My school exhibition My school held an exhibition on July 7, 2017. There were many exhibits and performances, all organised by the Gateway staff and students. We dedicated many periods to making models, charts etc. Each class had been turned into a display area for a particular subject. In the morning, there was a pet [...]

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My school exhibition
My school held an exhibition on July 7, 2017. There were many exhibits and performances, all organised by the Gateway staff and students. We dedicated many periods to making models, charts etc. Each class had been turned into a display area for a particular subject.

In the morning, there was a pet show. Many children brought their pets in and gave a presentation. Then there was a fashion show held by the Key-Stage One students. Their theme was ‘Wasteland to Toyland’ and they had created clothing out of waste material. Then there was a talent show by the students of Key-Stage Two. There were lots of different acts like singing, dancing and bands. Everyone had fun looking around the exhibition. It was a fun and memorable day, one that I would never forget.

Nimhara Weerakkodi (9 years)
Gateway College

What is friendship, I have no clue
Is this some sort of fairy dust or
some sort of glue?

A glue that sticks people together
A glue that makes you cool
A glue that makes you happy
When your friend is happy too

Sometimes when you are lonely
The glue takes control
It sends you all the memories
And friendship starts to stroll

When your friend needs help
The glue pulls you
To an unlimited gravity force
So it is a must for you to go

Is this actual friendship?
I don’t really know
But with my unlimited guesses
That glue takes control

But where do you get this?
It’s simple! I’ll tell you
Just treat others the same way
That you want them to treat you!

Rukshika Mawalage (12 years)
Bishop’s College

My favourite toy
My favourite toy is a car. It is blue in colour and does a lot of things. Its wheels are controlled by remote. I got it on my eighth birthday from my father. It was a surprise gift. I keep it under my pillow when I sleep. My car talks to me in my dreams.

Mayantha Anuththara (Grade 2)
JMC College Int., Angoda

My sister
My sister’s name is Raima. She is three years old. She likes to eat lollipops. She likes to drink Milo. Her favourite colour is blue. She goes to Acro International School. She is in Nursery.
Her best friend is Sasna. Her favourite game is hide-and-seek. She has short curly hair. She is small and thin. Her birthday is on April 4. Her hobby is playing. She is fair, beautiful and sometimes funny. She likes to wear skirt and blouse. She likes to go to the park. I love her so much and she loves me too.

Reema Ghazni (7 years)
Najaa Int. School, Mt. Lavinia

My dog
My dog’s name is Lassie. It is very cute and pretty. It plays with me and my sister. It has a red ribbon around its neck. Its fur is white and brown in colour. It is a girl. I am waiting till she has baby dogs. I give her food on time. I love my dog very much.

Adaya Nithiyaraj (6 years)
Najaa Int. School, Dehiwala


Making Colombo a mega-city
The most important place in every country is its capital. Colombo, the commercial capital of my country
Sri Lanka is one of the fastest growing capitals in the world. It consists of many buildings, religious places, schools, shops and a variety of facilities that modern citizens want. Businessmen from various countries are interested in maintaining business relationships with the entrepreneurs from our country. Many foreign countries have set up their offices in Colombo which is fast becoming a mega-city.

The public can make an effort towards making this city reach up to the level of mega-cities in the world. Adopting a proper garbage disposal and recycling method is the need of the moment. This will create a good impression on foreigners. We must have good attitudes and behaviour towards others. This will help to maintain our name as a peaceful country.

Constructing new roads, highways would be an added advantage to making Colombo a mega-city. Malls and supermarkets too should be constructed to fulfil human needs and wants, Also our leaders should work with honesty and love for our country. In this way, we can help Colombo to be recognised as one of the important capitals in the world. Therefore let us all overcome the disadvantages and make our capital a prosperous mega-city.

Shakeel Ahamed (Grade 11)
Hejaaz Int. School

A snail takes a walk
A snail has been out walking,
To see the shining track,
Weave like a silver ribbon,
Across our porch and back.

The other snails are sleeping,
Out in the flower bed,
But this one got up early,
And took a walk instead.

Valentina Devmini (Std. 5)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

Environmental pollution
Many people do not dispose garbage properly and the environment gets polluted. People pollute the environment in different ways. Rubbish is strewn everywhere and garbage thrown into waterways. Smoke and poisonous gases are some of the major causes for environmental pollution. Deforestation is another serious environmental issue. Air is polluted by smoke and poisonous gas emissions from vehicles.
How can we take care of our environment? We should dispose waste matter properly and recycle them, especially the plastic and glass bottles. We should avoid using chemical pesticides and ensure keeping our country clean.

Supun Peiris (Grade 7)
Wadduwa C. C.

Exams are over
My school is Lyceum
International School, Wattala.
We had our second semester, or end-of-the-year examination from July 20 to 26. As we finished our last question paper, everyone cheered. One of my friends got so excited that he tore the file into two, which also had his religion paper!
At the end, I went outside of the class, I could hear everyone shouting, “Yeah, exams are over!
No more studying!” and so on.
I thought, “Now that exams are over, everyone will surely play the next week, nonstop!” Well you may guess, I too agree with the three words “exams are over.”
But I knew that we all have more examinations to face and each one of them will be more difficult than the last. But for this time, in this year in Grade 7, everything is done.

Lihini Wijesekara (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

Preparing for term exams
Preparing for term exams is the biggest challenge I would have. This makes much interested as my father has promised me that he would buy me the books of Harry Potter series. So I try my best. As I am the fifth in the class it would be a bit easy. As soon as I come home, I would shower, get dressed and put on my flip-flops, then have dinner. These would take me just an hour.After that I would do my homework. If there is anything difficult then I would mark them and revise later. Then I would say my prayers, wishing to be the first.

Thereafter I would do some extra work in difficult subjects and start studying the piles of short notes. Making short notes is an easy method of studying. This makes me study short notes rather than huge notes. Like this I would study five to six hours per day – usually in the afternoon – makes me sleep late night.

In the morning I would wake up at 4 a.m., and do one or two papers taking 45 minutes for each paper, start to get ready at 5.30 a.m., get on the bus at 6.15 a.m. – study in the bus – reach school at 7.15 a.m. This route will make it easy for me through the term test.

Sithara Udawala
Hilburn Int. College, Avissawella

My name is Sandul Senarathne. I am five years old. I live in Kandy. My mother’s name is Dinusha. My father’s name is Dinendra. I have a brother. He is Tharindiya. I like to help my parents.

Sandul Senarathne (Grade 1)
St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy

A wonderful day

The sun says good morning to the world,
The birds reply by singing a song.
The dew starts to evaporate away.
Which lasted on flower petals all night long.

The children get ready to go to school,
With big and happy smiles on their faces.
The sun rays fall on mountain tops,
Making them glow like huge large laces.

Second by second the time passes away,
Letting the sun rise to the middle of the sky.
Children go back home, all tired and gloomy,
And the evening goes passing by.

The night says hello with twinkling stars,
Along with the moon, like a silvery ball.
The surrounding is dark and the light is gone,
See you again and good night to you all.

Esandi Jayasinghe (13 years)
Girls’ High School, Kandy

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