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Tales from Kalu Malli

Tales from Kalu Malli

The Youtube culture is a fast growing one in Sri Lanka, and with that one would be quick to observe several upcoming Sri Lankan Youtubers as well. ‘Kalu Malli’ is one such fast growing YouTube channel which hit 11,000 subscribers recently. This week we sit down with Kasun Gunasekara, the face behind ‘Kalu Malli’. My [...]

Elizabeth Moir takes on Ed Monk’s “Bedtime Stories

Elizabeth Moir takes on Ed Monk’s “Bedtime Stories

This March, the junior school of Elizabeth Moir will get creative with everyone’s favourite stories with their spin on Ed Monk’s “Bedtime Stories (As Told by Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up)”. The play will be directed by Chalana Wijesuriya, who is also the school drama teacher. The actor/director has several school productions under his [...]

Taylor Swift wins court battle over hit ‘Shake It Off’

Taylor  Swift wins court battle over hit ‘Shake It Off’

Pop star Taylor Swift has won a court battle over the copyright of her global hit’ Shake It Off’. Last week US District Judge Michael Fitzgerald dismissed the lawsuit brought by song writers Sean Hall and Nathan Butler who claimed Swift’s No: 1 hit ‘Shake It Off’ was similar to the song ‘Playas Gon Play’ [...]

Getting down to the ‘Barressentials’

Getting down to the ‘Barressentials’

It’s been almost a year now since ‘Barressentials’, a boutique pilates and barre fitness service, first started up in Colombo. And in this short period of time, ‘Barressentials’, owned and run by Narendra (Nare) Bandaranayake, has grown in popularity. But how did Nare, a young investment manager from London, come to start up her own [...]

Setting the stage for Band Heroes

Setting the stage  for Band Heroes

When Band Heroes 2018 takes the stage next Saturday young music lovers can expect an evening of music, artistry and compelling performances. The interschool competition is organized by the Interact Club of Bishop’s College and will showcase the musical and performing talents of the 9 finalist bands. From Sinhala and English favorites, rock to pop, soul and [...]

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