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My life as a pen
By Sumaiya Yoosuf (10 years), Ilma International Girls' School

I was born in India. My name is Rotomac SMS. One day I was taken to a country called Sri Lanka. They separated my family from me. We were taken to a grand supermarket called Arpico. A girl arranged us there. One day, a beautiful girl came to Arpico. Her name was Azrah. She came with her mother. She pleaded with her mother to buy me. Her mother agreed.

Azrah took good care of me until one day everything changed. Azrah kept me on her table and went to the bookshop. Two girls' who were jealous of me because I was only Azrah's pen, pulled me and bit me. When Azrah came back she was so sad to see me broken.

The next day Azrah's cousin who had come from abroad, gave her another pen. So Azrah threw me into a smelly garbage bin. I was so sad of my life. My life was very short.

I am a doll

By Arshad Hameem (Grade 5), Hejaaz International School, Mt. Lavinia

I am a doll. I am from China. I am made out of plastic. I am thin and tall. I have sharp, blinking eyes. I wear a long pink dress and a pair of shoes. I lay in a big box in a toy shop in Sri Lanka, waiting for someone to buy me. Many girls looked at me but they did not buy me.

I felt very sad. But one day, a girl took me and showed me to her dad saying, "I like this doll. Can you buy her for me please?" Her dad bought me and she took me home. She called me Dolly. She looked after me well. She had two naughty brothers. She did not give me to her brothers.

One day when she was not there, one of her brothers saw me and carried me. The other brother saw this and pulled my hand. My hand came off. They fought with each other and broke me into pieces. The little girl cried and cried when she saw me. Her mum scolded her brothers. I am now in a dustbin, sad and lonely.

My favourite singers

By Melissa Fernando (Grade 6), St. Lawrence's Convent, Colombo 6

I have two favourite singers. They are Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. I like them because they sing nice songs. Taylor Swift's songs are, 'You belong with me', 'Love Story' and 'Teardrops on my guitar' etc.

Lady Gaga's songs are 'Poker Face', 'Papparrazi', 'Just Dance' etc. Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga have both won many awards. I mostly like Taylor Swift. I am a huge fan of both singers. I hope someday I will get to meet them.

My favourite subject teacher

By Afrah Amsudeen (12 years), Aba beel International College

I am a student of Aba beel International College. My favourite subject teacher is Mrs. Thayanantham. She is 50 years old. She lives in Wellawatte. She has beautiful hair. She is a well educated and very talented teacher. She is very kind but strict.

She teaches us Mathematics. She teaches Maths clearly so that even the weaker children can improve their knowledge. She has been teaching Maths for about 25 years in our school.

Our teacher is a Christian. Sunday is a special day for them. Every Sunday she goes to church. She is fair. She is always punctual to school. She teaches us good habits. I love her very much and she loves me too.

Our sportsmeet

By Bhagya Pandithakoralege (11 years), St. Bridget's Convent

It was February 25. The students and teachers of St. Bridget's Convent were busy and excited. We had our annual sportsmeet at the NCC grounds. We have four sports houses, i.e. Melizan, Coudert, Borgia and Griaux.

The sportsmeet was ceremoniously commenced by hoisting the National and School flags and lighting the Olympic Torch. Students were seen wearing house badges and waving house flags. All four house tents were decorated according to a theme, i.e. Atlanta, Beijing, Sydney and Greece Olympic Games.

Our Chief Guest was Mrs. Hiranthi Fernando, Editor of the Funday Times. After the opening ceremony the group events started. Our Chief Guest, accompanied by the other Rev. Sisters came to inspect our house tents. The best house tent was the Borgia House tent.

According to the drum-beat of the western and eastern bands, the marchpast started. Medals, certificates and trophies were distributed by the Chief Guest and other Rev. Sisters. The Chief Guest gave a speech and finally the School and the National Anthems were sung. That ended our annual sportsmeet.


By Dhahami Gamage (9 years), Lakeland Inter-American School

I am a girl who loves parties
And also loves
to eat Smarties
My favourite colour is purple
And my pet is a poodle
My hobby is dancing
My friend Bobby is glancing!

I have a crown
That is a glittering
I have a shoe
That says 'I love you'.
I have a light
That is always bright!

I have a bag
Which I have to drag.
I have lamps
Which I take for camps.
I have a book
Which I always have
to look!

My hair I love to twirl
Because I am a girl!

A cartoon character I like

By Vignesh Ramanan (7 years), S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia

A cartoon character I like the best is Spiderman. I like him because he is powerful. I watched a movie and saw how a man changed into Spiderman.

He was bitten by a poisonous spider at his school. Then he comes home with a blister on his hand. Later he feels that he is becoming powerful. Then he gets the ability to produce cobwebs and climb up walls.

Once I watched him rescuing a poor man from a thief. He helps people when they are in trouble. Therefore I admire Spiderman very much.


By Ashfan Nilam (6 years), Amal International School

My name is Ashfan Nilam. I am a boy. I am six years old. I go to Amal International School. I am in Grade 2A.

