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To be judged a sinner by hypocrites

By Rypvanwinkle

My Dear Obama, David Cameron and Manmohan,

I thought I must write to you after the three of you ganged up on us and passed that resolution about war crimes at the United Nations. I guess you must be celebrating now after trying to bully our little country which each of you did for different reasons of your own.

Obama, you thought of moving this resolution against us because America is now the only superpower in the world and you believe the rest of the world should follow your orders. After all, that is what you did in Iraq and Afghanistan-and see what a mess those countries are in today.

Obama, do you remember that when our commission of inquiry was appointed, your country dismissed it as being “flawed” and accused its members of being political henchmen, even before the commission could do its job. Now, you want us to implement some of its recommendations!

Soon after your resolution was passed, your friend Hillary advises us that we should implement the “constructive” recommendations of the commission. So, you are telling us that we should implement the recommendations you like while discarding the others because they are not good enough for you!

Why, Obama, recently one of your soldiers massacred sixteen civilians in Afghanistan. The Afghan President requested that he be tried in their country. You ordered his immediate return to America where he is now claiming that he has no memory of the incident! Ah, human rights, my foot!

So, where is the ‘transparency’, ‘accountability’ and ‘independent inquiry’ that you and your pathetic minions like Bob Blake like to lecture us on? Surely, as the Commander-in-Chief who prevented that soldier from being tried in Afghanistan, there must be a war crimes charge against you now?

Then, David Cameron, you try to add your country’s two cents worth to the American resolution because we know that it is your job to be Uncle Sam’s lapdog. But before you lecture us on human rights and war crimes, shouldn’t you go and take a good look in the mirror?

Of course, I won’t even mention the more than hundred years that the British ruled our country where they plundered our resources, levied taxes at will and killed thousands of men and women. I guess human rights were not fashionable then though you find it fashionable now, eh, old chap?

Instead, we will talk about more recent times. It was you and your French friend Sarkozy who ordered bombings in Libya. Thousands of civilians died as a result of that. I guess that doesn’t qualify for a war crime in your book because you are killing civilians of another country-not your own!

And when the Libyan leader Gaddafi was dragged along the street and murdered in cold blood while he was begging for his life to be spared by people you like to call “rebels” you hailed it and said you were proud of ‘Britain’s role’ in that incident. What a champion of human rights you are!

Then we have you, Manmohan, for whom we did have some respect-until last week, that is. Why, it was only a few days ago that you were saying that you won’t vote for ‘country specific’ resolutions and that you would always take ‘historical relations’ between our countries into account when voting.

So we were all expecting Big Brother India to stand up for us and be counted when we were being bullied by the ugly Americans and their British lackeys in Geneva. Then you dropped a bombshell at the eleventh hour by saying you would vote against us!

We foolishly believed that it was because the fat lady, Jayalalitha, was singing and Karunanidhi, the man still dreaming of Eelam, was putting pressure on you. As a result, you had chickened out, or so we thought.

But I guess you spoke the truth, Manmohan, and we misunderstood you. Of course, you took ‘historical relations’ between our countries into account and that is why you voted against us-and we were foolish enough not to realise what you said.

Why, there was Indira Gandhi aiding and abetting Prabhakaran and many others like him when they were Tiger cubs by allowing Tiger training camps in India. Then there was her son Rajiv dropping ‘parippu’ on us when we were about to defeat the Tigers over twenty years ago.

So, Manmohan, you really meant what you said about taking ‘historical relations’ into account and we were mistaken all along to assume that you would support us just because you looked the other way when we were defeating the Tigers nearly three years ago.

So, all three of you can now gloat about ‘beating’ little Sri Lanka. Tell you what, we always have, and we always will respect human rights-certainly more than you do and we don’t need resolutions for that. At least, after Geneva, we know who our friends are and we are thankful to you for that!

Yours truly,
Punchi Putha

PS-Manmohan, I hope you realised that you are already feeling the effect of your vote. After you announced your decision on Monday, our cricketers lost to Bangladesh on Tuesday, knocking India out of the finals of the Asia Cup. I hope you won’t complain when we teach the Chinese to play cricket and allow them to set up a military camp in Jaffna!

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