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Let's protect our environment
By Navodi Gunarathne (11 years), St. Paul's Girls' School, Milagiriya

The environment is the surroundings around us. Water, air, trees, land and beings are the parts of the environment. Today environmental pollution has become a major problem.

People pollute the water by mixing chemicals. Air is polluted by mixing of smoke and poisonous gases issued through chimneys of large factories. Land is polluted by the collection of garbage here and there.

People cut down trees. They never think of the bad effects of it. Trees help people in many ways. Trees give us food, shade, water etc.

We should not throw garbage here and there. We should collect garbage and burn it. We should grow more and more trees.

If we want to lead a healthy life, we should keep our environment clean. We should keep our gardens clean. Let's protect our environment.

A dog's story

By Anitra Perera (Year 2), Ladies College

Hello. My name is Lea. I am one year old. I have a sister and one brother. Some people came to get a Boxer like me. So they picked me.

When I was in their car they stopped at my mistress' auntie's house. My mistress and I went inside. I stayed there with my mistress while the others went to get me a basket to sleep in. Someone gave me milk. Just then our car came and they took me to their home.

As I grew older, I loved the breeze. I played in the sun. On some Saturdays my mistress bathes me. My teeth grew sharp.

I was so happy. I had never gone to the park before. I thought that the house was the park. I spent my time barking. One day I went to the park. At last I began to like myself as a dog.

The morning birds

By Yulenka Morris (Grade 5), St. Bridget's Convent

Birds are fascinating creatures. Each of them build their nests in different ways. In the morning our garden is full of birds. Parrots, wood peckers and many other birds come to eat food each day. Some of them come in the afternoon and in the evening.

We watch them eat very carefully where they cannot see us. Birds do not like to be disturbed because they get frightened of us. It is nice to have birds in our garden.

My pet

By Bulitha Cooray (Grade 2), I - Gate College

My pet is a dog. Its name is Neera. My pet likes to eat meat. Its colour is white and brown.

My pet likes to sleep on the sofa. It likes to drink milk. My pet has a long tail. My pet is very tall. It likes to run with me. I love my pet very much.

My country

By Maryam Ramiz (Grade 6), Muslim Ladies College

My country is Sri Lanka. It is an island in the Indian Ocean. Our neighbouring country is India. The other neighbouring countries are Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

Our National Day is February 4th. Our President is Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha. Our Prime Minister is Mr. Ratnasiri Wickramanayake. The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte and the commercial capital is Colombo.

There are many waterfalls, lakes, mountains and rivers. The longest waterfall is Bambarakanda and the highest mountain is Piduruthalagala. The longest river is Mahaweli and it ends at Trincomalee.

My mother

By Rushdha Mohamed (6 years), Crescent Girls' School

My mother's name is Shamrooth and she is a housewife. She is 32 years old. She is fair and tall. My mother had long hair.

My mother feeds me. She washes my clothes. She also helps me with my school work. My mother is pious and kind.

My mother loves me and I love my mother too. She is the best mother in the world.

If I am a cricketer

By Sandith Hewageegana (7 years), Nalanda College

If I am a cricketer, I would like to be in the Sri Lankan team. I like batting very much. I am a right handed batsman.

My suit will be blue and yellow. We would play with many countries. I can hit fours and sixes. I would make lots of batsmen out, by bowling and taking catches.

I would be the man of the match in many games. When we win the matches, I would earn lots of US
dollars. I like being a cricketer very much.

The bus

By Dayan Samarasinghe (7 years), S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia

The bus is a vehicle. It transports people. A driver drives the bus. The bus has many seats. It has four wheels. I love to go in the bus.

My favourite toy

By Sasini Kumarage (Grade 3), Musaeus College

My favourite toy is a doll. My doll has long hair which is golden in colour. My doll has a beautiful frock. My doll has blue eyes. Its name is Anne. My mother gave it to me on my birthday. It is very soft.

I play with it everyday. I keep it on the bed with me. My doll likes me. It is white in colour. It has rosy cheeks. My doll becomes sad when I go to school. It can sing and dance.

My doll is holding a puppy. She has a pretty crown on her head. She has pink slippers. It is the best present I ever had. I love my doll and it loves me too.

A race

By Sathmi Ranasinghe (5 years)

One day a turtle and a rabbit had a race. The rabbit said to the turtle, "Should we have a race?"
"OK," said the turtle.

