescripts C.C., who has produced outstanding cricketers at the national level, will focus its attention to promote other sports too, to cater to the needs of its membership, said its president Leslie Hewage after being re-elected uncontested at its general meeting. 

Hewage said that he was proud to have taken over the reins from his predecessor Chanaka de Silva, who did an excellent job to uplift the club from its financial doldrums. Today the club is financially viable and it's on a firm footing. It was Chanaka, who masterminded the swimming club, thus making it a family club, put aside playing cricket. Now I will continue the good work for further re-development during my tenure. 

Of course with the support rendered by the membership and well-wishers. 

There will be squash and badminton courts built which will help draw more membership and further fill its coffers. 

Already the swimming pool built last year, is going from strength to strength. 

An electronic scoreboard will be put up along with a fully equipped media box, thereby making it a venue to stage first class cricket. 

The club has not forgotten its past cricketing heroes, who had played a dynamic role to make NCC a leading club in the local scene. They will be duly honoured. 

One of them is Vernon Prins. He is the patron of the club. 

He deserves it, for the immense contributions he made to make NCC to be tagged as the "champion club" under his captaincy. He's a gentleman cricketer on and off the field and example to the present day youngsters to emulate, Hewage added. 

As president I am not going to hang on, but make way for others to continue the good work, he added. 

The office bearers: Patron - Vernon Prins, Vice-Patrons - H. de Andrado, Royz Abeysekera and Carl Obeysekera, President - Leslie Hewage, V. Presidents - Ranjith Fernando, Elmo de Silva and K. Abeysinghe, Secretary - Kumar Fernando, Asst. Sec. C. Abeygunawardena, Treasurer - C. Kulasinghe, Asst. Tr. - Lucky Fernando, Bar Sec. - Marlon Ranasinghe, Pavilion Sec. - Paul Fonseka, Ground Sec. - Asoka de Silva, Tennis Sec. - Ransiri Mendis, Billiard Sec - Ranjan Paiva, Cricket Sec. - D. Tillekeratne, Swimming Sec. - Fazil Dole, Committee - Chanaka de Silva, Sam de Silva and John Rajapakse.


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