My favourite colour is pink. I like to play. I like to eat buns. I go to school by van. I am proud to be a member of the Funday Times Club.

My mother

By Keneesha Perera (6 years), Vihara Maha Devi B.V., Kiribathgoda

My mother is Dilhara Perera. She is 36 years old. She is tall. She is good and kind. She can cook well. I love my mother.

The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

By Anupama Subasinghe, (Grade 6) Dambulla

The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is in the Kegalle District. The road that leads to the orphanage is about two kilometres from Kegalle town, on the Kandy road.

It was started in 1975. There are baby and adult elephants in the orphanage. They are all rescued elephants.Farmers shoot at elephants when they come to their villages.

Sometimes they throw firebrands to scare them away. Some elephants fall into pits, wells and water holes when they come in search of water in the dry season.

My home garden

By Sithmini Sirithunga (Year 2), Sacred Heart Convent, Galle

There are big trees, small trees and flower trees. Birds and butterflies are coming to drink honey in
flowers on flower trees. My home garden is very beautiful.

My seven best friends

By Tharushi Jayathilake (12 years), Little Flower Convent, Bandarawela

Sachini, Tharuni, Dewni, Kavindi, Sinali, Lumini and Yashodara are my very best friends. We share many memories together. We quarrel at times but that does not last for ages. That is a special feature of our friendship.

We all share different talents. Sachini is the great runner who is very good at sports. Tharuni has the most beautiful handwriting. She is also good at social work. Dewni is the biggest joker among us and has a special dress sense. Kavindi is excellent in Mathematics.

She too is a kind of joker. Sinali is good at Science and is the most quiet person among us who wouldn't even hurt a fly. Lumini is very timid and has a special style of handwriting. Yashodara is the shortest and the naughtiest of us all and is a tomboy.

We always do group work together. The reason for our friendship was studying with a teacher called Miss.Vidarshi Wickramasinghe. That is what is called 'the nature of true friendship'.

Through the window

By Kivindi Samaraweera (Grade 4), Sussex College, Kuliyapitiya

There was a window
It was like a proud

There were lots of
Full of good smells.

There were lots of trees
It was colourful
like a painting.

I saw some butterflies
Flying from flower to
flower to drink nectar.

And sometimes on a
windless night
It holds a great moon,
round and white.

Ice cream

By Sathmi Ranasinghe (6 years) Matthew Pearce Public School, Australia

Ice-cream is a very yummy food to eat. There are lots of flavours of ice-cream. When it is hot it makes our body cold. We can make different desserts and drinks such as milkshake and faluda from

On the other hand some people think that ice-cream is not good for you. They think it is very cold and hurts their teeth. If you eat lots of ice-cream you get fat. Some people think that there are bad flavours in ice-cream like coffee and mint. They think it is sticky and it spills over our clothes and melts easily and that ice-cream is not healthy for you.

But I think ice-cream is good for me.

A film I enjoyed

By Bhanuka Kumara (14 years), Republican International School, Nuwara Eliya

A beautiful, interesting and enjoyable film which I have watched is 'Like Mike'. The director of it is Tom Newsom. This story had taken place in London. It was all about a girl of about fifteen years old. She was an orphan who lived in an orphanage.

It was the year of choosing new players to the basketball team. She was fortunate to be chosen for the team. She was presented with an old pair of sneakers by a priest as a gift for getting chosen to the basketball team. The pair of sneakers had a special power which helped her to win every match she played.

However, at the final match, the pair of sneakers got torn. She was so upset and thought that she would not be able to win the game. But she did not lose hope. She played the game with a strong determination. Finally, somehow their team was able to win the match because of their courage. She was thrilled with joy. Everyone praised and admired her. She became a famous basketball player in London.

It is one of the most lovely and enjoyable films which I have watched in my life. It gives me the thought of not giving up hope when in trouble.

Our Colombo trip

By Ravindu Pathiraja (6 years), Leeds International School, Ambalangoda

We got up at five o'clock. Then we washed our faces. Then we dressed in our clothes. Then we got into the jeep. Then we started the jeep. Then we went away.

When we were at Colombo, first we went to our building house. Then we went to eat in KFC. Then we went to buy books. Then we came home. We bought four books for me. That day I finished the books.

The swan

By Chaveen Dias (Grade 4), Richmond College, Galle

The swan is a big water bird. It has an orange beak. It has snow-white feathers. Its legs are short and orange. It has a long curved neck.

The swan is a beautiful swimmer. It eats fish and water insects. It can fly.

My school

By Saranga Dilrukshi (Grade 8), Dikkapitiya Vidyalaya, Welimada

My school is Dikkapitiya Vidyalaya. It is situated in Dikkapitiya. It is a small school. There are two hundred and fifty students and twenty teachers. The principal of my school is Mr. Sarath Wickramasinghe.

There are ten buildings in it. We have a big playground, a library, a music room and a shrine room in it. It is a beautiful school. I love my school very much.

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