Rabbit said, " Ready, Set, Go!" The rabbit was faster than the turtle. Finally the rabbit did not see the turtle. The rabbit slept.

The turtle slowly went past the rabbit. Finally the turtle came to the finish line. Suddenly the rabbit woke up and ran! But he was too late.


By Vishal Fernando (Form 3) St. Nicholas International College, Negombo

Humans incessantly explore, experiment, create and examine the world. The active process by which physical, biological and social phenomena are studied is known as science. Individuals involved in science, called scientists, often spend their lives in pursuit of answers to probing questions. This ongoing process often leads to new areas of scientific inquiry.

Although many areas of scientific inquiry are inter-related, specific scientific disciplines or divisions have been established. The three broad divisions of science are the physical sciences, biological or life sciences and social sciences.

Some scientists are driven by little more than the desire to learn. They may study to gain knowledge for its own sake. These scientists are engaged in basic, or pure science.

Their projects may or may not have any relevance to everyday life. Scientists working in applied science, on the other hand, usually have a specific goal in mind.

This goal may involve a product, process, business or other human need. An applied scientist often uses information recently gathered by other scientists as well as the cumulative knowledge of the pure sciences.

Hakgala Botanical Gardens

By Tharangani Jayawardana (14 years), Dedigama Perakumba M.V.

It was a Sunday in August and we were thrilled because it was the day we were going on a trip to Hakgala Botanical Gardens in Nuwara Eliya.

We started our journey at 7.30 a.m. We travelled in our school bus with my classmates, teachers and principal. We sang songs on the way. As we entered the gardens we bought tickets at a concessionary rate.

There were plenty of things to see. It was very easy to identify the names of plants as they had labels on them. There was the rose garden which was full of roses.

The flower beds were well maintained and looked neat. We also saw many valuable herbal plants.
The park had been established during the British rule.

There's a legend that the first tea bush was grown in Hakgala at the Botanical Gardens. We saw different types of rare flowers, which we had never seen in our life. We also saw different types of trees.

Michael Jackson

By Thinuri Ranasinghe (Primary 4), British International School, Kalutara

Michael Jackson was a good singer and a good dancer. He was very fair and had long hair. He was born in 1958 and he died in June 2009. He was very famous.

Lots of people were very sad because he died. Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. I like him a lot.

My father

By Siward Sivayoganathan (5 years), Gateway College, Kandy

My father's name is Sivayoganathan. He is an engineer working in Saudi Arabia. He comes to see us very often. He brings us toys, books, clothes and sweets.

He loves me, my brother and my mother very much and I love him too.

A very happy day

By Amanda Ramos (Grade 6), OKI International School, Wattala

The happiest day of mine was when my mother came from abroad. It was September 18. She came at 5 o'clock in the morning and I was so surprised and happy to see her. She had brought me chocolates and various other things.

I was in a hurry that morning because I had to go to school. So when my van came I went in and started my journey to school. After school my mother came to pick me up.

So the next three days were holidays. But we didn't go anywhere on Saturday or Sunday. We went out on Monday. We went to Colombo and had a great time. My mother bought me a lot of books. On that day we had ice-cream too.

So the days went by and my mother had to go back. But I enjoyed myself when she was here.


By Chamodi Tharukshika (Grade 6), Sangamitta Girls' College, Galle

Trees are one of the pleasant things in nature. But most people do not realise this. They destroy trees in plenty.

Those who destroy trees are not wise people. They do not think about the future. Without trees our earth will become a vast desert. Thus a man who fells a tree selfishly to earn money in turn makes his own life a dry one.

Without trees there will be no rain either. Without rain we cannot grow our crops. Thus if we keep on destroying trees before long all mankind will have to fast.

We as intelligent citizens should protest at the destruction of trees. We must also join the tree planting campaign organised by the government, in order to see our world a green one.

My little Teddy

By S.A.F. Hilma (Grade 5) Greenwood International College, Matale

I have a teddy bear. Its name is Sonia. My teddy bear is light brown with lots of hair. It has a black nose, a smiling mouth and two cute eyes. It has a small hairy tail too. It is so pretty that I hated all my other dolls after I saw it. My cousins like it too.

I play with my teddy daily. I love it. I adorn it with different dresses and ornaments. I'll never let anyone harm it and even I will not harm it.


By Netheka Amarakoon (5 years), Australia

I saw a Jack-in-the-box in the toy shop.

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