We are the future Everybody says that children are the future of the world. Why do they say that? This is because the child population is one of the most valuable assets of a country. We have a big responsibility as our parents have a lot of hope in us. They want us to become [...]

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We are the future

Everybody says that children are the future of the world. Why do they say that? This is because the child population is one of the most valuable assets of a country. We have a big responsibility as our parents have a lot of hope in us. They want us to become good citizens.
How can we become good citizens? First we should learn good manners and habits. We have to look at things positively. We should learn to respect others and we should learn our school subjects well.

October 1 has been proclaimed the Universal Children’s Day. Every year on this day, international attention is focused on children all over the world. Always the future of a nation depends on how the younger generation is being raised. News of brutal crimes are heard from all over the world. Children should be protected like flowers. All this shows us how important the child population of a country is for its survival and progress.

Hasanga de Silva (Grade 8)
St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Milagiriya

My pet

My pet is a puppy. It is three months old.
It drinks milk. Its colour is black. Its tail is short. Its ears are long. I love my Mobby a lot.

Chaniru Abeysooriya (Grade 2)
Lyceum Int. School

The farmer

A person who cultivates, is called a farmer. The people of South East Asia depend mainly on paddy cultivation. Paddy cultivation is the main occupation of the people of Sri Lanka. Rice is our chief food. So our people cultivate more and more paddy.
The cultivation of paddy is not easy. The farmer has to work hard to get a proper income from what he cultivates. The farmer has to plough the field twice. After the weeds are burnt he prepares the field for sowing. First he spreads the paddy seeds in the field. When the paddy plants grow and reach a certain height, the farmer uproots them and transplants them. After a month or so they add manure.
Today farmers are reluctant to cultivate because they have to spend a lot of money. Due to this some farmers have given up on paddy cultivation. Our ancient Sinhala kings like King Dhatusena and King Parakramabahu built huge irrigation schemes to develop agriculture.

Bhagya Premathilaka (12 years)
Dharmapala Vidyalaya, Pannipitiya

My school
The name of my school
is St. Paul’s Girls’ School,
Milagiriya. It is situated in
Bambalapitiya. There are
about 4000 students and 150
teachers. There are classes
from Grade One to Grade Thirteen. There are Sinhala and English mediums. There are Sinhala, Muslim and Christian
students in my school so we get a good opportunity to learn and live together. Our school gives us a good education and provides us with a lot of activities.
I love my school and I’m proud to be a student of
St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Milagiriya.

St. Paul’s Girls’ School,

My father

My father’s name is Fouzzan. He is 32 years old. He has a shop in Nugegoda. He is very kind. He likes to eat ice-cream.
He plays cricket with my brother and me.
I love my father very much.

M. Salman Fouzzan (7 years)
Zahira College, Colombo

Respecting our Elders
We should respect our elders. We should always keep them in our mind. Elders are the people who are older than us. They have looked after us when we were small. Respecting elders, guides our manners.

Some people say we should earn respect. Respect means well behaving with elders with gratitude and good sense. Elders and grandparents are seniors in our society. Therefore we should respect them. There are many ways to respect our elders. The most common way is when elders ask you to do something you should help them. Obey them, give them good food to eat, show our love to them.

Nowadays people do not respect old people. Many people in society are not treated well. Respect towards elders is fast declining. Many young people do not have time to look after their elders so they have been placed in nursing homes where they spend their time lonely and forgotten. Charities also try to look after old people.

Respecting elders shows your gratitude. Elders should be respected properly all around the world.

Sanjukktha Giridharan
(11 years)
Royal Institute, Nugegoda

The Neighbour
Completing a story where the beginning is given
One Saturday, James and Emma were
playing in the garden. “It’s a goal!” yelled James and Emma watched as the ball flew over the wall. Then there was silence. It was broken only by the tinkling sound of broken glass…

They got scared. James whispered to Emma. He said, “Let’s go and apologize to the neighbour.” “OK” said Emma.
That neighbour was a devilish neighbour. She shouted angrily to James and Emma. She chased them. She called the police.

The police came quickly and looked everywhere but the police could not catch the children because they hid in a dustbin where no one had put garbage. The police went away and the neighbour was angry and jealous because they hid in a dustbin.

Next day the neighbour got mad when she saw the children going home. She called the police but the children hid in the dustbin. The police went away. Every day she called the police. They went away.

The family of James went to another country. But the neighbour didn’t know that they had gone to another country. Then the police took the neighbour to the police station. The family lived happily ever after.

Sithumi Ramanayake (Year 2)
Gateway College, Negombo

Importance of breakfast
‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.” So we have to take our breakfast every day like a king.
Breakfast is the main meal of the day. It should not be skipped because we can prevent some illnesses. It improves our physical and mental performance. It helps to maintain healthy body weight. We can do our work easily by taking breakfast. Breakfast improves our concentration in the classroom. We get all the nutrients we want. If we eat breakfast we can prevent diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and tummy aches. We can have a good healthy life.

When we skip our breakfast we face many problems. We become ill. We feel lethargic and sleepy. If you miss your breakfast you will get tummy aches. We don’t have enthusiasm for learning. We become bored, unhealthy and lazy. It causes heart problems and diabetes too.

We should eat our breakfast properly. We have to make time to eat our breakfast. Taking breakfast is a healthy habit of a person. We can eat rice, hoppers, string hoppers, milk rice for our breakfast. If you take your breakfast like a king you can build a good, healthy life.

Hithmi Liyanage (Grade 8)
Mahinda Rajapaksa College, Matara

My trip to India
August 5 was a very happy day in my life because my school friends, teachers and I went to India. That morning my parents and I went to Katunayake Airport. I said goodbye to my parents and went inside. After half an hour we went to our flight. We took a lot of pictures. At 2.30 p.m., we arrived at the Kolkata Airport in India and we got into our tourist bus.
India is a very beautiful but very crowded country. After five hours we came to Bengal and went to our guest house. We changed and had our dinner. On the second day we rested and practiced our items. On the third day we visited the Shanthinikethan University and learnt Bharatha dance and songs. Throughout six days, in the morning we practiced songs and in the evening we went shopping. We bought hair clips, bags, slippers and saris.
August 16 was our concert and we had folk dances and other dances. We sang the Indian National Anthem. Lots of people came to see our concert.
They told us it was very beautiful and excellent.
We thanked the people who helped us. On August 17 we came back to Sri Lanka.
We were sad but happy. My parents welcomed me back.

Uvindi Attanayake (Grade 8)
Hillwood College, Kandy

In bed

Lying, “still in bed,”
I hear sounds around me.
Shadows moving above my head,
I get chills from what I see.

At last I shut my eyes,
Hoping to have a lovely dream,
But then, I don’t know why,
I get the feeling I want to scream.

I hear a knock on my door,
Followed by a voice,
I opened my mouth to reply,
There was no other choice.

Wake up! My Mom shouted,
“Don’t you know you’re late?” she said,
“Come out here this instant!”
“Oh no! You’re still in bed!”

Haya Al Fathima (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School,

My family
There are four members in my family. They are father, mother, sister and me. My father is
employed. My father enjoys watching TV. My mother enjoys cooking. My sister enjoys reading books. We enjoy going on trips. We work together. We live at Aruppola.
I love my family very much.

Sesadi Gamage (Grade 6)
St. Anthony’s Girls’ College, Kandy

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