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Our planet

By Zaid Hussain (7 years) St. Anthony’s College, Katugastota

Our planet is the Earth. Earth is the only planet in the Solar System with land, water, clouds and atmosphere. Earth has life. People, plants and animals live on Earth. It rotates and goes around the Sun. Going round the Sun makes one year. Rotating makes a day.

My pet

By Maryam Azeez (Grade 2), Hillwood College, Kandy

My pet is a cat. Its name is Gizmo. He is white and black. He eats fish and drinks milk. He has a fluffy tail. He has grey eyes. He is playful. He is cute. He is a good friend to me. I love my pet.

My water bottle

By Omaar Fazey (9 years) St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy

My water bottle is blue. It’s like a flask. My bottle is very beautiful. I’m taking water in it. I love my water bottle.


By Kalani Gayathri (14 years), Little Flower Girls’ School, Bandarawela

Water is a basic requirement for life. Every living being and plants need water for their living. Water is a valuable gift given by Mother Nature and is regarded as the most useful element we have.

We require water for various purposes, such as cooking, bathing, washing and other things. Every year there is a period of drought especially during the months of June to August and we have to face a lot of problems.

So it is the duty of everyone of us to protect this valuable gift for our future generations We can live without food for some days. But we cannot live for even a day without water.

Our flower garden

By N. Visal (Grade 3), High Level Int. School, Hatton

We have a flower garden in front of our house. It has many varieties of flower plants and trees. Many varieties of colourful birds and butterflies visit for their food and add more beauty to our flower garden. I watch and enjoy this scenery.

Sports is great

By Kalendra Abeysinghe (Grade 3), St. Benedict’s College, Kandy

There are various kinds of sports. They are cricket, rugger, badminton, volleyball, basket ball, netball, football etc. Cricket is played almost worldwide. To play this a bat and a ball are needed.
Eleven players are needed too.

Rugger is also played by many. It’s a dangerous game because they make each other fall down too.
There are many sports for boys and girls. Mostly boys play cricket but girls too play.

Sports will help our body. We can make our body by doing sports. I love sports. Out of everything I love cricket and rugger.

'Sussex Gee Range 2010'

By Hiruni Vidanapathirana (Grade 5), Sussex College, Kuliyapitiya

It was held on August 8, 2010 at National Youth Council Centre in Maharagama. We went to Sussex College, Nugegoda with our parents and teachers to dress. Our item was ‘Wadigapatuna’. We dressed as Wadiga Brahmins.

It started at 6.30 p.m. The chief guest and the other guests were taken to the hall by dancers. The item for welcoming the guests was done by Kiribathgoda Sussex College.

All the items were very beautiful. Some colleges did two items. Our item was the twelfth one. Also there was an award ceremony for some eminent artists such as Pandit W. D. Amaradeva, Edward Jayakody, Charitha Priyadharshani and Sybil Wettasinghe.

At about 8.30 p.m., our dance started. People started to clap. We were very happy. We heard loud clapping when our dance was over. After that we went to the balcony and changed our dress. I went near my parents. When we came home it was very late.

The rainbow

By Hasfa Mohamed (11 years), Aluthgam Weediya M.G.C., Dharga Town

There’s a rainbow
In the sky.
Do you know,
How it came by?

Drops of water,
Through the sunlight,
Gave the sky,
This pretty sight.

Seven colours can be seen,
Red, yellow,
And a lovely green,
Violet, indigo and blue,
There’s organge,
In it too.

My English tutoress

By Oshanie Kalupahana (9 years), Ferguson High School, Ratnapura

My English tutor is Mrs. Abraham. I started attending her class from Grade 1. She is a Burgher Catholic lady. She teaches us very well. She is very strict but very kind.

She is a very old-standing tutor in the Kuruwita area. By studying under her I can speak in English and I always get above 90 marks. I wish her good luck.


By Aaqil Rifky (6 years), Wesley College

My name is Aaqil Rifky. I am six years old. I go to Wesley College. I am in Grade 1. I love my family.

The coconut tree

By Anil Pandithakoralege (9 years), St. Peter’s College, Colombo

The coconut tree is a tall palm tree. It grows all over in Sri Lanka except in very cold regions. It is best grown in the coconut triangle. There are lots of uses of the coconut tree. From the stem we can get rafters and firewood. From the leaves we can make cadjans to thatch huts.

The tappers climb the coconut tree to tap flowers. We call the sweet sap of the flowers, toddy. We can get treacle and jaggery by boiling the toddy. From toddy we can make vinegar and arrack too.

From the coconut husk we can get coir to make brooms, doormats and strings. From the shells, spoons can be made. Coconut milk and oil comes from the kernel. So, the coconut tree is useful to us in many ways.

Sweet dreams

By Achini Perera (13 years), Our Lady of Victories Convent, Moratuwa

I have different kinds of dreams everyday. I have dreams of horror, adventure, laughter with happy
endings, and sad endings etc. I sometimes dream about my ambitions too. I would like to become
a musician, movie director or an architect.

I mostly dream of becoming a movie director, travelling the whole wide world and making films where I could entertain crowds and make people happy. In my dreams I make different kinds of films everyday.

Further I dream of writing books like J. K. Rowling and publishing them. My dreams are very creative, but unfortunately my mother wakes me up before the dreams are over. I do hope that all my dreams come true!

My holiday in England

By Shalin De Mel (Grade 4), S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

My trip to England was a very enjoyable one. My uncle came to pick us from the Heathrow Airport. After a little time, we reached my uncle’s place. My uncle took us around his house and showed us our bedroom. He took me, my brother and my mother to Marks and Spencer.

My brother and I were very tired so we got up and watched television. Later my uncle took us to London to see the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and so many other places. We enjoyed the trip so much and we were sad to end our trip to England.

My doll

By Sadiya Ikram (7 years), Ilma Int., Girls’ School

My doll’s name is Lucy
Her cheeks are very rosy
I like her pretty dress
But always she is in a mess

She has long lovely brown hair
She is sweet and fair
I like to change her clothes everyday
But I am free only on Saturday

She is pink in colour
She sleeps between the flowers

My grandmother

By Daniella Fernando (9 years), St. Lawrence’s Convent, Colombo

My grandmother’s name is Maureen Felsinger. She is very kind hearted. She sends lots of letters to the Funday Times. She buys me whatever I want. When I have any homework she helps me.

My grandmother likes to drink water and she likes to eat fried rice and peanuts. When I do
naughty things and scold her, she hits me. My grandmother dresses very well. I love my grandmother very much.

Autobiography of a silk sari

By Shashini Bogoda, St. Nicholas Int., College

You see me lying here wet and shabby, out in the sun. Though I am faded and torn, I have seen
better days. Innumerable silkworms helped give me a start in life. The silken threads they spun were taken to a factory and woven into a beautiful fabric. This was printed with a lovely design and made into a wonderful sari with a fine gold border and tassels.

I was proudly displayed, draped on a mannequin in a shop window. All passers-by stopped to admire me. A rich lady bought me for Rs.6000. I was happy to go with her to her luxurious home. I had every comfort there. I had plenty of space in her wardrobe.

All her other saris were jealous of me. I was very proud of myself. My mistress wore me to parties, where I dazzled people with my beauty. My mistress made good use of me, I was her favourite sari. Gradually I began to look shabby. I felt very sad about this but what could I do? The time had come for us to be parted.

She gave me away to her maid servant. The servant carried me away to her poor hut. Her children were thrilled to see me. But I have nothing to look forward to. I am beaten and washed and worn. Now I have to lie for hours in the sun where I am put out to dry.

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