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A myriad of musical moods

A myriad of  musical moods

Catch flautist Tilanka Jayamanne and pianist Joshua Asokan performing at the Russian Cultural Centre this month. Titled ‘A Myriad of Moods’, the recital will explore the works of composers such as Schubert, Rutter and Taktakishvili. The duo are accomplished musicians who have also performed with the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka on several occasions. “We [...]

100 Words since 1997

Skin Her skin, like rose petals – Soft, silky, shiny. She – a stunner. Walking on the catwalk – Tall, graceful, gorgeous. Thousands clapping Glorious cheers ringing – Proud, oh so pleased. How quickly time flies! Years? Aeons? Now – She sits on a cushioned chair – Humming a tune – Skin wrinkled, Body crumpled, [...]

Adele’s “Hello” notches past Bieber’s “Sorry”

Adele’s “Hello” notches past Bieber’s “Sorry”

It’s huge, and the long awaited return of Adele’s new song ‘Hello’, has smashed chart records in the UK, as it debuted at the No:1 position. Adele’s ‘Hello’ was just waiting for the kill since she teased fans with 30 seconds of the song on 18th October, during a commercial break on the X-Factor show. [...]

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