My father My father’s name is Azeem Mohomed. He is 35 years old. My sister and I call him Dada. He goes to work in his car every day. Dada likes to eat rice and curry. He loves to drink tea. My father’s hometown is Kandy. He loves to watch cricket and rugby matches. Dada [...]

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My father
My father’s name is Azeem Mohomed. He is
35 years old. My sister and I call him Dada. He goes to work in his car every day. Dada likes to eat rice and curry. He loves to drink tea.
My father’s hometown is Kandy. He loves to watch cricket and rugby matches. Dada buys lots of toys for me and my sister. He loves us a lot. I love my Dada very much.

Hajara Azeem (5 years)
Daybridge Int. Montessori, Dehiwala

What do I like to eat?
It’s something green

It’s something sweet
It’s something with a
big seed
It’s something that we
can drink too

The fruit can grow
really big
The fruit can be small
Just the one
It’s never going to be tall

One can have a colour
One can be pale
One is bad for the cold
It’s plucked from a tree

Do you know what it is?
No or yes?
You sure should know it
It’s Avocado!

Ijaz Ismath (9 years)
Lyceum Int. School

Our school trip
On May 20, 2014 the teachers and students of Grade Four went on a trip. First we visited the Anchor Milk Food Factory. When we came there, we saw a sign which read, “Fonterra Dairy for Life!’ There we saw how yoghurt was made and milk powder being packeted. 

Next we went to the Wijeya Newspaper Factory. We were shown a short film on how papers were made. Then we went to the place where they print the papers. I saw a lot of papers being printed. Before we left they gave us a copy of the Funday Times.

Next we went to a place called  ‘Ape Gama’. We were shown around by a farmer. We saw statues that looked like real people. We had our lunch there. When we were about to leave  a clown came and made us laugh.
We came back to school at 5p.m. It was the best day of my life.

Anithra De Alwis (8 years)
St. Bridget’s Convent

Importance of conserving water
Water is an important and precious thing which is a gift of nature to mankind. We use water for many of our purposes. Water is used for household work, agriculture and many more needs. This shows that water is also an integral part of our life. It is required for the sustenance of all living beings. Without water, neither human beings nor plants can survive. Water is the elixir of life.

But, we do not use water in an efficient manner. The usage of water  is increasing from day to day.  For example, when we turn on a tap, we forget to turn it off. This results in dripping of water and that leads to the wastage of water.

Do we put forward any steps to prevent this wastage? It’s only a few people that consider over this matter. But it is an important issue to be thought about. Hence, we need to make efforts towards reducing the wastage of water and recycle waste water for agricultural purposes.
So, lets use this great gift in a proper and righteous manner.

Tharanie Bhaskaran
(14 years)
Methodist College

My best friend
My best friend is Salha. She is nine years old. She lives in Maradana. She studies at Crescent International School. She is in Grade Four. 

She is fair and thin. She can study well. She has beautiful handwriting. She is fond of ice-cream. She is kind and helps others. Her hobby is reading books. She likes to be a teacher.

I like to spend most of my time with her. We used to play and study together. I love my friend very much.

Azeeza Hussain (Grade 4)
Crescent School International

Sharing Joy
The day had finally arrived. The Jeshiah singers were going to visit the Rani Violet Elders Home in Uswatte, Moratuwa. Each of us had a gift for the many elderly people living in the Home. We had taken a lot of trouble to make the gifts beautiful with nice wrapping, ribbons, bows and cards.

We were welcomed at the entrance of the Home by the matron in charge Ms. Christine Syms. We started the evening  with a prayer. Aunty Bagi (Bagyani) our teacher, leader and best friend had taught us to sing many beautiful and enchanting melodies. We sang these as medleys and some of the elders joined us. Some of them clapped to the tunes. Two of us recited poems that we had made up especially for the occasion. Afterwards we shared some snacks and drinks provided by our parents.

Aunty Baghi put some dance music and some of the elders and some of our parents danced. One lady who had recovered from a stroke also danced very beautifully. It was a wonderfully happy evening. The elders told us that our singing and our company had made them feel young again and that they will never forget us.

