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28th May 2000
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A hand in your future

By Ruhanie Perera 
'What type of a person am I?', 'Am I the business type, the sporty type or the arty type?', 'Am I into romance?', 'How successful will I be?', 'How many children will I have?' - at some point everyone is curious about what the future holds for them. Given a chance we would like to know what to expect in life. We'd love to find out what kind of people we really are and maybe the juicy details like what kind of love-life we may have. Sounds interesting alright, but where do we get the answers?...

Easy, the answer is in your own hands. Your hand, including your palm, your fingers, your knuckles and even your nails can say a lot about who you are and what's in store for you. In fact your hand is a kind of blueprint to your life. 

Okay, wipe those disbelieving smiles off your faces. Don't just dismiss palm reading as something for the fickle. Because it isn't, it actually serves a purpose not just now, but did so millions of years ago. In fact palmistry seems to have been quite a hot topic in ancient civilisations. Greek physicians, Hypocrites and Galen both used palmistry as a clinical aid. Julius Ceaser is supposed to have judged his men by reading their palms - just to make sure he had the right ones. The advantages of palm reading didn't stop at Caeser! Advances in genetics, psychology and forensics have ensured a permanent place for palm reading in our modern world. Fingerprinting, which is part of palm reading, plays a major role in criminal investigation and identification. A technique the 'good guys' at Scotland Yard are lost without.

"Cool," says Shyami, "I thought it was just me who was into palmistry. Now I feel a lot more important. I like going on the internet just to check out stuff about the future. It's not really important and I don't think my life is ruled by the results, but it sure is a lot of fun".

To some the art of reading palms is a science, just like anything else. "It's interesting to read up on and might prove to be useful sometimes. But it's certainly not something one would swear by," says Thushan who doesn't believe in getting carried away by theories like palm reading. "Sure, it may be right, it may even be useful - but personally I prefer surprises."

Palm reading may be a great guide. We may learn a little more about ourselves and we may be able to predict what life has in store for us. Yet, life has this uncanny way of not being predictable - and sometimes surprises are a lot nicer. But once in a while when you check out these theories for yourself, it's rather nice finding out that you are witty, caring and a born writer.

Palms Up

The shape of your palm and fingers reveal certain personality characteristics and potential careers. There are four main hand types - water, earth, air and fire hands. What does your hand say... 

Water hand - long fingers, rectangular palm Water hand people are usually very good poets and musicians. They also go well in the fashion and beauty industry. For people with this hand emotions are more important than reason. Models often have this hand. 

Air hand - long fingers, square palm They are good at talking and writing. They are cheerful and happy people who often end up working in the communication industry. They need constant intellectual stimulation and have a low boredom threshold. 

Earth hand - short fingers, square palm These people don't like change. They tend to be slow in nature and have a strong affinity to nature. They are emotionally stable and make the best workers. They usually are successful artists and photographers. Many people with trade jobs, like carpenters, have earth hands 

Fire hand - short fingers, rectangular palm People with this shaped hand tend to be active, outgoing, confident and are often extroverts. They are excitable and emotional, but love to be in charge. Fire handed people tend to have lot of injuries and accidents. Career choices are to work as a lawyer, politician, entertainer and an athlete in non-contact sports. 

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