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Painting a bridge

Painting a bridge

Kids’ World

My father  My father’s name is Prabodha. He is tall and handsome. My father likes to eat rice and chicken. His favourite colour is blue. He works at Unilever. He cooks tasty food for me. He calls me Kitty Patiya and I call him my love.He is a loving and caring father. I am so [...]

Interview with Kumar Sangakkara

Interview with Kumar Sangakkara

Kavya Seneviratne Q: What did you feel when you were invited to speak at the Oxford Union? A: My initial reaction was “No”. However, as I thought about it and after discussing it with my father and my friend Charlie, we realized it was something we can actually do. So I started working on it [...]

Family Reading Workshop

The Sunday Times together with the World Association of Newspapers and Newspaper Publishers (WAN IFRA) organized a fun and interactive session for parents and children on Family Reading. The workshop, held at the Park Street Mews, was conducted by Begian expert in young reader initiatives, Dr. Gerard van der Weijden. At the session the children [...]

The months of the year November

November which is our 11th month was the 9th in the earlier desk and since November has the meaning nine it got its name. There is also the acceptance that since with the dawn of November, the cold winter commences, it got its name which means cold month. September, October, November and December have Latin [...]

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9 years and below | Write not more than 150 words on ‘An interesting day I spent with a friend.’ Secret Seven Win Through by Enid Blyton The Secret Seven have a brand new meeting place but somebody else has been using it too. How dare they? Whoever it is goes there at night and the gang, [...]

Children in Chains

Children in Chains

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