Devmini Fernando (Grade 5)
Holy Family Convent, Colombo 4

I am an ice-cream
Everyone likes to eat me specially
children. I’m mostly eaten in summer season to cool people. I come in many flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange etc.
People sell me in
markets and in shops.
They sometimes blow a flute like thing to sell me. I enjoy that sound a lot. But
sometimes I melt and die if I am kept in the sun. So please keep me in a fridge.

Julia Crisida (11 years)
Lyceum Int. School,
Nuwara Eliya

Flowers, Trees and Rivers
Flowers, flowers, flowers,
Idda, Rose flowers,
Flowers, flowers, flowers,
Beautiful flowers.

Trees, trees, trees,
Coconut, rubber trees,
Trees, trees, trees,
Valuable trees.

Rivers, rivers, rivers,
Mahaweli, Kalu rivers,
Rivers, rivers, rivers,
Wonderful rivers.

Tharushi Navodya
(13 years)
Bopitiya K.V., Matugama

German Day at Jennings
Jennings is a school in Nainamadama. For special days, like feasts, Vesak, Christmas etc.,
our school arranges events and makes the students happy. German Day was also a special day for our school. The Chairman, Principal and the staff decided to organize a German carnival. The German Embassy also helped us to make it a success.

It was held on May 9 in our school premises. We got together and arranged it from the first week of May. The Chief Guest was the German Ambassador. We invited the other pasch schools, Royal and Musaeus.

There were many events at our school carnival. We arranged games, Jenn’s Queen, beauty pageants and many entertaining items. There were two items on the stage performed by the two invited schools. We had it till 3 p.m. At night there was a sing-along with Marians, in the Hotel River Island in Lunuwila. We sang along with them and had a great time. Our Chairman Mr. Laksiri Tissera also sang a song with the Marians. Then all began to dance. We enjoyed well and were sad to go home.

Nawoda Lowe (13 years)
Jennings Int. College,

My trip to Colombo
My trip to Colombo was fun. We left at 5.30 in the morning from our school.
It was a knowledgeable trip. First we went to Nelum Pokuna, then the Weather Department, Museum the harbour, McDonald’s and Galle Face. My school
teachers planned our trip.

I took toffees, fruit juice, cornpuff, poppit and  chocolate. We took our breakfast in the freedom square. I had sandwiches. We sang songs and danced.
I bought ice-creams and toys.

The bus came and we went on our trip by highway. All the girls got into the bus. We sang English songs and Sinhala songs. We came back to our school at 8.30 in the night.

Hashini Randima
(11 years)
Karunarathna Buddhist College,

My doll
I have a doll. It is very beautiful. Its hair is curly. My father gave it to me. I studied well and became first in my class. So my father made me happy by gifting it to me. Therefore  I got more interest to study.

Whenever I see my doll I feel very happy. I keep it very clean and tidy. When its dress becomes dirty, my mother stitches a new dress. I comb its hair. I play with my friend with that doll. Oh my friends, you also study well and become first. So you will also receive lots of gifts. You also can play and enjoy.

Hafsa Muhammadh (Grade 3)
Salahiya Int. School, Weligama

Making friends
I love to make friends. Then we get to know new people. Sometimes we make friends with the wrong people. Then we know which of our friends are nice and which are bad.

We will always make friends with good  people. We should not talk ill about our friends. We should not cheat them. We should not tease them. We should take care not to hurt their feelings. We should praise our friends for their good work.
Everybody likes to make friends with me.

Nawumi Nivandana (Grade 10)
Dharmaraja M.V., Matugama

I’m a kite
I’m a little kite. I am made up of sticks and papers. I have a nice body and I am proud of myself.
Small children like to play with me. They tie a thread to my body and send me to the sky in the evenings, after their school. I am happy when
I go up to the sky. When the children go to school they put me in the box.

Dhananjaya Kularatne (Grade 4)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

My friend
She is Aesha Tharindi. She is six years old. She likes to eat rice. She likes to drink apple juice. She studies in St. Anne’s English Medium College, Wennappuwa. Her mother is Prasangika. Her father is Wasantha. Her brother is Kasun. Her sister is Thisaruni. She is a good girl.

Thushini Chamodya (Primary II)
St. Anne’s English Medium College,

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