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The most beautiful pageant in Sri Lanka

By Hashani Kumarasinghe (13 years), Vision Int. School, Kandy

The most sacred Tooth Relic within the casket is deposited, at an auspicious time in the beautifully
decorated and illuminated shrine which is fixed on to the back of the tusker by the chief officer of Kandy Dalada Maligawa, the Diyawadana Nilame. Then the Perahera (Procession) starts to proceed along the streets of Kandy.

The Diyawadana Nilame and Basnayake Nilames who are the chief officers at four devalayas of Maligawa wear their beautiful costumes and walk in front of the tusker who also dressed and decorated beautifully, carries tooth relic on his back.

In front of the Perahera, whip crackers clear the way to proceed the Perahera . Then the drummers and the dancers are also beautifully dressed and it is one of the most beautiful scenery in this Kandy Perahera . Many beautifully dressed elephants walk in this Perahera but the tusker who carries the most sacred tooth relic is the proudest among them because he knows that everybody in the crowds is attracted to him.

Since the past, every year, in August we celebrate this festival and believe it should be done continuously for the goodness of Sri Lanka.


By Amavi Kuruppu (Grade 4), Southlands College, Galle

Ballet is my favourite dance. Every Monday I go to the ballet class. My ballet teacher is Miss. Moshica. She is very kind and beautiful. I love her very much. Ballet gives good exercise to our body. It relaxes our body and mind. There are ballet concerts every year. They are very beautiful.

I use the computer and read books to get more information about ballet. My mother helps me a lot. She takes me to the ballet class. I love ballet.

Birds in Sri Lanka

By Sandunika Chamali (Grade 8), Mahanama Central College, Monaragala

There are many kinds of birds in Sri Lanka. They are different to each other. Some birds are very beautiful. Also some birds have beautiful voices. ‘Kumana’ is a beautiful paradise for birds. Many people come to see birds in Kumana. Some birds are carnivores. Kingfisher is an example of
carnivorous birds.

Some birds come from other countries. Some birds are endemic to our country Sri Lanka. Children like to spend their leisure time with birds. We think birds can speak with us. It is not true. Some
people keep birds in cages. It is a very bad thing. Birds must also have leisure time. I think birds can improve the beauty of Sri Lanka. I think we should not kill birds. And also we should not keep birds in cages.

My plans for the August vacation

By Dewmini Sirithunga, Sacred Heart Convent, Galle

August vacation is now started and there is a full month to spend. I wish to spend my vacation in my grandma’s house. I can help her to cook and taste what she makes. In the early morning, peacocks can be seen on their roof. I can hear stories on the bed and I can go fishing with my grand-dad.

On every evening I’ll phone my Mama and Dada and tell the happenings of the day. I’ll climb trees, swim across the rivers and weed the garden with my grand-dad.

I’ll make a booklet about butterflies with the help of grandma. I’ll buy books and read them with my grandma. Finally, I’ll go on a trip to Ratnapura with my family, grandma and grand-dad and it would be the last two or three days of the vacation. I wish I could enjoy a nice vacation.

The coconut tree

By Dinuk Dadagamuwa (Grade 8), Bandaranayake Vidyalaya, Gampaha

The coconut tree is very useful in Sri Lanka. It grows high up and provides us many things. We can use the coconut milk for cooking. Nearly every part of the coconut tree is useful. Coconuts, coconut husk, palm leaves and shells can be used for many purposes.

Coconut fibre is used to make rope, coir mats, coir bags and coir rugs. The palm leaves are used for roofing houses and for fencing. People must plant them everywhere.

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