The month I like most There are 12 months in a year. From these, the month which I like the most is the month of August. Every year, after the mid-year exams, every school gets a long vacation. In July we faced the exam and studied a lot of books. So, in August we can [...]

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The month I like most
There are 12 months in a year. From these, the month which I like the most is the month of August. Every year, after the mid-year exams, every school gets a long vacation. In July we faced the exam and studied a lot of books. So, in August we can relax our minds.

Normally in August vacation children play, go on trips and also enjoy flying kites. In this month I play with my friends, fly kites with my friends and we do lots of activities. In August, I spend much time in the paddyfield because my friends and I fly kites in the paddy field. I was surprised and amazed because of the kites which were in the sky. They were uncountable and with different colours. Every child, especially me, likes to play with friends and fly kites.

I wish this month would last longer. But I’d like to remind you that we shouldn’t play always and must do our studies also. Due to all these activities, August is the month which I like the most.

Nuwan Ranasinghe (Grade 10)
St. Michael’s College, Homagama

My pet
My pet is a dog. His name is Rafa. He loves me. Rafa drinks milk. He likes to eat buns.
We are best friends. I love to play with Rafa.

Sirinie Amarasekara (Grade 2)
Methodist College

My first day in school
I travelled in a car on my way to school. I went with my family. I was surprised and happy when I went to school. On the first day in my school I didn’t know about my friends.
My class teacher and assistant teachers were called Aunty Padma, Aunty Debora and Aunty Hazra. I ate sandwiches on my first day at school. I drew a picture and painted it.

Vethum Perera (Grade 4)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

A stray dog

I was walking along a lane,
And I saw a little paw in the dark,
It was such a shame,
Because it was all alone with scratches and marks.

I knew it wasn’t mine,
But it was so sad,
But I’m sure her owner was sour as lime,
and for that I was so mad.

Uthpala Laksandi (12 years)
Visakha Vidyalaya

My sister
My sister’s name is Zolani Natasha. She is my elder sister. My sister loves to bake. She bakes me yummy cakes, cookies puddings and pizzas too. She is a teacher by profession and also a good artist.
My sister is fun to be with. She is very kind and understanding. My sister loves to sing. She loves to play badminton. Sometimes my sister plays with me. She loves to eat pizza. She likes to drink tea.
My sister is very beautiful. I love my sister very much.

Zovi Hijudeen (Grade 4)
Christ King College, Pannipitiya

My mother and father
My mother’s name is Lakshmi. She cooks rice for me. My mother likes to eat rice and curry. My mother and father go to the park with us. My father’s name is Mahinda. He is a doctor. My father works in the hospital.
I love my parents. They are good.

Sunuj Methyuga (Grade 2)
Royal Institute

A rainy day
Every child longs for a rainy day. Little children like to splish splosh in puddles. They make paper boats and sail them in the water. They run in the rain in spite of their mummy’s shouts. Then they end up catching a cold and fever.
Adults don’t like rainy days very much. But lots of farmers do. We should not forget that trees and plants flower on rainy days. After all a rainy day is a blessing.
Sinali Bethmage
Musaeus College


A Golden Day
School days are the best days of our life. During this time, we learn, work
and socialize. This was just what our Alma Mater Mother Sujatha provided us on August 1, 2015 as she reached the
50th milestone of her remarkable teaching-learning process!
As a student at Sujatha Vidyalaya for eight years, I was proud and happy to be a part of this great occasion as we had organized a Walk and Carnival as celebrations. At 8am sharp, we started our walk and crowds gathered to see all our energies bursting out as salutations, cheers and pride when parading the streets as Sujathians.
We reached the BRC grounds after a four hour walk and what more would make an exhausted mind flutter with excitement than a lovely carnival filled with games, stalls, merry-go-rounds and a DJ. Never had I enjoyed so much as when I participated in all the games, went on train rides, ate and drank merrily and fluttered like a free bird as I played with my friends!
It was 6pm when I reached home.
I glanced at the badge which I bought as a souvenir and gazed for a long time at the letters carved on it. ‘S’ for Sharing, ‘U’ for Unity, ‘J’ for Jubilant, ‘A’ for Artistic, ‘T’ for Toil, ‘H’ for Happiness and another ‘A’ for Ability. Yes, it was Mother SUJATHA who would always be the same as she goes on gifting independent, talented young women from generation to generation.

Anjalee Handaragama (Class 9)
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Nugegoda

My hobby
My favourite hobby is painting. I started following painting as my hobby when I was in Grade One. When I was young, I painted on small art papers with pencils and crayons. But later, I started using large art papers, water colours and oil paints instead of small papers, pencils, and crayons.
I often participate in art competitions. I have won several awards in painting. My parents and my sister encourage me a lot in my hobby. Everyone who sees my paintings tells me that my paintings are beautiful.
I love to paint pictures as connected to nature. I like to become a great artist one day. I hope to visit Paris for a short training in painting during the school holidays. I like my hobby very much.

A. Aruthran (Grade 4)
Jaffna Hindu Primary School

Uses of trees
Trees are the main purpose in our environment. It gives us oxygen. There are various kinds of trees which we use in many ways. We use coconut trees for our human uses. It serves us from the leaf for the roof, as for food we take the coconut fruit. The flower is also used for vinegar, a jaggery and treacle. The timber is used to

make rafters for roofs and for furniture.
In the deep forests towards the central part of our country there are teak, satin mahogany, jak and ebony trees. Unfortunately, this type of timber is being cut by the poachers and destroyed. It is our duty to preserve them.

Yohan Yasas (11 years)Ashoka College, Horana

Wilpattu National Park
I went to spend a long weekend at the Wilpattu National Park with my relations. On our way,
we stopped at Puttalam to buy foodstuffs. We saw fishing boats and the windmills.
As we entered the park, we got a guide and a driver to take us around the park in his open jeep. We went along bumpy roads and through the villus. We saw two leopards resting and a black bear eating leaves. I was scared because these animals were free. I took many photos.
In the bungalow, our beds were in the open verandah. There was a solar power unit only for a few lights. This was a really good experience without TV, phones and the fridge.
The next day we saw hundreds of deer around our bungalow. We went to see the Kuweni palace and the ‘Thambapaniya’, where King Vijaya got down. There the soil was reddish orange. It was fun to go through the water in our open jeep. I saw peacocks, foxes, crocodiles, pelicans and many birds.
The next day we packed our bags to come to Kandy. We were lucky to see an elephant bathing and eating yams in front of our Panikavilla Bungalow.
I was sad to leave this wildlife park. I wish all the animals could live freely instead of in cages.

Dewmini Harasgama (10 years)
Hillwood College, Kandy

The Esala Perahera
In Sri Lanka, the month of August is a very important month as many famous perahera festivals are held during this month. The Esala Perahera is one of the most famous peraheras in Sri Lanka.  It is also known as Kandy Dalada Perahera. It is the most historical pageant perahera in Sri Lanka.

This perahera festival was started in the time of King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe. People participate in this perahera to get blessings for the country and to get rain for agriculture. The people in the country get a good chance to worship the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha.

Water cutting ceremony and the Kap tree planting ceremony are the special occasions that take part before and after the festival. Esala Perahera consists of five processions. The Dalada perahera is followed by the four devala peraheras. The whip lashers and the fireball acrobats clear the route of the perahera. Then there comes the Peramunarala and behind him come a group of drummers. The sacred casket follows the drummers and dancers. The Dathu Karanduwa is placed on the beautifully dressed tusker. This is a very interesting perahera. Local and foreign tourists gather in Kandy to rejoice, by watching the perahera.

Himasha Muthukudaarachchi (15 years)
St. Jude’s College, Kurana

My favourite game
My favourite game is football. It is very interesting to play and we can have fun playing football. In this game we have to use our legs to kick the ball.
My father taught me how to play it when I was small. I like to play football in my leisure time. I play football with my friend Shazwin. I like to watch football on television. I love football and have a good time playing it.
My favourite football player is Neymar. I like to watch especially when he is playing. Therefore it is my favourite sport.

Taqy Ahamed (Grade 4)
Lyceum Int. School, Panadura

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